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  1. Chuck Parker ([email protected])To:you + 21 more Details Pat, Need to get the word out on these two companion bills. (oppose) Both have been advanced to a third reading A2917 Glick -- Makes contests, competitions, tournaments and derbys to take wildlife unlawful Same as S 4099 KENNEDY Last Act: 05/24/23 ordered to third reading rules cal.215 Chuck Parker
  2. We still have to keep the pressure up on this issue, I have had sportsmen tell me that it only affects state lands, but lands public and private all around the nyc reservoirs also is impacted. Call your senators to oppose this
  3. How many people sent comments in to the DEC Deer Management plan.The deadline is August 8th. this is our chance to make ourselves heard.There are some things that will surprise you. the plan can be found on the DEC website.The next one will be in ten years...Ray
  4. Hi Newbie, just to let you know that wonder lake is a state park and you have to get a permit to hunt there, you can get the permit at the park office located at the TSP & Rte 301 just west of the exit. Fahnestock Park is also huntable get the info from the park superintendent or check it out online,also check out Great Swamp WMA located in Patterson.Let me know how you make out...Ray
  5. Remember what Pataki did,he caved to the anti's, Clinton assault weapons bill had a sunset clause of 3 years. We had not once but twice a chance to change this,but thru no fault of ours in trying to get sportsman to get out and vote. I cant believe the voters in this state are that nieve to vote this chump in again not once but three times And then have someone talk against the NRA does not make sense,if not for them we could not own a pea shooter
  6. We had tons of those to hand out at Federation meetings and county fairs,now its all on the web
  7. Bill,Some where on the DEC website the is a link to all the properties by county,like google earth very informative ,seek and you shall find
  8. Paul,You can scout out Ninham Mnt. in Carmel,that is a state forest and has DEP lands that ajoin it,also Fahnstock state park is good for turkeys and muzzle loader deer.but you have to get a permit from the park superintendents office located at rte.301 just west of the Taconic parkway.Dont wait till the last minute to get the permit . Basically they all offer opportunity.the rest is up to you.Good luck and be carefull ...Ray
  9. There is lots of state land besides NYCDEP,go to the DEC web site and check it out
  10. If you want pheasants there is Quatros in Pleasant Valley,located on Rte 44 just west of the Taconic Pkwy
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