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  1. Skillet

    First Salmon

    Congratulations. Looks like you would get some nice eggs out of that one.
  2. Nice bass, and unfortunately had to keep this pike. Swallowed it. Pike is my favorite fish to eat though.
  3. I use a very small flashlight when I need it, with a few layers of red saran wrap between the bulb and lense. I'll hold my finger over most of the lense, to let just enough light out. I'd rather use the moon and let my eyes adjust. I don't really know if it matters though. I think any deer close enough to see a small light focused right on the ground would most likely spook when you walked by anyways.
  4. Nice little pike to start the weekend. Alex Bay.
  5. Come on people. I know it happens where a deer needs finishing, but do we need to discuss methods of dispatch on here, for the whole Internet to see? We're already judged enough by the public.
  6. I love snakes. It's stupid and illegal to harm them.
  7. Looks like you're in my neck of the woods. The county Rd 12 overlook and Grimes Glen? Beautiful.
  8. Off topic, but did you write "Hooks for the fly"? I saw it the other day with your name on it, and I wondered if it was written by you. Looked like a cool book.
  9. It happens. I emptied my quiver at a doe, one time. Never cut a hair. I think practice goes out the window sometimes when buck fever hits. Hope you find it.
  10. Good luck people! I'm headed up north to fish. Heard there's browns coming in.
  11. Will someone please just pull the plug on this site already? End the suffering.
  12. Where was all this fancy crap when I was a drunk? Why is it in the years since I quit, all these cool beers have come out? Not that I want to go back. No way.
  13. My Dad lives in Austria. He has friends that hunt. I guess it's very expensive. Way out of my reach.
  14. Don't the midges that cause EHD die with the first frost?
  15. I've never had an issue with ebay. If the seller screws you, they reimburse you. Good luck.
  16. There's a few on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/385123406279?hash=item59ab24d1c7:g:5A8AAOSwBM5jJ7BF&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsMuVEq6TpFPeQJAq0EW2vquVL2pjJzqdJJjdd%2FgUwoQodVAXcpfba3tTz%2BVdKyKkqxVJI9fD%2BLJr4RjGGO711kn3Lo7twwkXiu8g102LUDt5B207c9r%2F8MxWDYoEKN6J22MLh3rxYoFqxBKrJdzA1W0rvWTAyv%2FKCeZ0IbrkyBU63UL%2B2U%2FcTanR%2BuD6TiqVT14fneSoAtkGRYwgGXylrjC1QRMPIDHPwsV1a0kDVCu%2B|tkp%3ABk9SR5TKyqXrYA
  17. Squirrels! They were so exciting when I was young. I still enjoy them. Lots of them around, and who cares if you miss. Another will come along. I liked taking my son out, it really kept him interested having so much action.
  18. Which scope do you have? Does it have the adjustable ring on it for the speed of the bow? If that got bumped way off, it could mess you up.
  19. View for tonight. Cape cod.
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