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  1. What is this, fifth grade? If you don't like the guy, block his posts. If I don't like someone's post, I have the ability scroll on by. Try it sometime guys.
  2. It's a voice over. The guy wasn't really there. He did one about a cat, too. Dude is hilarious.
  3. Didn't think browns would still be running.
  4. It does turn into an either sex. No WMU limitations. I don't see why you couldn't shoot two bucks in a day.
  5. What in the actual f##k happened here? I feel dumber than I was before I read this thread, and that's saying something.
  6. I have an Excalibur Matrix 310. NY legal. I love it.
  7. Cool either way. I like the oak look
  8. Is he going to clean it for you? How long till you go back and get it?
  9. All I want is 4 more years of Trump.
  10. Got sued for a pit bite this year. Maxed out our homeowner's. Thank God they covered us.
  11. I would really like to go traditional for next year's archery season. Taking my recurve to the shop on Wednesday to get arrows made, and the rest / string set up correctly. Also getting a crash course on form, etc. My bow is nothing special. My old bowfishing rig. It's a 45lb Samick Sage. I figure if I start shooting now, maybe I can get the hang of it in time to hunt with it next fall. Anyone made the switch? Any pointers appreciated from you traditional guys. Thanks.
  12. You can't be serious. Shooting a most likely unarmed thief? Call the coroner? More like call your lawyer. From jail.
  13. It will happen here. Voter apathy and willful ignorance.
  14. We like to camp and go kayaking. Usually camp at our land once a year, and go on a few trips up north every summer. Living in the finger lakes, we have a lot of opportunities to kayak. Made sure to pick hobbies that would include my wife. She's a good sport about me being gone all hunting season, so hanging with her in summer is the least I can do!
  15. I tried cooking fish in mine. Terrible.
  16. https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/hunting-fishing/2010/11/25/Bear-s-demise-leaves-a-trail-of-questions/stories/201011250266 Some sportsman right there. I know feeding is illegal, and for good reason, but don't give me some bull that this guy didn't know the bear was practically a pet. He knew exactly what he was doing.
  17. Are you getting lag time with a 209 inline? That's weird. The lag should be so short you can't even tell. Unless the rifle is dirty or something else is going on. Even with my percussion cap Hawken, it's usually not noticeable. Now a flint lock, that's a whole other story. Muzzleloader is my go-to weapon also. Nice sight in.
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