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  1. Good thread WOLC. I hope to see you holding a deer soon.
  2. Got this 7 point last night. I was planning on holding out for the rut, but plans changed. Lost my Father in law suddenly on Wednesday. Only 73. My wife and him were best friends. From watching the bills every week, to constantly working on her 1974 VW bug, they were inseparable. She is devastated. So, I took the week off and spent it with her. Dealing with funeral plans, and family, and just letting her lean on me. She pushed me out the door to hunt last night for a few hours. She said I needed to do something for me, and take a breather. When this guy gave me a shot, I didn't hesitate. Thankful to have him. I don't plan on hunting much for the near future. Dad's are huge shoes to fill. I can't even come close, but I want to spend as much time with her as I can. Here I sit watching the bills, and I hate football.
  3. We got a doe yesterday. That's the exit wound. It was a broadside shot. Not sure how the arrow came out that far back. Ran 60 yards. I am not the good looking one in the picture.
  4. I went with a 30-06. No particular reason, other than I liked the feel and look of the rifle. It's a Webley Scott, topped with a Vortex 4-12x44. Thanks for all the input.
  5. You should have gotten them by now. Took about two weeks to get mine, and I think I ordered the first week of August. I'd call. 1-866-933-2257
  6. Congrats! Btw, also congrats on not drinking anymore. I didn't think life would go on after I had to quit, but here I am 7 years later, loving it.
  7. Happy birthday Bill! I would have no problem with what you propose. Why not let the turkey guys hit the woods at the same time as the small game and bowhunters? What could it harm? It's a moot point though. If it makes sense, it definitely won't happen in NY.
  8. Bow season should be no problem to get away from people up there. There are several huge parcels that make up Hi Tor. Where are you guys located? Close to Naples? I'd be happy to show you a few places up there, where I think you could get away from pressure during archery. I like to squirrel hunt there.
  9. Hi Tor gets very heavy hunting pressure. I live on the edge of it.
  10. Yep, just NY deer. Maybe a bear if I was lucky enough.
  11. Believe it or not, I have never owned a rifle. Always hunted deer with a shotgun or muzzleloader. I'm ready for something new. I've narrowed it down to these two calibers. Planning on buying a bolt action. Any pros or cons to either? Which one should I pick? Any input appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Had our 29 acres in Naples logged this year. He took out a ton of red oak, maple, and a couple black walnut. All 18"or over. Lots of tops laying around, and a lot more sunlight on the forest floor. My woods is about 80% red oak, so there's still a ton of them left. We had our pond up in the woods dug back out. It had become a mud hole. Looking forward to stocking it with perch and crappie. Seeded around the pond with a clover mix. Also had an old collapsed barn filled in. Seeded that with clover, too. It's coming up good already. Here are some pics of the work, and a small turnip plot my hunting partner and I put in two weeks ago.
  13. He's still alive. Barely changed at all. Can't believe this will be our third year after him. Date and time are off on trail camera, obviously.
  14. Highway worker at NYSDOT. Going on 12 years.
  15. Skillet

    Opening day!

    Orange egg sacks.
  16. What is this, fifth grade? If you don't like the guy, block his posts. If I don't like someone's post, I have the ability scroll on by. Try it sometime guys.
  17. It's a voice over. The guy wasn't really there. He did one about a cat, too. Dude is hilarious.
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