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  1. Loved The Old Turkey Pro Hunter and hated The Tenth Legion.
  2. Whats your top five turkey hunting books and why?
  3. Few more days left to put in for elk. I'm in for a long shot.
  4. Go to Wyomings game and fish and check odds of drawing for the unit u r going to. I applied for doe/fawn tags last year and the odds of drawing was like 1 to 10. No doe/fawn tags for me.
  5. I had 18 points and 19th year putting in. My antelope.
  6. I had 19 points and 20th year putting in.
  7. Shot 3 nice animals. Moose and antelope pics are not in computer yet. My sheep.
  8. 2020 was good to me. I drew 5 tags out west and turned 2 of them back. Went west with a WY pronghorn, WY moose , and a NV desert bighorn tag. Turned back MT elk deer combo tag. I can only hope 2021 will be good to me. Covid has me worried right now. A friend drew WY pronghorn with me last year and didn't go. Covid seems worse now than last year when i was applying for tags. Its already changed some of my apps for 2021. I was planning on applying for oscela turkeys in Florida and didn't because of covid. I didn't apply for goulds turkey tag in AZ becuase of covid. I'm thinking of jus
  9. Deadline for points 11/2. Buy them so i can ride them.
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