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  1. It was an email ad that they sent me yesterday.
  2. Spypoint cell cam deals. Buy one get second cam for 50% off.
  3. My 12 year old asked me this last week. He likes reading and watching shows on serial killers. I'm going with a 2-3# steak a couple lobsters and 1# of grab legs. Washed down with a Dr pepper or mellow yellow.
  4. I just got today's word in 3
  5. I got the hny in 3 and nyt in 2.
  6. I got lucky and got todays in 2.
  7. I never thought I would get it in one guess lol
  8. Red

    Ground blind

    I just received this blind a couple days ago this thing is enormous I'm 6' tall and can stand up in the center of the blind you can easily seat 3 adults in the blind and have room for a buddy heater and gear behind you.
  9. Red

    Ground blind

    I just ordered one. My regular sized ground blind worked for me and my son this year but it was definitely snug and cost him a shot or two at a deer this past season.
  10. Congrats. Beautiful house and sweet rig.
  11. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Barronett-Blinds-Pentagon-Large-Ground-Deer-Hunting-Blind-Tent-Backwoods-Camo/49924555 I just came across this huge ground blind on Walmart. Com it's on sale for 50% off. Looks nice and roomy for 2 or more people
  12. I'm very sorry to hear this. That is horrible prayers for your brother and family.
  13. I've tried to recertify mine a couple dozen times over the past month and the site never works. I would rather stop down at the pistol permit office than call them.
  14. I'm definitely interested. Which Walmart was that at?
  15. If you were in the WNY area I would jump all over this.
  16. I had some flagpole foundations that I needed to pour in Dunkirk back in late November I had trouble getting concrete everyone was booked up for months with pouring for the new windmills. It's unfortunate but probably way to late to stop this project.
  17. In April me the wife and kids are going to Texas for a week to visit some friends. Gonna check out the JFK museum and some other things. My father in-law passed away this past September and in 2020 we did our first trip with the entire family all of my brother in-laws their families and my in-laws. We all went to black lake since my father in-law loved going there as a kid. So this July we're all going back for a week. We have 4 cabins and each family has their own pontoon for a week. It will be a very fun but emotional trip.
  18. This is one of my favorite pics of going to a Bills game. This had to be about 15 yards ago. I tailgated in the parking lot all day like that and even after the game.
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