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    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    I won't be able to make it. 2004 Car needs a Ton of work. I have to keep it very Local to Work only so, I don't get stranded.

    Hypothetical Question.....

    Where is Dinsdale?

    Hypothetical Question.....

    I popped that video up. Check that out and add 30 more Hyenas and another 6 Male Lions to the 2 in the Video.

    Lion Takes On 20 Hyenas!-Lucky Ending!

    Here this is again in answer to -- Hypothetical Question in Chit- Chat.

    Hypothetical Question.....

    In that Video, I uploaded some time back in Chit- Chat-- 1 Male Lion was fighting over 20 Hyenas and tiring. 1 other trusted Male Lion finally heard and joined in-- sending over 20 Hyenas running. The commentator said that even with 20 Hyenas-- 2 Male Lions is too much to take on. That could be a starting point to figure out the above scenario by Author.
  6. This Push-Pull is one of my oldest calls from 1996. Sweet Wild Hen - handmade by Winky Hicks of Grove Hill Alabama . I might take this out once next May on the Pressured Birds in my area after watching that Toms quick response on the last day of the Season in the above interesting Video.
  7. Every time Rama Smith worked that Push- Pull Box- that Gobbler responded right away. That style of a call is not heard that much in the Turkey Woods.
  8. Check this Video out this Weekend. Most of us will be snowed in this Sunday. The Cameraman- Rama Smith is a True Master with the Push- Pull Box! For a Last Day of the Season hunt-- this Tom was Gobbling good! And on Public Land Dirt too. That Bird was Sooo close! I think the Hunter was seen though with no Facemask or camo gloves. 1st Turkey Video, I have seen where the Hunter has Blue Jeans on.
  9. I grew up with this series. James Arness was 6'7" and fit the role well.
  10. Hopefully no one. That is just one of several scenarios. I agree-- no ( Temp safe place) at my Place. I have heard a number of Breakroom Talks on this Subject and thought, I would pick some Brains here.
  11. Not much on the Internet for the following. Plenty of knowledgeable members who post in this section. SO-- ( For whatever reason) there is a Mass Evacuation from (Any) City to the Suburbs. Many are Illegal. Single Young Men, Large Family's, Small Family's,Couples,etc,etc. Temporary Safe Housing will be approved out to 100 miles from a City. YOUR HOUSE! Some large houses get the Large Family's. A small apartment gets the single ( Evac) Man. Small houses get 2- 3 uninvited Guests. This is supposed to last just 14 days. 14 days becomes 30 days. 30days become 60 days. All your food is being eaten up by your guests.Early Compassion turns to Anger. You would be surprised how many times, I have heard this subject brought up over the Decades. Your Thoughts.