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  1. All the bucks here r still holding on.
  2. Those public land birds r to smart for u.
  3. the most important question is did he get a pic?
  4. Private ? public land? What unit? I would not be happy hunting that way either.
  5. U should of walked into turkeys by accident by now. U got no turkeys there.
  6. I enjoyed reading that thread. I've also read Gary Bogner's and Chuck Adams book on NA 29, which I enjoyed. For the amount of money they spent I think I could of had a lot more fun and done a lot more hunts that I would of enjoyed. I listened to a podcast Tom Miranda did, came away with the fact it was work for him and he did it to help him make money.
  7. To shoot my biggest bull. I've got an AZ tag.
  8. What kids r missing nowadays. For me it was cider apples and cow chips.
  9. How many days until your out of here?
  10. Well now we know why the moose population is tanking in the Northeast.
  11. Hose diameter matters. Hose length matters.
  12. U loose any last year?
  13. I would think anytime now. Last year, middle of August was bad. The smell of dead animals was everywhere at that time.
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