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  1. Stay at home Nomad


    Space Kitty and cigar in hot tub . Havent been hunting much , not much pressure at my place keeping it that way, taking daughter tomorrow PM, last light in green hut .
  2. Good luck ! Went through that exact thing with my daughter a few years back, nice buck dropped in its tracks. Got up and walked off with two does, while she was posting pics on line .... very little blood , had another good hunter with us , never found or caught up,with . If you hit the bones rising off the spine they drop right there, sometimes never getting up , other times never found . Hoping for the best .
  3. Ya it’s putting a damper on my hunt tomorrow. Daughter is going in the afternoon , windchill of 12, that rules out a stand, and the hut with heater still will be a challenge,with the large shooting window facing the wind .
  4. Zippo deer in the thick stiff tonight . Told my wife I’m now hunting the morning , they cross in front of my green hut each morning ,should have a doe by 7:30. She said I’m panicking ,I’ve been seeing tons of deer in bow and opening weekend , I can always shoot a doe at the end if need be . Guess she’s right I was leaving it from Sunday AM to Wed pm when my daughter goes again ,getting her one is #1 priority.
  5. Boldly went where no man has gone before .
  6. Nice afternoon . Im in a U.S.S. Enterprise stand .
  7. Brian ,Tomorrow is open for me , and it’s been awhile since I had a boot pulled off in a bog .
  8. Friends land is long but narrow guessing 250 yards, it ran maybe 100 to the boardering land, they’re cool and work togather with my friend , but their land at that point is maybe 80 ,yards wide . Buck made it just over it onto the a known jerks land . I had a hard time believing it could make it that far . Last week of bow my buddy let two guys come on his to recover a buck he passed ten times in bow .
  9. Saw 3 small doe at my place this AM. Afternoon at friends land, maybe two minutes on stand ,he shoots a very nice buck at 25 yards, broadside , it kicks and flat out runs, gets down, blood spraying out of each side, deer falls twice, heavy blood the whole way ..... To the posted land , friend stops , goes a few steps ,guy yells, he explains , guy won’t let him come get his deer .
  10. I’m already bored , nice day though .
  11. Were hoodies on sale or something ?
  12. Stay at home Nomad

    What time you getting up for opening day tomorrow?

    I can’t get over guys getting up at 2:30 , do,have a 3 or 4 hour drive ?
  13. Mine as well on Wed. I sat near her Stand tonight ,she could have killed a few out of it tonight . My buddy is using it tomorrow morning , hope he doesn’t spook any . Tonight they were walking around like it wasn’t even gun season, light pressure around me . Good luck Wed. !!!
  14. Nice bucks guys ! of the 4 1/2 hours on stand today I saw 11 deer, 10 of which would have been 60 yard max shots . Problem was all does and young bucks . A doe may die tomorrow if it shows at the right time ,plus I got two,helpers to drag .