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  1. If You See This--- SHOOT NOW!

    Yardage? If I may ask. Never seen a turkey walk sideways. Got a vid Bill? Be a great addition to your You Tube channel.
  2. Everyone likes a good firefight in a movie ..

    Platoon and Full Metal Jacket hands down! I would also add the ending of the original Red Dawn.
  3. Beer

    Still really warm out. Sitting outside having a cold one. Seeing people gave TF's a hard time about taking pics of beer on his vehicle I decided to put my beer on the hood of mine. LOL. Sent from my SM-S327VL using Tapatalk
  4. It's the last weekend..

    First, it was a joke about the area, some of us roam when camping and hunting, not everyone hangs out in their own back yard!. You never venture up North, at least to my understanding!. 2nd, I guess you haven't been paying attention Bill. I haven't used a blind at all this season. In the couple days I got to hunt last season I never used a blind! Two years ago I didn't use a blind either, I didn't have one! This year I have not used a blind. I will put this as calmly as I can. I will not, ever, try to pull a run&gun turkey hunt on the public land I hunt! It's just not safe! You seem to be patronizing me. I'm OK with that! Bill, I hope you hammer that Tom you are chasing. Best of luck to you.
  5. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    I tapped out this morning around 9:30 AM. It was hot and my glasses kept sliding down my face under my face mask. I think that was my last outing. Again congrats to all who killed a bird this season.
  6. NRA Sues Cuomo

    It's still hogwash! I again inquire, what has the NRA done in the last ten years to stop the gun control nut jobs? Show me some results! You all keep preaching, but the evidence speaks for itself. This gets boring. You blame people who will not donate money organizations who in all honestly have become more about taking your cash ( and caving to political distress ), then delivering on the "cause". I'm done. Carry on. Have a nice day!
  7. It's the last weekend..

    Now that right there is funny as hell! I would make the drive out there just to see if Bill would try and hit up the corn fields just up the road on the other side. LOL! Bill, I recognized the area because I spend/have spent a lot of time in the Schoharie Valley ( not as much as the folks who live there though ). I knew/recognized the covered bridge from Lilly Park, I have a few pics from there on a weekend camping trip. I knew they didn't kill the bird there, but it is a pretty cool backdrop for a pic. You cannot hunt there, it's in the village limits of Schoharie.
  8. NRA Sues Cuomo

    Never did reply to my post. Guess you don't get it! Hmmmm........ Busy with what? You clearly aren't out hunting turkey, or so it appears. Perhaps to busy drinking the Kool Aid from from Info Wars? How is your compound looking? Clueless? Let me tell you who are clueless! Anyone who pays someone to do something you can do for yourself! You do NOTHING but pay someone else to get it done for you. You wanted to talk about people you don't respect, well here's people I don't respect, those who whine on a forum instead of actually doing anything. I despise people who put on a front, like "The Ride On Islambergh". A whole lotta 'tough talk' on the web. Then it fizzled like a faulty sparkler! That's not the only time people talked tuff about a pro Gun rally either. That big thing that was going down in Washington years back that never happened. I don't have enough fingers and toes to account for all the "Pro Gun" rallies or protests that never happened. You and a few other people on here are the truly clueless and are just little fish in a big pond. Ah, I call it like I see it. Birds of a feather is one thing. Fonts of the foil stick together. Still waiting for one of them to create a foil hat to sell on Amazon. _______________________________ I was bored, can't hunt in the morning, can't sleep, so decided to play "Whack A Fascist" who don't know they are fascist.
  9. It's a race........Beat The Spammer

    Upgrade TF to MOD access. He's on top of things around here often as a member. I would have suggested Biz, but then the SPAM would be porn related as I'm pretty sure he would abuse his power.
  10. It's the last weekend..

    I have Thursday & Friday to hunt. Weekends have been a no go most of the season, they are set aside to get things for wedding, this weekend even more so. For those who have ever decided to cater and design your own wedding, you know getting up at 4, hunting, then shopping with the future Mrs' will take more out of you in one day then a week of deer hunting all day. LOL! Depending on whether maybe a day or two next week. At least this season I actually saw a bird in the area I was set up in. That in itself is a triumph in my book for me.
  11. OK, I seriously am not trying to argue. I have seen full rifles in .308 in shops in the AR platform and they have AR15 on th the price tag. So, again I am not trying to argue, but are these mom & pop gun shops yanking my chain?
  12. Decoys,Position, And Placement-- Your Thoughts..

    People, please keep the advice coming! Busting my ass this season again, and as I said, always looking to get better results. Question... When a Tom or Jake ( if a Jake is in your kill library ) comes in quiet, do dekes make a difference?
  13. NRA Sues Cuomo

    That's a load of crap! That's the route the democrats take when things don't go their way! It's a cop out! The stats people get so caught up on are BS! Big money corporations and ALL the major cities are why Andy keeps getting voted in. You think that's not factual, look at the companies that back Andy, and look at the war on 2A! The NRA hasn't done Jack for most states as of late, not just NY. Once the bill or law is passed, they just collect your money and do nothing. When things hit the legislative mark, they don't do anything then either. I wish I could live in the fantasy world some live in, but I can't. It has been brought up about people doing nothing. Define "Nothing"! To me, paying someone to do what you should be doing means you are doing nothing! To piss and moan and not get rallies or protests going means you do nothing. Stop whining about the people who question who they pay to get a job done. The return line at Walmart starts over there! ---------------->
  14. Season recap

    Nice birds and awesome stories. Question, the pic of "Del's NY Bird" looks it was taken at the covered bridge near Lily Park just north of Schoharie on RT 30, or am I wrong?
  15. Decoys,Position, And Placement-- Your Thoughts..

    I'm not packing it in! I am always thinking and looking ahead on how to improve my hunts while sitting through the "luls". I'm just hoping more chime in about using decoys and how to place them.