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  1. Did i miss something? does he offer antelope hunts?
  2. Who's number one two three on ur hit list?
  3. Have u guys been able to put ur tags on any?
  4. I'll be buying some points in both states and South Dakota.
  5. Area 36, low density area, 2 of 5 moose tags were filled last year.
  6. DIY, public land, made arrangement with outfitter to pack out.
  7. i'm going to Wyoming for moose and antelope. The draw gods have been good to me this year.
  8. I usually get 150 to 200 bushels/acre depending on year. Its planted in rows and fertilized in rows. I spread nitrogen later by broadcasting.
  9. R your numbers right? $14 /gal gly? $9.40 for 50lbs of 15-15-15? If ur numbers r right , I feel like I've been raped. Any pics of corn from past years? You use a lot less fertilizer per acre than I do.
  10. Does his front leg look like its been broken?