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  1. Remember what Pataki did,he caved to the anti's, Clinton assault weapons bill had a sunset clause of 3 years. We had not once but twice a chance to change this,but thru no fault of ours in trying to get sportsman to get out and vote. I cant believe the voters in this state are that nieve to vote this chump in again not once but three times And then have someone talk against the NRA does not make sense,if not for them we could not own a pea shooter
  2. Bill,Contact me about this parking issue,raymerlo@gmail.com would like to discuss this privately at this point
  3. If any one wants to hunt quail in Putnam,bring your own,We the Federation at this time no longer are stocking them.lack of quality birds,game hogs
  4. We had tons of those to hand out at Federation meetings and county fairs,now its all on the web
  5. Bill,Some where on the DEC website the is a link to all the properties by county,like google earth very informative ,seek and you shall find
  6. Paul,You can scout out Ninham Mnt. in Carmel,that is a state forest and has DEP lands that ajoin it,also Fahnstock state park is good for turkeys and muzzle loader deer.but you have to get a permit from the park superintendents office located at rte.301 just west of the Taconic parkway.Dont wait till the last minute to get the permit . Basically they all offer opportunity.the rest is up to you.Good luck and be carefull ...Ray
  7. There is lots of state land besides NYCDEP,go to the DEC web site and check it out
  8. If you want pheasants there is Quatros in Pleasant Valley,located on Rte 44 just west of the Taconic Pkwy
  9. And no where in these pages did I see any one promoting any of the second amendment groups.One even willing to pay for re- certification,NYSRPA,SCOPE,GOA,NRA,NYSCC,all working to protect our gun rights. These groups all need financial support They are working for you mostly unpaid.Their dues are not excessive.If any one belongs to NYSRPA did you read the message from the president,the answer was right there.Gun owners and hunters did not turn out and vote.there was no excuse,we could have had Astorino as our governor today instead we re-elected coumo again.This coming November is very important get out and register to vote if you have not voted in a while,schumer and gilerbrand are not gun friendly.Some Federations and clubs are putting voter registration in local gun shops,stop in and grab one and fill it out and send it in. Sportsman we are losing ground every week,there are changes coming that some will not be happy about because of other users slowly but surely creeping in.become informed,go on the DEC web site and see what is going on,subscribe to NYON ,read the outdoor columns in your local papers and become informed...Ray Merlo
  10. See if Scottos is still in business,orange Co.off of rte 17 bloomingberg,sugar loaf area,let me know how you do
  11. Biz,If I remember right there is about 7000 acres of AR in the town of Kent.the lands were posted back then.There was signage around the boundary of the AR acres. This info is in the packet from NYCDEP,there is a lot of public land opened by the NYCDEP...Ray
  12. You guy's are passing up a lot of nice land. Check the the NYCDEP lands in Putnam,get an easy access permit and info on their website,also thousands of acres west of the Hudson,around those big reservoirs,you can use rifle on most of them. Read the syllabus that you get when you buy your license,lots of info there...Ray