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  1. Stay at home Nomad


    Lunch at New York Beer Project Victor .
  2. Stay at home Nomad

    Northern lights tonite

    They were almost non stop, when I was way up in B.C. many years back , never had much luck here .
  3. Stay at home Nomad


    Two Dream ales down, the second was really good,the first I brushed my teeth a bit before . I really would like to see this in some sort or production ,I really like it !
  4. Stay at home Nomad


    Both daughters , an RN and a CPA . Congrats to your daughter !
  5. Stay at home Nomad

    Lottery Winner

    Problem is those are to big to cover all sides out of with just one or two persons . There’s a I think it’s a 16 x 16 cabin 17 feet up on the farm I hunt , that suffers from that .
  6. Stay at home Nomad


    What lanes ? Oldest daughter dated a kid who’s parents owned one in Buff. Area.
  7. Stay at home Nomad


    Ok stood in line for an hour and a half today to grab this . It was to be 3 four packs per person, but due to how many showed up, they said first 250 could get 3, the rest 1 . I was around 265 ... glad to get some ,wished they just made it 2 four packs . It’s a Genesee, Other Half brewery collaboration. Ok very cloudy , almost an IPA / Cream Ale blend, due to the Citra hops added, very easy drinker, wife said it reminds her of that “ Yellow can “ aka Sip Of Sunshine lol. Not nearly as flavorful or strong though . I hope they release as a regular,or seasonal , very good summer beer imo .
  8. Stay at home Nomad

    HuntingNY Tournament Challenge

    Haven’t a watched BB since my daughter graduated HS , and stopped playing . Never watched college or NBA on purpose . Guess that would mean I’d win ,where can I find out what color the uniforms are?
  9. Stay at home Nomad

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    Ive met the President of the Local chapter of the Hells Angels , kinda a two for one .
  10. Stay at home Nomad

    Taurus pistol

    I don’t know , mine was from early 90’s ? Its been great but it’s a revolver . The one thing that happened was when they bought the Beretta factory in the late ‘80s , was most of Berettas employees stayed ,but over time they left and the replacements I guess were sub par . I would stick with new ones , if one interests you ,but I’d still have that feeling ...
  11. Stay at home Nomad

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    My experience rust that does the most damage is under the vehicle not body panels . I’ve had a number of clean body older cars , had sub frame rust away on one, the area that holds the springs in place rust to the point of risking them shooting through rear deck on another ,and just about everything under the daughters 02 Civic . Bodies all rust free though. The Olds ( center pic ) has an aluminum hood, paint flaked off it pretty early , maybe they do better now I have know idea . Sorry to drift a bit Rob Belo ,the Troopers don’t stop you often for no front plate ?
  12. Pretty sure they’re all interested in more money ,that’s the con ,her act . Republicans/ Democratic whatever two sides of the same coin , its as real as pro wrestling . Making money off the dupes .
  13. Stay at home Nomad

    Taurus pistol

    Taurus ,is an interesting story , at one time owned by the parent company of Smith and Wesson, they turned out very good guns . Shortly after they bought a Beretta factory ,complete with all of Beretta’s machines and tooling ,and they cranked out good guns . Then they lost their way, ownership changes, out of touch with the American market ,to name but two . Finally they decided to turn things around , hired American engineers and others from the U.S. gun industry . The complaints dropped and the orders came flying in . Its very much dependent upon when a Taurus was made sadly , and the crappy gun period was quite long . I can understand some folks hesitation , and I still have some too,but by all acounts new ones are good again ,although the recent past still clouds the issue .its hard to overcome a couple decades of bad guns , I wish them success.
  14. Stay at home Nomad

    Taurus pistol

    I know many don’t care for Taurus , I’ve had a da only snub ( mod 85 ) for 25 or 30 years . No issues at all and I’ve run a bit of plus P through it as well . Its the one gun on our daughters permit, that’s how much I trust it . At the time price was a factor, that’s not a concern today, and I’d probably go Smith today just because of so many others stories about Taurus ,which does seem to be mostly their autos though .
  15. That and he had his hand on his baton .