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  1. Idk . A guy down there did most of the build , we got the trailer from his neighbor . We had to weld on some braces as it’s pretty shot . The farmer / land owner offered to put it up on phone poles for us . For now it’s staying on trailer , the farm has others built out of old sprayers and such ,that have wheels, no,issue so,far .
  2. Kinda hard to fit them in your truck though . And I’ve never seen five star ratings anywhere near close to these .
  3. Stay at home Nomad

    I’ve had it!

    As for how, I know a guy who,runs coyotes with dogs all season long and he cleans up ,just stacks of dead coyotes , like Culver said , kinda like rabbit hunting with dogs . But he spends a few days prior to each season knocking on the same doors,making sure he has premisson to be on their land this year . It takes days as he runs a very large area . Id go but It’s a lot of work ,he loses many pounds each season , just running the shear number of miles every day . i believe his dogs have gps trackers ,that allow the hunters to monitor them and then race ( drive ) ahead of them to,get set up .
  4. Stay at home Nomad

    Hypothetical Question.....

    Ants can carry ( depending on the type of ant ) 20 to 100 times their body weight ,so why couldn’t that bird carry to coconut ? These tsetse flys carry off babies....
  5. Ground froze enough to get this hut into position today. It’s bolted to the trailer for easy movement and a little more height . It sits at the #1 ( closer to woods actually) in photo of land , that field will be corn or beans and sees a lot of movement . Itll be leveled out more in spring .
  6. Stay at home Nomad

    Hypothetical Question.....

    Of course they could “ take them on “, winning is another thing .
  7. Stay at home Nomad

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    It amazes me that guys still haven’t figured out Biz’s sense of humor, here’s a clue, ball breaker who likes to double down . Thanks for playing .
  8. Stay at home Nomad

    Goose road trip - 1Q19

    Well thanks! I’ll let you know , I know we have many folks stopping by and I guess her sister is flying down sometime too.
  9. Stay at home Nomad

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    Well wife’s B day Sunday, daughter from Buffalo was to come and other daughters BF from Geneva was to come, ( first time meeting him ). It doesn’t look good right now . Heavy snow and high winds will make travel difficult. Bad timing for sure, we’re off to Fla the following week end, till beginning of March .
  10. Bought lots of Yeti, tumblers and such over the years great products. Last year I bought an Orca cooler, $200 shipped and it’s a large one, beats Yeti in tests, but they’re all good really . Being a Life NRA member I just can’t support Yeti anymore . Cant say how much I love now owning a cooler that I don’t have to do an ice run everyday . Pre cool and load it correct I’m good for a week . I read a piece by a FF in a hurricane area who said these coolers are one of the best things folks there can own. Ice is one of the first things to run out there and no,power no ones making more
  11. Stay at home Nomad

    Sitka Gear My review

    Ya even with 40% off I’m very hesitant
  12. Stay at home Nomad

    Sitka Gear My review

    I found a site, for cops and firemen that has a 40% off code for Sitka and many other top outdoor brands . May have to grab some .
  13. Stay at home Nomad

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

  14. Stay at home Nomad

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Here’s a few from my new cams from Phade .
  15. Stay at home Nomad

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Wish I could , my new iPad can’t take sd cards , sent for a new adapter. Pulled cards today, got a buck mounting a doe on Jan 6 , tons of bucks and does, Fox and coyotes on each cam , skunks, this pull was very good all around .