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  1. Out again this morning. It was Gunner's turn today and he shined retrieving every bird from the water. We are having a great time this September.
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  2. Was out with my Brother moving, swapping hanging new stands today. Came across this rub. Put up a few new Muddy and big game 18' stands. Really went up nice and very sturdy. Nothing like a new stand! lol
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  3. Took out a few of the rats that would not stay out of the new seeding Wheat field.
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  4. You are having too much fun Charlie, LOL Al
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  6. I butcher most of them in our insulated stage. I like to use a cheap little 4:1 block and tackle for most deer or a small come a long for those much over 150 lbs field dressed: I kind of like butchering but only if I can take my time and just do one at a time. I really like this antlerless gun season. I spent about (3) hours trimming every last tender morsel off of that little “fatted calf” yesterday evening. Had to get that deer fridge cleared for hopefully a nice grinder doe this weekend.
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  7. Waylon on his way back to me with one of the birds. Such a pretty sight.
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  8. Aa mentioned above I am a big fan of quality American company compact scopes, in recent years they have fallen by the wayside with very few choices to be had. Consequently, I am constantly on the prowl over at ebay looking for a buy on nice condition used scopes which are far from being cheap these days. Found a rare bird the other day, a top of the line USA Redfield 5 Star compact 3X9 priced right and I snapped it up. It is the first one I have ever seen in person and I like what I am seeing. Now for the fun part, matching it up to the right rifle. Al
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