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  1. Have u seen that bucket of turkey legs?
  2. R u tagged out or they didn't come close enough?
  3. My corn and beans r planted for this year. If u can't get rid of the soybeans I'll take what's left over. I would like to order some for 2023. Let me know when u r taking orders. I think u r the closest branch to me selling seeds. Thanks
  4. There was a couple days in April that didn't get above freezing. I would of thought for sure the eggs would of froze and cracked. That's one tough mom.
  5. Say she hatched out on the 20th, started nesting on the 23rd of March, started laying eggs on March 11th, clutch of 12 eggs, breeding beginning of March. Nuts!
  6. There is a write up on bowsite.
  7. U guys should see what they get away with in the western states.
  8. I've never seen a jake with a beard that long.
  9. It's nice to know one is waiting for u in the morning.
  10. Most of the turkeys I've taken was sitting against a tree. The turkeys I've shot with my bow was from the standing position from the ground. If i take someone new, I will use a blind. They seem to get caught moving if I don't use a blind. I've taken 1 spring tom with a gun from a tree stand.
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