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  1. No buck yet? What a bunch of losers. No just kidding no buck yet here either> And for those of us aging hunters who are slowly transitioning form bow to gun hunters the season hasn't started yet! Plenty of hunting left
  2. Chef is spot on about the food,,,,, no shocker
  3. Awesome spot, black sand hot as hell in july....eat at chez black its right behind you
  4. Good for you Rome is the best!! Hope you have time to go down to the amalfi coast and Capri... food there is second to none PREGO
  5. He's not huge but finally got a drop tine on camera....
  6. did he escape from the zoo??
  7. The camp/house is up for sale and this will likely be the last season there. Good news is I own the land next door so my goal this year is to hunt like its 1999....Next year its time to finally build on my land and start my own camp and hopefully some new traditions and recruit some new hunters!
  8. Maybe he meant "hey Swamp Bucks thank you for taking me out last year and i would really appreciate if you let me hang a stand for you or clean your rifles, or if there are any chores to do at camp I'm your guy".....maybe he meant that?
  9. Read somewhere that humans were always hunter gathering nomads until wheat showed up then they had to stay put, he was basically saying that wheat had trained humans lol.
  10. Whitetail news still comes though i don't know why, mostly pumping their products. For $8 I just renewed DDH but haven't gotten any yet. I used to love sitting around pool reading Field and Steam all summer dreaming of October!
  11. YEA I figured....I'M ON THE ISLAND
  12. Can i grow grass in august or should i just wait until it cools off?
  13. Anyone have a way to get rid of pee spots besides BELO and his .38?
  14. Had the best pint ever at the Guiness Storehouse, St pattys day Dublin...no joke its so good even if your not a guiness fan.
  15. so there's a spring youth hunt for two days but no spring season on long island? Seen them strutting on sunrise highway all week, what gives?
  16. I've been waiting for this for years! I can't seed my lawn without turkeys all over it. It's about time.
  17. Now Pat Tillman sacrificed everything this guys got balls saying that.
  18. WOW I have a nice couple of tower blinds in my future
  19. So i see the new hunting regs for 2018/2019 seasons out today and on page 4 under pending regulations it says "At the time the guide went to press, regulations were pending related to deer feeding. Please check DEC’s website for the latest regulation changes before heading afield this fall." Anyone know what exactly are they talking about?
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