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  1. Stay at home Nomad

    Truck Long Gun Storage

    But can I get anything up there ? Hard enough lifting a deer into the bed now , the snowblower is another thing all together.
  2. Stay at home Nomad

    Truck Long Gun Storage

    I carry a handgun everyday ,almost all day, but for reasons I won’t go into here,I’d really like a secure way to have either my short barreled Benelli, or AR securely stored in the truck . Moogs system is really good ,I like it a lot, but I’d give up most of my bed .
  3. Stay at home Nomad

    Truck Long Gun Storage

    Good luck . I’ve spent considerable time researching that, I may go with the under seat safe, but they all require flipping up,seats, so a no go for you . Perhaps modify one, for side access ? The only other ones I’ve seen mount it the bed, and that would also require a hard locking cover, to,keep,it out of view, and some protection , something I have , but would prefer gun inside .
  4. Stay at home Nomad

    TOOTHLESS HILLBILLY Fights Young Wrestling Champ!

    Was this in WNY ? There I beat Biz to, it !
  5. Stay at home Nomad

    How old were you when you learned to shoot?

    Wife just got an estimate for Hybridge dental implants , 16k upper , 16k lower plus additional costs along the way , she better show them off....
  6. Stay at home Nomad

    New Toy?

    I just went over both our vehicles with one of those car “ dust brush “ things, do that most mornings . Washed both yesterday , and the Subaru being black ,I have to hit That with a detailing spray after the wash . I find a lint roller works well inside after the vacuum too . I like to de badge my vehicles, starting with dealer stickers ,license plate frame , then the make,and stupid eco boost letters they glue on, so that giant Rubicon name has to go . I really like the bed carrier in the truck , I’d like to get one for my Colorado .
  7. Stay at home Nomad

    FFL near Webster, NY

    Yes ,it’s a nice inside range, not to much stock yet , a fair number of handguns ,maybe 20-25 long guns . They seem to be mostly an indoor range with training available, classrooms , instructors ,private lanes for teaching . My daughters going to take a one hour private lesson, when time allows , at least two former law enforcement officers, teach if I remember correctly . Being new it’s a very clean indoor range , the staff has always been helpful and professional.
  8. Stay at home Nomad

    FFL near Webster, NY

    On Target, will do, private transfers for $25 per .
  9. Stay at home Nomad

    My diet

    Most versions use Wal -Mart , Tractor Supply was a good choice for this forum .
  10. Stay at home Nomad

    FFL near Webster, NY

    I didn’t realize he was still open and he’s 2 miles from me, he was old 30 years ago . Im going to On Target tomorrow,I’ll ask their price if you want .
  11. Stay at home Nomad

    Remount for a buddy...

    Beautiful work ! Now he just needs somebody to redo the walls .
  12. Stay at home Nomad

    FFL near Webster, NY

    I shoot here occasionally, right off rt. 104 in Webster Web sire says they do transfers . You can also grab some of Tony Costanzas sausages as he’s 1/4 mile away .
  13. Stay at home Nomad

    Attack on Apalachee Trail

    Whack job, attacker , was well known on the trail , multiple contacts with law enforcement, was the proverbial ticking time bomb .
  14. Stay at home Nomad

    Turkey hunting / ticks / permethrin reminder

    We do pee together outside , I’m not into humping legs ,but strange people does sound appealing .
  15. Stay at home Nomad

    Turkey hunting / ticks / permethrin reminder

    I take my dogs tick control medicine, of course I have to take several as it’s for a thirty pound dog .