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  1. Still at DOT? I just left after almost 14 years. Place has really gone downhill. Couldn't take it anymore.
  2. The ice cream place in town has "doggie Sundays". Vanilla, two milk bones, with bacon bits and peanut butter on top. Minus the milk bones, they look pretty tempting.
  3. It's a Selway quick detach. Those rubber caps screw on. It seems solid so far.
  4. The new bow finally came. It shoots great! Worth the wait.
  5. Was just at Seneca for work today. Saw several boats fishing. Hard to see, but there's some big carp in the second pic.
  6. I'll admit it. I'm a carp freak. After trout season, I spend many summer nights chasing them. Probably my favorite fish to catch. Got two nice ones tonight so far.
  7. For guns, the transfer has to go through an FFL. Muzzleloaders, no restrictions that I know of.
  8. Be careful as you learn. Maybe watch a few YouTube videos on felling trees. One bad cut can ruin your day. A set of chaps is not a bad idea either.
  9. I read that it will take effect Jan 1st, if it passes. I have no doubt it will go through.
  10. Anyone know what type of snake this is? Found him at camp today. He was eating a frog or a toad. Is it just a Garter? Never seen one this large, or with these colors. He was about 2.5', and pretty thick. Awesome to see him eating.
  11. $8 / box. Decent plinking / varmint ammo. Will drive up to an hour from Naples.
  12. Do we label the guy who's on an antidepressant as unfit to own a gun? The person who's seeing a therapist? That would bar a lot of people. I agree with you, but there has to be some line. Maybe an involuntary commitment to the psych ward, or a mental hygiene arrest.
  13. Don't apologize. Thanks for sharing the pics. You've had some great kills with traditional gear. That really says something about your skills. Impressive!
  14. Lots of decades old bears still being shot out there. As long as it's not cracked or doesn't have any bad limb twist, and the limb tips are in good shape, I would think it'd be ok. Just make sure to use a stringer to string it. I was told stringing them by the limb behind your leg method can really damage them. Maybe get a new string, and use that instead of the old one.
  15. Love the Oneida. My first deer was with one.
  16. I've been jonesing for a new recurve. Nothing wrong with my old Black Bear, but I'd like something new to play with. Settled on a Kodiak Hunter. Of course, no one has one in lefty. Not even Bear. I called Bear today, and they said if I ordered one now, it would be an 8 month wait! Must be they're hurting for workers or something. So, I called 3 Rivers archery and backordered one in #45. I think it will be worth the wait. Looks like a beautiful bow. Until then, the old one will be fine. I practice a lot, and feel confident to 20yds, but have yet to score with traditional gear. Think I'll go to all recurve this season. Let's see your hunting recurves / longbow setups, and any traditional kills you've made.
  17. No doubt there's been abuse. Bad people in every group, and the church is no exception. That said, I'll stick with my faith.
  18. To those asking what has happened in this country, and the whole world, I believe there is a simple answer. One that many are afraid to actually think of, so they laugh it away. I think as a people, we have accepted evil as good, and have turned all that was good into something to look down upon, or scoff at. Morals and ethics are publicly ridiculed. Family and relationships are no longer bonded by love and respect for God, or one another. Life is not valued. Hard work doesn't mean anything to people who are handed everything. Patriotism lands you on a watch list. The church is openly mocked, and satan embraced. Crime, sex & drugs all glorified by music, TV, etc. I truly believe we are in an irreversible moral decay, and heading into the biblical end times. I am a Christian, and thankful to be. Say what you will. I don't care. I'll continue trust in what I believe to be true, while we wait for all the experts tell us what's really going wrong out there.
  19. Did anyone but me apply? Drawing was yesterday. Results available by Friday.
  20. You're not wrong. I fished it Friday. Nothing but shorts for panfish, and not a walleye to be had.
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