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  1. The left don't have enough to "Impeach". But apparently all you do is read the web and follow an extreme "Alt Right" that is rising up. The Boston protesting went off with no violence. So why do you feel the need to have these 'protests' lead to violence?
  2. Just a tip. To get a grasp on shading and blending, use a pencil on paper. Lift the pencil from full pressure to no pressure on one stroke. This will make the pencil go from dark to light. Plenty of tutorials out there. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  3. That's pretty dang good for a first try. Looks like you even have some shading and different line weights. Awesome work! Never tried glass but gave wood burning a shot when I was younger. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  4. Make sure you are dialed in with FP's. Tightest groups you can get! Don't put the carriage in front of the horse. If you do decide to start shooting broad heads, shoot one at a time! Or your worry about "ruining" an arrow might come true. Nothing more heart-breaking then zipping the fletching off arrows trying to shoot broad-heads as a group.
  5. I have. I have always debated his stand on racism and questioned where he stood. I voted for Trump. I actually stand by that vote. But, you have a point I have been saying for a few months now. Our POTUS should be above the pettiness thrown at them. He needs to stop "Tweeting". I don't give a rats "tail" about "This is a new era, and I am a 'New Era' President.". The "Tweets" that got got him elected are now going to get him removed from office. I am not going to say sorry again! Our POTUS needs to be making decisions and not directing the rhetoric to social media.
  6. SSS, and don't ask don't tell. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  7. When I got into bow hunting I used Easton XX75's in 2117 and 2216. Now it's CE Wolverine Hunter 50/60's, same arrow in 55/75, and GT Expedition Hunter 55/75. 100gr fp and fixed 3 blade bh. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  8. Pretty cool pics. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  9. Some nice looking bucks Papist. Good luck dropping one of them this season. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  10. You can't deweoponize vehicles. This one's turning odd fast. Name of one suspect might be wrong. Neither suspect in custody is the driver say the police. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  11. Nice looking mount. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  12. So far, two arrests, person who attacked police dead by self inflicted wound. Hostage situation was debunked almost 2 hours ago. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  13. Poacher in a gorilla suit. They aren't all stupid ya know.