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  1. If it wasn't for the browtines, I would think it was two different bucks.
  2. Grays and reds gobble them up on my place. They'll husk them. Tree rats store them in my barns and equipment. Haven't seen any deer ever eat them.
  3. Why not post a story with each gobbler pic. Tell us how it went down.
  4. Funny! I'm going to start screaming like a little girl as a locator call.
  5. What did he tape out at? Spread?
  6. I've got snips but its going to cost u a big buck. Do u have weed through a bunch of moving grass pics?
  7. Talk to the farmer before u do anything.
  8. When a women friend sees that box, what she must think?
  9. No tags yet, should know about a few in a couple days.
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