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  1. Does his front leg look like its been broken?
  2. Its getting so u need points or u will be sitting on the couch. When was the last time u went?
  3. What r u thinking? How many points do u have? With point creep, I would be using them as fast as I could.
  4. Biz, put in with me so i can ride ur points. I'm in for deer, antelope and doe antelope. Hoping to add a tag or two to go with my moose tag.
  5. By the number of hunters applying for tags out west, I'm going to say no.
  6. The meateater podcast, ep 214: gobbling your ass off. If your a turkey nut, you'll enjoy it.
  7. That would of been a dead turkey if I were there. If they tried anything, my superior kung fu jujitzu sh!t would of taken care of those punks.
  8. As of last year, u don't get a point for applying for elk, deer and antelope. Moose and sheep you get a point for applying for the hunt. You have to front the tag fees and they charge a convenience fee on the total amount{IIRC 2.5%}. Its costly!
  9. He will look huge compared to the fawn u shot last year. Just having fun with u.