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  1. You always have the option of fencing your plot to keep the deer from killing it. This works very well with smaller plots of beans and even corn. You can use the thin nylon with wire in it and a solar fencer. Staggering the fence by 3ish feet will keep them primarily out as they don't have depth perception. Then you can take the fence down closer to fall and you will actually have a crop of beans and corn that they can forage on all season as well as into winter.
  2. 7mm-08 or a 6.5 creedmore would be my first two choices and not necessarily in that order. Both offer mid-size bullet weight with minimal recoil along with great accuracy. Another advantage is they both are readily available.
  3. Those old photos were from the good old days when the Daks actually got logged and had a healthy forest so animals had food and cover. Now much of it is baron land with mature woods and no feed. It really needs a good logging program or a good old fashioned forest fire.
  4. I hear ya, NY pizza in Canastota is good as well at Nina's in Chittenango.
  5. I hear ya, NY pizza in Canastota is good as well at Nina's in Chittenango.
  6. Mind offering up what temp you smoked that at and what internal temp you smoked to? Also, roughly how long it took? I have three in the brine right now and plan to smoke them tomorrow.
  7. This is what I was talking about.
  8. I'm doing the same as you OP, just putting together a dedicated turkey gun. One thing that I had concern with is a lot of the red dots out there have highly reflective coatings on the lenses and shine like crazy. For that reason I went with the Vortex strikefire II, with this optic you can get one of the waffle covers for the lens to mask any potential glare.
  9. When adding coolant, make sure you use the correct type. You can't mix and match them or you'll end up with jello in the cooling system. Also as stated, you likely don't have a true radiator cap, that style has been out of date for a long time. You will just need to fill your overflow to the hot or cold level based on the engine temp and run it to self purge the air out of the system.
  10. Yep, that's a giant... The buck i shot this season was 8" and was the larges that the taxidermist had ever used.
  11. Awesome deer and mount! By any chance to you remember the eye to nose measurement used for the form by any chance? Thanks for sharing!
  12. Awesome deer and mount! By any chance to you remember the eye to nose measurement used for the form by any chance? Thanks for sharing!
  13. 100% correct. In reality, weather dependent it already runs to late in the year in the north. Many years that have snow a bit early the deer move out to their yards and get slaughtered on the way or in the yard.
  14. I will preface my statement to come with I am all for adjusting the legal hunting times to 30 min. before and after sunrise/sunset for big game hunting. But, trying to compare big game hunting times to waterfowl or turkey hunting times really isn't a fair comparison. The big game hunting is done with a rifle/shotgun that has lethally implications for a long ways beyond the target at hand. While the waterfowl/turkey hunting is done with birdshot that looses lethal energy much faster. With that said, the daylight available needs to be good enough to make sure that another hunter is not w
  15. I am in the Cazenovia area that is southeast of Syracuse. We are a mini tug hill with much higher elevation than areas around us.
  16. And to your point that is exactly what the members of the snowmobile clubs do. they literally go door to door obtaining permission to cross the private property. In addition to that (prior to COVID) the clubs held banquets to thank the landowners for the use of said property. All this effort is completely unpaid volunteer work, so please don't insinuate that the majority of snowmobilers are renegades out there doing whatever they please wherever they please cause it's just not the case. And I'm not sitting here crying about anything, I'm just stating the fact that this new change directly
  17. WOW, I guess all the others are right, your pen name really does fit... I never said hunters don't contribute, and you throwing insults around about different groups really doesn't help your cause. What I'm saying is that the state created this issue about private land, I work many hours a year securing permission for trail use on private property and know all about it and the landowners ALWAYS do have the say... I think it's really interesting that you as a hunter have no problem with limiting someone else's enjoyment of the outdoors, but if another group was trying to do the same to y
  18. Wow what a novel idea, the people paying for it getting a say? Again, I don't think that's ever been the case in NY before... And you're right snowmobilers don't pay for anything, no tax on those 15K machines, $1200 suits, $500 helmets, who know how many gallons of gas (with the highway tax by the way, that isn't on the road). Not to mention the countless other cost to go out for the day, but you're right they don't contribute...
  19. And I probably own more acreage than most on here, so I totally agree that it is their choice, what I'm saying is the season is long enough, if anything it needs to be shortened. I guess I'm the rarity, I enjoy both hunting and snowmobiling, and feel the snowmobilers in this case are getting the shaft by the state doing this. What needs to be done to shoot more deer and increase quality is to introduce shorter split firearms seasons, but that will never happen cause New Yorkers are so shortsighted that they will bitch and complain until the cows come home about taking hunting days away.
  20. What I'm saying is that the majority of the trails are on private property, many of those landowners hunt. If the hunting season is open, than the trails are closed to not upset said landowners. Hence, no you can't ride the trails. What you have to understand is that a trail may cross 50 landowners from one end of the section to the other, if one landowner in that section is a hunter the section is closed until it's all over.
  21. The proposal effects riding on all existing trails in the southern zone, with the exception of the small minority of the trails on public land.
  22. I would bet all the local establishments around my place would beg to differ on that right about now... In reality, they could care less about hunters.
  23. Not true at all, the area of the southern zone I'm in there is enough snow most years to ride prior to the current season end dates. It is already an issue with people riding prior to that. In addition, there are about 10-15% of the trails on public land, and they are scattered all over in little pieces (unridable without the remainder of the trail system open). It's not MY fault that you can't seem to shoot enough deer in 2.5 months of the current seasons open... Also, if you were a serious hunter you would drive to the southern regions and long island to hunt this late season... You see
  24. What is so hard to understand about the landowner having the say as to when the trail opens on their land? The state has no say in it...
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