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  1. Had a beautiful 8pt come by us at 70 yards then walk towards my son but only came to 47 yards. My fiancé is hooked. 7f Haa some action. We are back I'm the stand after a shirt break. She hated being out of the woods lol
  2. Beautiful morning in the woods. Sitting with my fiancé . Her first time hunting. Had a doe just come by at 70 yards. Temps are cooler then I thought.
  3. Looking for a double bow case. My fiancé is just getting into archery and was thinking a double case would be the way to go. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Mike
  4. Thanks everyone. I've learned over the years not to take a shot if I'm not comfortable in it. I've lost a huge deer doing this and will never do it again. My 12 year old was also able to get his first buck this year with a bow so I'm real happy with this year. I got word last niht the one I was after got shot, bummer but hey I can't complain.
  5. Well with 27 at night and 50's in the day my meat was ice cold all over, Hind quarters, front, loins the whole deer was cold. Had to stop a few times taking the cape off bc fingers got numb. With the hide on it and ice in it it stayed fine. I agree smell it. if it smells fine you're good.
  6. I put 20 lbs of ice in the cavity of mine and it sat 4 days. Meat was fine. The nights it got down to 27 every night. Ice never melted.
  7. Well I spent all bow season stalking this huge 8 point I saw. I only had 3 incounters with him. Had a broadside shot at 45 yards. I'm comfortable enough to take that shot so I let him walk. Hardest decision I have ever made in the field. Opening mornig of southern tier gun I was sitting in my monsy stand. No action at all until 7:42. I had a sweet buck walk in at 25 yards. I couldn't get him to stop so instead of taking that shot I waited. He finally gave me an 82 yard shot. My .270 did some work on him. Biggest buck to date for me. It isn't the one I was stalking but I sure am happy with it.
  8. So I came home Monday from work with a note on my front door that my wife took my boys and moved so I'm selling my Jayco pop up. I bought it just over a year ago from a dealer. They put brand new canvas on it. This is only a year old. It does have a screen room but it's not in the best shape but serves it's purpose. It's big inside. Non smoking family. We've slept 5 in it with no problems. Divorce forces sale. I love this camper but now need the money . It could use a new battery. Also needs new hand pump faucet for sink.Everything else works in it. $4,500 OBO Sold As is. Make me an offer worst I can do is say no. PM me for my cell or email [email protected]
  9. http://espn.go.com/mma/story/_/id/7373835/ufc-heavyweight-brock-lesnar-resolves-hunting-charges-canada Charges resolved. Onto the reem fight.
  10. bring on the ice fishing season, lol.
  11. "Right now, it looks like this was an accidental shooting," said Zimmerly. "That's the way you clean a muzzle loader. It is not looking like an intentional shooting." WTF? Wow. you don't shoot them into the air to clean them.
  12. and high school and college testing is harder then the ufc. I'm going through high school testing with my kid. He's 15 yr old, 6'4". he started out at 225lbs but is down to 207. Coaches think he's on the juice due to his size. He hasn't started hitting the weights. My rule is he can't til he turns 16. My point is just b/c someone looks juiced up doesn't mean they are.
  13. I guess Dec 30th we'll all see if Reem is overrated or if Brock is back.
  14. Overeem won't be on the juice. He fled the country to not be tested for this fight then waiting to take the test over in his home country which ended up being the wrong test. Brock is a natural beast. 7 fights only so yeah he isn't used to being hit in the face. Give him time.
  15. nothing will work without enforcement .
  16. just bought my 11 year old a .243 from Dick's sporting goods in Syracuse yesterday. No one locally or BP could beat the price. 2 of the 4 guys working the lodge know what they are talking about. I just wait until I see one of them to start buying, lol
  17. He's not former UFC star. He has a fight Dec 30th on PPV. Wonder if his hunting sponsors will drop him or say it's the guides fault. Either way I still like the guy as a fighter and hunter.
  18. nortons 360 just blocked an attack When I was reading this thread. I'm on firefox.
  19. I was reading this thread at work today on Internet Explorer and I got 26 warnings on my anti virus. It shut Internet Explorer down and my computer flipped out. Ran anti virus and it deleted the viruses. I'm on my home computer with firefox. Anyone figure out what is doing it?
  20. This hick does a carry in carry out policy as do a lot of the others I hang with. We also do the same on the ice when Ice fishing and camping etc.
  21. This is what I'm thinking. It doesn't matter how many laws, rules etc. If there is no one to enforce them what will stop people from breaking them. As it it right now I have yet to see a dec officer in about 10 years where i hunt so laws and rules are for what?
  22. the one guy was a volunteer firefighter. I work for a guy that knows him and his reaction was NO Fing way.
  23. I use Hornady SSTs 12ga. I love them. Cleanest shooting sabot out of my Ithaca. Awesome knock down power. 30 yards is the furthest a deer has run.
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