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  1. That sucks. Hopefully he won't be back. Is that the new box to his gun in the trunk? Besides trespassing he probably went and bought that gun last night never sit it and just parked at the first place he seen this morning thinking it's Sunday no one will be hunting here. I'm glad you caught him and got rewarded with a great buck. Congrats
  2. You shouldn't look through your scope to identify what an object is. What if said black moving object was a person wearing dark clothing now you have them in your crosshairs
  3. Have your wife try it first , wait a day, If she’s ok then you can eat it, No sense both of you taking a chance Just eat it, if it tastes off don’t but I’m sure it’s fine
  4. Long shot here but I have a couple of 9F tags that I'll trade for a 9W.
  5. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day
  6. Has anyone here ever hunted Ohio state land during the muzzleloader season? Did you have any action? I've been thinking about trying to get a few days off from work in January and giving it a try?
  7. I hunted gman/Greg's today. Did a very cold all day sit. I seen 7 deer. 2 small bucks 2 doe 2 button bucks one unknown and a bobcat. I seen everything between 11&2. The one doe was huge and broadside at 15 yards to bad most people got debited doe tags for the area this year. Sure was a cold but relaxing day.
  8. This is how I do my all day sits watch a couple long movies it makes it much easier to sit all day on those slow days with no action.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving all. Remember tomorrow is not promised enjoy the day with your family and friends.
  10. Even with the light rain you'll almost most definitely have better luck looking on foot vs on the 4wheeler. Much easier to find blood and track her that way.
  11. Good luck all. Be safe and shoot straight.
  12. Not live from the woods but while at work today I seen a bunch of deer. At the first job site in Tonawanda I seen 3 big bucks all 120" and bigger chasing does and needed near a group of does. Then at the Broadway driving range in depew there were 4 huge bucks chasing around a bunch of does and a few of the does were definitely ready for them.
  13. I'll be at gmans/Greg's with my 12 year old son Hunter sitting in the 16' glass tower overlooking some hardwoods,some thick stuff and the plot that Greg put in. There's plenty of room in there and also a buddy heater.
  14. Beautiful buck. I hope you get him this weekend
  15. Great job congrats. That is a sweet looking gun.
  16. I'm usually between 15-20' but also depends on the canopy and where I'm hunting. Years ago I had a stand just outside of letchworth in an apple orchard that was maybe 12' but it worked for that spot and I never seen more deer out of any other stand. I also had a stand in Letchworth over looking the river bottom for gun. I would climb 10-12' up the tree into the stand but the stand faced over the cliff and straight down was 43 yards 127'. That stand was an amazing stand to be in on opening day when the deer would come running from the top shelves down into the river bottom. I was set where the river bottom came to a pinch point the deer either had to cross the river come up the mountain or turn around and run back where they came from.
  17. I just slipped out of the stand for 45 minutes to grab a couple of cameras from the other end of the property. I got with in 30 get of 2 doe that were eating at the base of one of my stands. They didn't know I was there so I sat still hoping a buck was with them or following them after 10 minutes I had a small buck coming up from behind he got to under 10 yards from me then noticed me and trotted away. He has 4 points on one side and a busted main beam on the other. I'm guessing it's his busted antler that I found last weekend. Now I'm back up in the stand until dark.
  18. I've seen 8 doe and 3 buck so far. Passed on a 2yr old 8 watched him hound a fire and grunt like crazy for a while then about 15 minutes ago a doe came flying through with a 8pt on her tail and the second buck was huge definitely a shooter but no chance they were stopping.
  19. That 6 is really sweet. Good luck.
  20. I soak it in soapy water for a couple of hrs.
  21. I had some really good action in East Aurora today. Good luck I hope you have a bunch of action and connect.
  22. This is pretty much how I store my hunting clothes in-between hunts. Take them off toss them down the basement stairs or toss them in a basket in the basement.
  23. I seen a total of 8 bucks and 2 doe today. Passed on a 2 yr old 8 at 16 yards at last light. Here's a couple trail cam pics today that i thought were cool. You can see the deer and then you can see me in the stand in the upper left corner
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