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  1. Struck out in Montana for deer/elk combo. Anyone else have any luck?
  2. Well hell! u should of started out with that, post up some pics.
  3. My binos go with me no matter what i hunt.
  4. its like a radio talk show. I don't pay for any.
  5. Meater, huntinfool, epic outdoors, hunt talk, jay scotts outdoors, cutting the distance, eastmans, the element, wired to hunt. The ones i like best, they tell a story. Hate the gear podcasts.
  6. Had a flock of about 80 going crazy yesterday. They're getting ready to break up.
  7. Elk season, moose season, bigfoot season, the month of September. Fall turkey season and take the way it used to be. Coyote season year round. Bill; can't believe u didn't mention a spring turkey season starting in April.
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