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  1. $80 It costs $130 online, at the one place you can still get it. It's a damn good knife. I have another that I wear every day. Kind of small, but fits easily in your boot or on a belt, which is how I wear mine.
  2. How would I go about selling some 308 ammo? I have about 10 boxes from 150gr to 180gr that I need to get rid of. Do I need to take them to a dealer for a transfer?
  3. Anyone have this muzzleloader? My old hawken has a worn out bolster. The nipple threads are very loose. Afraid of catching a nipple in the eye (which under normal circumstances sounds like an excellent idea). The CVA looks nice, but it only goes for about $225. I took a chance on it. Needed something for the late season. Don't have cash for a good scope, so open sights it is for this year. Shooting it tonight. Going to try my 777 FFG, & 385gr Hornady great plains bullets. I bought some Hornady XTP 240gr sabots in case the gun doesn't like the heavy conicals.
  4. I'm with you on the Excalibur bows. They were great until Bowtech took over. Now, I'll probably never buy another one.
  5. Nice. Looks like a big doe. Nice job Dad.
  6. I'm lower middle class, but I make it work, mostly thanks to my wife who understands what it all means to me. It's pretty expensive for me, and it's 100% worth it. My gear is nothing special. A bear recurve, an old Excalibur, and a couple older deer guns. Our land is what is expensive. My wife and I bought it from my family, which has owned it since 1968. It's a lot between land payments, taxes and maintaining my trails, stands, and plots. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Nothing like hunting the land I grew up on. I skimp in a lot of other areas, just to ensure that I can continue to do so. If I didn't have the camp, I'm not sure how much I would be hunting. I feel pretty blessed to have what I have, and hunt the way I do.
  7. Congratulations! Is that a CVA Wolf v2? How do you guys like it?
  8. I haven't been out once this fall. My hunting partner had a knee replacement, so I'm waiting for him to be back in gear. I think it's not fair for me to go hunt the land and stands we both put so much work into without him. He should be good to go by early November. Also, I got into traditional archery this year. I practice a lot, but still don't feel I'm consistent enough to be ethically hunting yet. I'll sit archery out this year. Waiting for crossbow to open. Maybe that's a good thing, because my land has had no pressure on it yet. Til then, I'm happy trout fishing.
  9. New in box. Made in USA. Discontinued model. Blade length is 3". Overall length is 6.25" I'll throw in a horizontal carry kydex sheath. Moe pics coming tonight. $100 shipped within NY.
  10. Sheepshead / freshwater drum.
  11. Come on! Not one vote for Tabasco? Don't make me tell her she was right.
  12. Help me settle a disagreement. Red hot or Tabasco? The only correct answer is Tabasco.
  13. New in box. Quality knife. I like it, just don't have a use for a huge bowie. Comes with an additional custom leather horizontal carry sheath. Knife is $179 online. $160 for all, shipped to any member.
  14. Stupid entitled white hawk. Where's his shame? Flying around all arrogant like. Dumb thing is probably a conservative, too.
  15. Don't worry about it. He probably lost a big buck.
  16. I'd bring him. Absolutely. My son was 4 or 5 when we started squirrel hunting together. Wouldn't trade those times now.
  17. I've let many animals go by, the last few years. Just didn't feel like shooting. I've gotten pretty softhearted I guess, and I'm good with that.
  18. Sounds dumb, but I really like hearing chickadees in the woods. They always seem cheerful, even on the crappiest days. Have had them land on my nocked arrow before.
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