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  1. That’s a good idea , one may find its way to my shooting table , thanks .
  2. Beer

    This Cream Ale mix is pretty good ! The Imperial is good and 7%, This mosaic, is fruity and tropical, but not over bearing , which I like , I’m not a fan of the Orange Cream Ale but it’s very popular and if you like Creamsicles you may enjoy it. Genny seems to be really putting out some decent stuff.
  3. Beer

    So far so good .
  4. Is it hunting?

    Every deer I shot in bow at under 20yards didn’t know I was there either , and I’m no great hunter. Don’t scout, don’t do much to work the land , don’t brush in stands just sit in them . The farm I hunt is more and more huts with heaters covering large fields we kinda like it . I’d be ok with it not being hunting , wouldn’t need a tag that way .
  5. First Shot Daily Pics

    I generally don’t start shooting till mid August or so, today I went in basement and drew back 5 times ! With all my shoulder issues that’s a big deal . In a few days I might even shoot an arrow,or two. My first draw was pretty good and I’d feel confident with it on stand .
  6. 2018 Shed Thread

    Not much action it’s seems..... I just did three hours of walking , zippo ! In honesty since I’ve not got out much and figured others didn’t either ,I hit areas that I don’t hunt, with the thought of saving my spot for later as others don’t go, on it.
  7. Not an emotional guy, but...

    You’re a good man .
  8. Beer

    Second stop , Fat Tire .Same restaurant in Canandaigua that I bought a gift card at this afternoon ..... Met up with friends from out of town . Gift card for nephew who doles oit legal advise to me .
  9. Beer

    Fairport Brewing double IPA.
  10. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    One more month of work ! As a kid I had fun with it, mostly along nearby RR tracks and yards around the neighborhood . Old coins old hatched heads ,half a train wheel....
  11. 6th Annual Banquet

    I’m in ! Just bought ticket and the early bird ticket package , to,many good prizes not to .
  12. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    I just tossed out my old White detector from the ‘ 70’s . Been toying with the idea to get back into it .
  13. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    You may enjoy USN, it was started by some of The better posters from Bladefoums . They got sick of the juvenile BS, and USN, is well run tightly controlled and almost a brotherhood , they now run one of the biggest knife shows each year , held in Los Vegas, members come from around the world . Youll need to join to even view the site .
  14. Other (NON Hunting) Forums You Frequent?

    Glock talk . Truth About Guns Usual Suspect Network ( great knife forum ) Rolex forum Survivalist forum edc forum candle power forums
  15. I Don't Blame Growie........

    Others might disagree , but ok thanks .