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  1. BeIo

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    You’re right, I had no idea there was a poundage requirement for them , I don’t read bow mags or read up on any of that stuff on the net . I was OK these will be great ! It was my lower poundage and high shot, that lead to,poor penetration, never found arrow and believe I hit a high artery which saved me . I love cut on contact because they often don’t run off like they were kicked in the ass , I truly feel they don’t feel them , like when you cut yourself shaving and don’t know till you see the blood . This is funny , Dr pulled a 3/4 inch “ wire “ out of my chest the other day, removing a tick ,I saw a black line in my chest , a tweezers and razor blade and I couldn’t remove it , Dr gave me a shot and dug deep,, never knew it was in me . I guess cut on contact wire .....
  2. BeIo

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    Question , as a paid author myself ( knife magazines ) I have to ask were you paid to write them or were they vanity press ? Where you pay to have books published,then try to, peddle them .
  3. Pickle Fest in Pittsburgh is July 26-28th . We’ll be there for some baseball games but leaving the 28th sadly . Oh any restaurant recommendations? We go every year been to many including Meat and Potatoes ,Looking for good steak or Italian, money not a big factor .
  4. BeIo

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    Honestly in the last ten years or so I haven’t had to track any deer in gun or bow, except the Rage shot and that was less then 100 yards and mostly due to my high quartering away shot . No exit wound didn’t help , but was a two minute recovery , so,I guess it did it’s job ,I didn’t too , high a shot . If you guys don’t like sharping the heads Mangus will for free , but it sees like they just send you new ones , which I’m sure is cheaper for them . its to early for all this bow talk , maybe Sept .
  5. Today I went to the gym and walked the dog , oh I took a shower and shaved too . Other then that I did nothing, I’ve got nothing but free time, but storming Area 51 seems like to much work .
  6. BeIo

    Key west honeymoon

    Nice ! I was gong to suggest visiting Kelly’s Bar, decent beer great cheap food off the beaten path ,but a quick check showed they’re closed . If you visit Ernest Hemingway’s house , you’ll be pleased to see most likely you’ve killed a bigger buck then he did . best beach I found was fort Zachery Taylor .
  7. BeIo

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    Isn’t the alphabet wonderful ? Actually I like Belo, I missed him on his break from here , he doesn’t waver, stands his ground , even though I may disagree with him at times I respect his style . Now who to be next ? M00G, Sh!ts -in Trees , or maybe we should all become a Rob of some sort , like Geo Formans kids ? Only Kitty Carlisle knows for sure ......
  8. BeIo

    WHO'S WHO HERE NOW??????

    I like a challenge ! Game on .
  9. BeIo

    School me on tractors

    Ya when I try it says contact moderator or something . I contacted a mod and he passed it on to,owner ,that was a couple weeks ago .
  10. BeIo


    Off topic a bit.Our daughter is soon going to buy a house , been looking online, some folks sure paint some .ah interesting colors ......
  11. BeIo

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    You’re Larry .... I like the real Belo , just pushing some buttons, off season is so boring here . hum maybe I’ll be Lawdvvaz ,next ?
  12. BeIo

    School me on tractors

    It’s a several thousand acre farm , deer are a pest, nobody’s making food plots to attract them .
  13. BeIo

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    30, plus years of killing deer with a bow and arrow , fixed for me .cut on contact Mangus Stingers . Once a few year ago I tried a Rage , buck died , but I was less then impressed by performance . Its all about shot placement , double lung it and it’s dead within 15 seconds no matter the head , don’t take iffy shots expecting the head to make up for poor shot choices ,imho .
  14. BeIo

    School me on tractors

    Farm just grabbed a new one, it was about $350,000 ,is that too much ? Id post a pic, but it seems I can no longer ,which is making me hardly even look at the site anymore .