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  1. One of my favorites. If you work road construction, you get it. Especially at NYSDOT.
  2. You're wrong on this one Law. You're just wrong. Thousand island.
  3. Did you get bored with it? Switch to compound? I remember you were pretty into crossbows.
  4. Anyone got a new toy? Not a ton of options out there that are NY legal. I'll be taking the Excalibur Phoenix out again. Wide, noisy, and slow. Same as I like my women! It's a good bow, that has proven itself many times. The one on the right is my Phoenix. The other is a Matrix 310. I shoot Black eagle Executioners with 150gr 3 blade Boltcutters. What's your setup this year? Not looking for a debate on crossbows. If you don't like them, don't shoot them.
  5. Nice catch Man! Nothing like the night sky to make you feel real small.
  6. Based upon your research? Years of experience? A degree? Nobody's doubting that you are an expert turkey hunter. What I am doubting is that you really know much about conservation or management. I don't either. I don't have the answers. I'm not an expert, and not silly enough to claim to be. Anyone without blinders on can tell that the population across the state isn't healthy. I threw a couple of ideas out that I thought would help, but all I see from you is demanding that spring limit stays at two, and nobody touches your fall season. How would you address poor nesting seasons? High predator numbers? Detrimental changes in farming practices? I'd like to know how you personally, suggest NY helps turkey numbers recover. And before you point to your supplemental feeding again, surely you know that while legal in NY (as long as it does not attract any deer or bear), feeding of wild turkeys is not recommended.
  7. Yep. Old Kathy is out for us. Did the public land lead ammo ban for next year go through also?
  8. For early antlerless, I'll be taking out the old Excalibur Phoenix. Would really like to get a doe in the freezer.
  9. How does an area have too many hens? Are they causing severe crop damage or something? Too many turkey-car accidents? A grasshopper shortage? I'm aware turkey are not easy to kill, "especially on public". No doubt taking turkeys requires a good set of skills. Another big part of being such and "extensively knowledgeable woodsman" such as yourself, should involve self restraint where needed. I have had my share of two bird springs, but I wouldn't do it now. If someone chooses to, that's their legal right. You need to understand that bird numbers are undeniably way down across much of NY, and just because you can do something, may not always make it the right thing to do.
  10. Atlantic salmon can survive to spawn more than one time. Chinooks, and the other Pacific strains die after spawning.
  11. I respectfully disagree, Bill. It seems strange to me to allow hens to be shot at all. That hen, if she survived winter, would likely have a clutch the next spring. Killing her eliminates any chance of her ever contributing to the population. Why do we need a two bird spring limit? Nobody fills their freezer with wild turkey to offset grocery bills. We hunt them because we love to hunt them. Yes, they are good to eat, but that's just a bonus. Killing two birds just because you have two tags, doesn't make it smart, or a big achievement to brag about. It's like the guys who fill all their doe tags, just because they can, then whine about seeing less and less deer every year. NYSDEC is about as trustworthy as the national enquirer, when it comes to sound game management. Enjoy your hunt. Kill one spring gobbler, and move on to helping others get theirs. Like I said earlier though, I don't even think either of those changes would really help long term. Anyway, I have great respect for your knowledge and the research you have done on turkeys, Bill. It's obvious that you are passionate about them. I just hope they are there for us to enjoy in ten years.
  12. If the changes made in 2015 were sufficient, we would have seen a rebound in turkeys by now. It's no secret that numbers are way down across much of NY. I'm not saying there aren't areas with healthy flocks, but many of us are experiencing low or non-existent bird numbers. Fewer birds in fields, fewer birds on camera, harvests are way down. Not sure what other proof is needed. I don't believe turkey have simply learned to be quiet. Maybe on heavily pressured public land, but not as a whole. The sign just isn't there anymore. The May mornings are much quieter. The few hens I have seen this year, rarely have any poults. I think high predator numbers are heavily to blame, along with a poor nesting season or two recently. Not many are trapping anymore. Fishers are out of control at my place, along with coon, and fox. I think elimination of fall hunting, and a one bird spring limit would be beneficial, but only slow the demise of the turkey. Eventually, I bet they will be like grouse are across much of the state now. You see or hear them once in awhile, and miss the "old days" when they were seemingly everywhere. I'm probably wrong though.
  13. Been mowing state land fields with a tow behind brush hog. Last week, we hit 3 huge paper wasp nests that were suspended in the woody brush we have been mowing down. Man they were pissed. Thank God for enclosed cab tractors.
  14. Just before dusk last night, I heard my hens start freaking out. I grabbed the gun and ran out there, thinking we had a fox or something in the run. Strange because it was still light out. Not even time to lock them away for the night yet. Turned out to be a huge male opossum. He had grabbed one of the girls in the coop somehow, and was trying to drag her away. I ended his career quickly. Chicken seems to be ok. She had a few cuts, but she's ok this morning. I had no idea they were predators. I knew they went after the chicken feed and the eggs, but I thought that was it. A full grown chicken is not a small target. Anyone ever seen one kill something?
  15. I work 4 tens, so I don't plan on taking much time off. Maybe a couple days during crossbow, and a couple more in gun.
  16. Thanks guys. Seeing as I have a perfectly good boat, I'm leaning towards a pass.
  17. One of my best friends has a 1975 StarCraft Holiday 16, that he is no longer interested in. He wanted to restore it, but doesn't have the time. Offered it to me for nothing other than occasional use, if he wants to. It needs a new floor, new transom, and a new motor when all is said and done. I have the ability to do the transom and floor. Wiring and mechanical stuff are not my thing. Trailer is sound, just needs new tires. The new motor will be the largest expense, but that is at least a year down the road. Other than that, I think it will cost me a lot of time, and a decent amount of money in supplies, especially marine plywood. It can take a couple years. Wife is willing to have it in garage, as long as I keep making progress on it. It's a beautiful boat. The rivets look good. Hull is clean and solid. Outside just needs a polish job. I think they built them well back then. What am I getting into? Worth it, or run for my life?
  18. Good luck! I killed two bears up around Shin Pond, Maine. Back in 2000-2001. It was a great time. Both hunts, I scored on opening day. You made the right call going the first week. Bring your thermacell.
  19. How about this one? Water snake? Hanging out at our shop today. Over 3', and not in a friendly mood.
  20. I tried to blow up an old friend of mine last night. Had a 4 foot roman candle stuck down in a tube, sunk in the ground. The kind that shoots small mortar balls out of it. Standard procedure, nothing new. Damn thing lured us into a false sense of security for the first few balls. Everything went fine. Then, it took the liberty to hop up out of the tube, and aim itself at the small crowd of innocent bystanders, seated over by the camp. The next ball shot out, and like a heat seeking missile, lazered it's way directly between Don's feet, stopping right under his chair. At the perfect time, it blew up. In the flash of beautiful light, I could see many stunned and horrified expressions. Then the net one went off before I could react. It too, shot straight for Don. When that one blew up, it illuminated a panicked scene. Empty chairs, people running, and Don's right leg appeared to be in flames. He was quickly vacating the immediate vicinity at a height of about a foot off the ground. Which is no small feat, seeing as Don is 80. I finally was able to kick it in a different direction, and the rest of the balls shot off erratically into the woods in apparent search for new victims. After the evil thing spent the last of it's bloodlust, I went over to look for survivors. I found a small group of people excitedly slapping the still levitated Don's leg to stifle the flames, while another thoughtful lady dumped water down the front of him. He lost a sock, about 6" of pant leg, and the tongue of his sneaker was MIA. True story. He's ok though. Great times were had. HAPPY 4TH!
  21. Happy anniversary! Enjoy. That is a killer restaurant.
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