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  1. 50 years ago hunting was really hunting. Now a days it’s not real tough to shoot numerous mature deer every year because for the most part the deer we have are is smaller areas. I would dare say a whole bunch of today’s hunters would not have done very well 40-50 years ago.
  2. Yup and they both carry about the same weight in the hunting world.
  3. True that. But imagine being that guy that calls himself a “Hunter” but only kills baby deer? Can’t even begin to grasp that one.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. I missed the original post to sign up but could help Team 3 close the gap.
  5. I went thru the same thing. I myself went to only killing mature deer. I make it a point to find 2-3 bucks worthy of shooting and then hunt those deer. Trust me. You will lose a hell of a lot more then you will ever win but when you do get the chance to pull the trigger you will smile because you know you earned it against a beast that has also beaten you a few times. Go back to Hunting......Not just Shooting because you have a tag and it may have some kind of bone in it’s head. Make it Worthy. Anybody can kill the dumbest deer in the woods in The fall. A Yearlin
  6. Great Choice. Let this guy go 3 times in 2 weeks. Hope for the best.
  7. One of the worst years ever down around the Letchworth Park area as far as total sightings. Still had the normal bruisers for those with enough gumption to get down after them but as far as total it was the worst. I still believe to damage permits have to go or changed in rules at the very least.
  8. What’s the total standings so far?
  9. I really hope you don’t think this little fella went heads up with a mature buck.
  10. Lol. Very safe bet he don’t. 6yrs would be totally amazing!!
  11. I have a good number of points that will go to Team 3 when the game is over. Might Help.
  12. Lol. And here I am stuck between Theresa and Brownville. Great place to live if you are a sportsman and all set in the cash department. And then spending 8-10 weeks in the Mt Morris area every year it seems by this video I am pretty much always in a Shit Hole.
  13. That’s one of those shots to stop them from doing the cliff trip. No extra drag and instant death. Good news for both of us. Lol
  14. Another trip to one of the states greatest places is in the books.
  15. Again pushed to the wire but another Letchworth buck gives up the ghost. Will get better pics after weekend hunt.
  16. Again pushed to the wire to get the elusive Letchworth buck. Better pics after weekend hunt. Good luck all. Be Safe!
  17. Varies for sure but to throw a few heavy bred non typical lines into a Mother Nature tan mostly all typical lines would mix things up.
  18. A few “Escape’s” every year or two can help the Blood in an area without doubt!!
  19. Not looking real good this year in the Letchworth area. Have a couple keepers on the farm outside the park but in the park things are definitely off.
  20. Got a few keepers but the body on this beast. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Lol. And many times ya don’t have to. But it’s a heck of a draw that’s for sure.
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