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  1. Stay at home Nomad

    New member - rookie hunter

    Welcome and good luck !
  2. Stay at home Nomad


    Ya I was going to ask about that , most friends that went for me could get was a four pack of Heady ,each . I know it varies by store and number of people waiting .
  3. Stay at home Nomad

    Tractor Supply Bait for Deer

    My post was sarcasm, but I knew guys would run with it .
  4. Stay at home Nomad


    Wow Fletch ,that’s quite a haul !!!
  5. Stay at home Nomad

    People suck

    The town I live in is boardered by Lake Ontario to the North and Irondequoit Bay to the West , the city is West and a bit South . Anytime there’s a robbery here the cops set up on the Bay bridge and Empire bld. ( runs just south of the bay and ends in the city ) , it’s a very successful tactic ! One cop I know pointed to the bridge on a map and said ,” if we blow this up , our problems would end .” Fun fact, each Wal Mart adds on average 1,000 calls to 911 .
  6. Stay at home Nomad

    the older i get...

    farmer just brush hogged lanes for me by one hut, building a second this week . Comfy chair and heat , Jet Boil for hot soup ! Mostly use large ladder stands in bow and a lot in gun, but bad weather is now a non issue . Sold all my hang ons, traded my LW. climber for plumbing work .
  7. Stay at home Nomad

    The Shot That Counts 2018

    Took a break from cleaning the unfinished part of the ,basement , cleaned appliances, shop vacuumed webs, painted the blocks on one wall . Shot two BH plain edge Stinger , this was the first at 22 yards. Second was at 25 and hit center dot at six o’clock . Shoulder felt great, I may even wash my camo now .
  8. Stay at home Nomad

    plea deal...wth

    Been for years . A good ten years ago we had a poacher issue, the DEC cop asked me to get sample from dead buck I found . Said he could take samples from poachers saws,knives and so on and match them . With what many spend on bows,guns,trucks,atvs land and so forth , I’m not sure a $1,500 fine is much of a deterrent to,many .
  9. Stay at home Nomad

    Tractor Supply Bait for Deer

    Ya it would be tricky to outlaw the sale of mineral , and food products , even if they could guys would just plant food plots ....... S/C
  10. Stay at home Nomad

    Warning - Check Those Tow Ropes!!

    As in my first post, I’ve found one line that plays out of the water bottle holder of my pack,like a rope bag to be easy and fast, no untangling . I mainly switched to that when I used hang ons and would remove the bottom steps and haul line to make it more difficult for others to use my stands . It does take a minute to load it back when on the ground . But I never have to check / change ten haul,lines either . Just how I prefer to do it .
  11. Stay at home Nomad

    A thought to start the long week

    I’ll go first morning after that who knows , still haven’t even thought of washing ( or finding my clothes ) gathering gear and so on . Being retired getting up before 8 scares me , in bed now got up to visit bathroom , back to sleep soon......
  12. Stay at home Nomad

    Someone might tag a stag

    Many years ago one made it to Webster . My Dads back senor light went off a couple times one night, the next day he found very large tracks in his garden, later it was spotted bedded down in a field a few houses away . Made the news as spotting continued for awhile .
  13. Stay at home Nomad

    Old Forge tame deer

    They’re mostly concerned with the residents that routinely put out copious amounts of food for them . It’s a hot topic there,never heard of a tourist getting fined .
  14. Stay at home Nomad

    Old Forge tame deer

    Heck go feed them.
  15. Stay at home Nomad

    In case you run into a Big Furball

    Rei on West Henrietta rd carry’s it . Legal in NYS, pepper spray is too, but only in the “ key chain “ size . Since bear spray is for well bears and not people it’s good to,go . REI has a nice sized one not super big Like so many , very handy for your home , in case of “ bears” .