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  1. No worries there. I'll be shooting a 510gr soft point.
  2. I haven't considered it, but I'm definitely open to it. Wouldn't mind you joining us, if you were interested.
  3. Buddy and I are planning our first bear hunt up in the Adirondacks for this fall. I know it's a low odds deal, but it'll be fun to camp and hunt for a few days. I killed a couple in Maine, over bait when I was younger, but I'd like to really hunt one on my own. I'm familiar with Saranac lake area, as well as Indian lake. We go there every summer to camp. Have seen bear sign around Indian lake, but not much. Starting to do research for the hunt, and it seems like Moose river plains comes up a lot as a good area. That doesn't really narrow it down though. It's a huge area (79,487 acres). I have no idea where to camp around Inlet, or what general area to hunt. Maybe I should take a weekend this summer and go scout. Any favorite campsites in the area? I have a canoe that might help access back country areas. Not afraid to take a compass heading, and strike off the trail, but what am I looking for besides oak and beech stands? Do they like swamps or deep timber? Are attractants worth it? Better to go early in the season, or into October? I have a bunch of Tink's bear incense sticks Have seen them at my camp in Naples, but it's few and far between. I'm not asking for anyone's honey hole, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. But, there's no mean tweets. It equals out...... Right?
  5. Enough with this stupid thread! For the love of the sport, just frickin stop. What a joke we are.
  6. Mostly steel case ammo. Some brass available, but limited. Varied bullet weights. Stored dry and temp controlled. Brass $10 / 20 Steel $9 / 20 I'm in Naples. Not willing to ship. Will drive to Rochester. Message me, and we'll work something out.
  7. Yes, and Honeyoe. We gotta go sometime.
  8. Thanks guys. I think I'm going to go with the Honda.
  9. I need a small 8hp tiller, for my 12ft Smoker craft. Trying to decide between Honda and Yamaha. I've found both motors at dealers not far from me. Price is comparable. Which should I choose? Both are brand new, short shaft, manual start. I'm no gear head, so nothing really stands out to me that would sway me either way. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I tend to have the same view. I don't agree with some things, but they're choices that aren't mine to make. I don't have the right to control someone else's actions.
  11. Some people are way too concerned with what others are doing. I don't care what the guy on the next property uses, and even if I did, it's none of my business. Is it a different weapon? Yes. Is it more effective? I think so, sure. Do you have any right to control another person's hunt? Nope. "I don't like it, so you can't use it" is not a valid argument.
  12. Good luck, G-man. Hope you guys score.
  13. That's a very kind offer. I think Africa is out of my reach though. I was very fortunate to hunt Botswana once with my Dad, when I was a teenager. I sent you a PM.
  14. Looking for 458 Winchester ammunition. Solids, soft point, anything. Also interested in buying brass. I'm in Naples, but willing to drive an hour or two.
  15. Application period is open. Deadline is April 30th. It's $10 per application. You can put in for firearms bull, firearms cow, and archery. Long odds, but hey, you never know.
  16. You're lucky. I'd love to have that much. What part of the state are you in?
  17. Not to be "that guy", but digging up the bulb isn't a good move. I love eating ramps, but they are very slow to spread, and a decent sized patch takes many years to grow. A seed can take over a year to germinate, and then 5-7 years to mature. They are declining in some areas, due to improper harvesting. After doing it wrong for a long time myself, I was taught to take a sharp knife or pair of scissors, and cut off just the leaf of the plant. You're not losing much by leaving the bulb, and it will be there to produce another crop for you the following year. My property has a lot of them. I take quite a few leaves every spring, and don't notice any lack the following year.
  18. Chickens are great. Especially when you handle them often as chicks. They get real tame. We have a mixed flock of 17 hens, and one rooster. He's a happy guy.
  19. Just got my best fish of the season.
  20. No shame in a worm! That's been the ticket for me, lately. Nice spot.
  21. Picked a good day to take off work. Beautiful weather, fish in the creek, and nobody around.
  22. Was a good evening on the creek tonight. We kept this spawned out male to make steaks.
  23. Got a nice brown, and my buddy got this 26" hen. He's getting a reproduction made.
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