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  1. Iooks like there at least o e set for me to get out and look for. Lol
  2. After shooting my 3030 lever this summer and hunting season my 13yr old son doesn't even want to touch his own rifles. He fell in love with how easy it was on his shoulder.
  3. Congrats on stalking the best and getting it with your crossbow. That's a huge accomplishment.
  4. I went with the 1/2 mount with both closed on mine and absolutely love the 1/2 mount.
  5. Larry congrats that's a beautiful buck you got.
  6. Me and my son drive from cheektowaga yo Cuba this morning to hunt at gmans/Greg's. The hardest thing this morning was getting the door open to my house so we could get out. Once we got out of cheektowaga it was smooth driving. Good luck all
  7. I seen that bottom buck a few times last year he's a beast.
  8. I'll be heading up to gmans/Greg's place early Saturday morning I'll be sitting in what we call the glass tower with my son Hunter. Good luck everyone
  9. I wonder if that was over by the rain tree apartments. I use to take the kids over there to see the big bucks and look for sheds. Years ago I found 3 or 4 dead deer all with their heads missing.
  10. Beautiful buck congrats. I've had way more luck with calling in bucks with burping than I have with a grunt tube.
  11. This yote was 46#. It was weighed at the taxidermist shop.
  12. A couple neighbors with in corrections and I've heard the samething. They have to mask up and do to work.
  13. When I use to hunt Letchworth and other state lands after doing the morning hunt a few of us would spend a couple hrs in the middle of the day and do some stump shooting with judo points great way to kill some time and practice.
  14. When I use to hunt Letchworth and other state lands after doing the morning hunt a few of us would spend a couple hrs in the middle of the day and do some stump shooting with judo points great way to kill some time and practice.
  15. Just drove from Buffalo to Rochester for my son's hockey game there were definitely a lot more dead deer on that stretch of thruway compared to last weekend
  16. Thank you. I'm having the lapram in my right shoulder repaired after that heals they'll repair the left side as well.
  17. I went out for a few hrs this morning. I sat from 530-930 then got down and stalked into what I thought was the big bucks bedroom to hope for a chance at him. This was my last chance since I'm having surgery tomorrow. I got to with in 9 yards of this smaller 8pt and had a 15 minutes stare down he couldn't figure out what I was and took off with a second buck who's rack I couldn't get a great look at.
  18. I've been using ba cva wolf for about 10 years now. It's a tack driver to 100 yards and beyond. I've easily taken 20+ deer with it. My son took his first deer with mine last year and had to have his own as well. Cva also has amazing customer service.
  19. Between the youth hunt and now I've been out 6x been very fortunate my son took a doe at gmans during the youth hunt and I took a doe Monday evening then this morning on a short sit I took 2 doe. They came in 15 minutes apart and by themselves. Both were shot at 9 yards one in the heart the other in the lungs and they went less than 40 yards. The one on Monday went about 40 yards as well. I'm having shoulder surgery on Monday so I'm hoping to get one more sit in before then.
  20. Not true. https://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/25022.html
  21. Good luck and most of all have a great time.
  22. Huge thank you to gman. Me and my son Hunter hunted Greg's place on Saturday we sat dark to dark we didn't see anything but enjoyed relaxing in the woods together. Hunter wanted to hunt Sunday but after sitting all day my body wasn't up for another sit the next morning. I promised him that I would take him back to Greg's to hunt this morning. Greg suggested a stand that we go to and it's definitely a camp favorite. Me and Hunter seen our first deer 20 minutes after first light it was a big bodied deer but never stopped moving and Hunter couldn't get the scope on it. 20 minutes later he said here comes some deer running down the trail. One stopped about 50 yards away he aimed and squeezed off a shot. The deer took off with I'm hurt bad look. We went back to Greg's house and all chatted for an hr to make sure it has time to expire. then me Greg and Hunter went and tracked his doe. It went less than 75 yards.
  23. Good luck. I'll be taking my son Hunter who is 13 to gman/Greg's place on Saturday. I wish we could hunt Saturday and Sunday but he has hockey both days and he can't miss both. Hunter loves it out at Greg's and is hoping to break in my marlin 30/30 lever action. A huge thanks to Greg for his generosity and hospitality.
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