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  1. To my knowledge you have only been to the ADK's once? In a very well known area. Ask the folks who have hiked the High Peaks about trail conditions, some are easily seen, while others you can barely make out. One day in the Dacks does not make you an expert! Bill? Stop it! I don't think you have ever been in up state NY, much less the ADK's! I want the money spent in this state to cover QDMA for, big game, small game, water fowl, and better land management. Not just what I "prefer to hunt". I am not a selfish DB with an agenda. Again I say, stop looking at hunting just for you, think about the state as a whole and get your brain on track with that. Why? Because I don't' care about downstate because downstate doesn't care about me, and they voted Cuome in again! Suck it up cupcakes!
  2. I don't think I could shoot a Bobcat or a Lynx. I know they aren't good for the turkey population, but they sure are some damn pretty critters!
  3. Yes! You want to come on up this way and I can show you proof? Those lands Bill hunts are for the most part kept all but pristine. The old roads may need work, but come up this way and look at some of the state lands where trails look like deer runs and you will see the difference. Our Governor takes care of his voters, downstate and big cites, the rest of us can ride a razor blade banister.
  4. I tried, I just couldn't get thorough the 117+ replies on this one. I got miffed at people trying to get knee jerk reactions or troll the deer hunters. Cut that crap out! Deer hunters do more for this state then you realize! Let me break this down for you, the OP only hunts public lands that are maintained pretty damn well by DEC. I think he should come up north and have a look at how some of our public land is treated. Overgrown with under brush, the ponds and streams are ignored making fishing all but impossible in some areas, and on some areas, even the trails aren't maintained! So, yes, I think the cost of the pheasant release program is way to much money, you need to grow habitat to sustain good habitat for anything, that's the truth. I would love to see some of my old hunting areas more accessible, but instead we get all the money going into things like this and preserving downstate. I have a salute for people who don't care about where I hunt in upstate, it's a middle finger! You want support, then know WTF you are talking about and know how your selfish wants compare to the state over all! Have a nice day!
  5. Rob...

    I Duffed It!

    So, I get up this morning, head to one of my spots ( knowing it's mainly still under water, meaning a lot of ice, but one always has to try ), after not breaking my neck on the ice in some areas walking in before dawn, I take a seat until it gets light. Then I ease my way back out and head for home. I stop to get a coffee to warm up, and while getting the coffee I decide I'm not bailing on the day, and decide to hit another public spot to do some still hunting. Usual slow walk up the mountain, a few steps, look for a while, repeat. I get to the top, and start my slow circle around an open area doing the same, a few steps, look for a while, move. I get about half way around the open area, I look around for some time, and in this area, I always spend more time looking then walking, at least it seems like that to me. I decide to try and get a video clip of the area, I reach in my pocket for my phone and a Doe jumps and bolts from my left into the thick and nasty. I had no shot even if I dropped the phone. Also, I do not shoot at running deer! Period! I looked that area over very closely, I never saw her laying in the med brush, she didn't even twitch. So just remember folks, when still hunting, if you think it's OK to move, take a few more minutes and look closer!
  6. Wheres that pic of you hunting again? I have called BS on you and all the talkers on this site. You just don't like the noise I make. I was called out, and I did something about it! Keep playing, because not all of us hunt behind a fence! The only bullshit on this thread is from people talking shit while sitting on the couch! I'm out for now! I'ts getting late and I have a hunt planned for the morning! I plan to video that hunt whether I see a deer or kill a deer or not! But hey, at least some of us are actually hunting not just mouthing off. Best of luck to FSW and Storm in the morning!
  7. Pay attention son! The OP asked that question, not me! I gave my thoughts, you didn't like my reply, so you started a font war. I wouldn't expect anything less of you.
  8. Holy shit! Ton of members looking at this thread!
  9. Doesn't prove you do jack shit!
  10. YES! Grow a pair and stop being a sissy because you post on the political threads! I have posted anti Coumo, Pro gun, and I created a YouTube channel! I stand behind my convictions, and I'm not afraid for people to see my face. Go hide, thats what you do best!
  11. So lets hear yours? If you have the balls to stand up for this challenge!
  12. I know! I posted that! Pay attention or post some damn pics of you being in the woods! Or better yet, A video!
  13. LOL! Sorry to disappoint, I'm not on the Lolli-Pop licker plan. I don't give people credit for trying to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of hunting your area.