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  1. The future of deer hunting

    You people miss the point! The future of hunting AND the Second Amendment depends on you! They are tied together in case you don't get that! I have converted around 20 people who thought the AR style rifles were "EVIL", I have converted 10 people who used to think hunting was "Barbaric". I haven't convinced those people to go hunting yet, but I am doing my best! Most of you bitch and complain about the "Future" of hunting, but you don't do shit to preserve it! Get rallies going! Do something! They have anti-gun and anti-hunting rallies, so hunters and gun owners should do the same! Motto for deer hunting is "You can't kill a deer from your couch!". Well, you can't save or preserve deer hunting, or hunting in general, or the 2nd Amendment, from your couch either.
  2. The future of deer hunting

    You missed my point! The problem is too many will not hunt "Public" Land. If they loose a lease the give up if they don't have a "prime" area to hunt. Plenty of great public land to hunt, if you choose not to, or not to take your kids onto public land, that's on you. Not all public land is that bad. It comes down to values. Would you hunt public land if you loss your leas or stop hunting? Seriously, so the staff don't have to follow the rules about insulting people? The future of hunting is in our hands! Teaching, and following the laws. I have said over and over, the outdoors over all ( hunting, fishing, camping, hiking ) is being ruined by social media devices. Not just the youth, people/parents who used to hunt, fish, and camp don't do it anymore. They don't have the time. Nice try at calling me "Ignorant".
  3. The future of deer hunting

    Not another one of these threads! America is the land of lazy parents and even lazier kids more or less. Not most of the folks on this site, but take a look around. Yeah, some outdoors minded parents teach their kids how to fish, hunt, and camp, but those parents are growing thin. Technology is killing being outdoors! So is fast food! Camping ( real camping in a tent ) was on a downward trend, but it's picking up again. I am hopeful that hunting takes the same turn. If the only reason you hunt is for the antlers, good for you, hope you get a B&C every year! If you hunt just to put food in the freezer, then you know what hunting is supposed to be about. EDIT: FSW, the new user name doesn't fit. A "Real World Hunter" doesn't hunt inside a fence, and isn't afraid to hunt deep in unknown territory.
  4. Best MOVIE coach

    Rick Moranis in Little Giants.
  5. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Chill pills in isle 3, right next to the Tabasco! Just making a joke.
  6. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Who uses Franks in a Bloody Mary? It's Tabasco or nothing. A Bloody Mary isn't a chicken wing for crying out loud!
  7. What's for dinner tonight?

    Make the potatoes, when mashing add spices of your choosing. Saute an onion with a med dice. Mix the onion and potatoes and put in the fridge for now. Prep the dough. Mix the flour with some salt pepper and w/e other spices you prefer, mix well and knead to get a proper consistency. Set the dough aside. Melt some butter. Put out some parchment paper, wax paper, or tin foil as a last resort, spray it with EVO to keep the dough from sticking. Toss some flour on your prep surface. Roll out the dough, and use w/e you have to cut circles from the dough. I recommend something at least 6" for the cut. Make your holders. Set them on w/e paper you used. Get the potatoes from the fridge and start filling the dough, using the melted butter to seal the edge. Place back on the paper. Drop in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes, then set them on some new paper with new EVO. Once you have them all boiled, heat a pan to med heat with some EVO. Fry the pierogi to get a nice brown on both sides, usually about 2 minutes, and serve with w/e sauce you like.
  8. What's for dinner tonight?

    I started making my own pierogi about a year ago. The first time I made the dough, but used easy make mashed potatoes. Now, I will use leftover mashed potatoes I made and make the dough. The trick is to season the flour, and not just use basic mashed potatoes. You have to season the flour before making the dough with w/e spices you like, garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt and cracked black pepper work well. Season the potatoes as well. You have to boil them FIRST, and then fry them with some EVO. If anyone would a recipe for the ones most liked in my house let me know and I will post it. It's potato and onion.
  9. Let's talk Turkey........Feathers..

    You have some great folks near you to get it set up TF. I have learned more by reading posts by moog, Jeremy K, and a few others then hanging out in archery shops. Not even turkey season yet and I am looking forward to the bow target threads, and the bow hunting threads.
  10. Truth and Lies-- The Tonya Harding Story.

    Kind of sad that networks have to regurgitate this old news when there's so much else that needs discussing these days.
  11. I got out today for a bit after a DR. appointment. Warm temps really loosened up the snow, little skid down the mountain and banged the hip on a rock, but kept the rifle from getting hurt. I didn't get any game, but realized who I have to ask permission for turkey and deer hunting now off the state land border for this spot. I use small game hunting this time of year to learn, killing a tree rat just means I have lunch. Temps in my area are going to mid 50's tomorrow, then some nasty precipitation with temps going back into the 30's and low-mid 20's.
  12. Um, OK. Not sure what your mother has to do with things, but ........... I have nothing. Best of luck to you?
  13. I agree somewhat. I am not going into my thoughts on the Cuomo Act, been there done that. I do have a problem with this statement though: You might want to look up some stats before making such a bold assumption. Gang bangers kill for territory, and some kill just to kill ( Like MS13 ). It's not always about drugs.
  14. Been a very cold few weeks after deer season ended. Temps will get a lot more tolerable for small game hunting. Looking forward to getting out this week and hunting some tree rats with rabbit as a "Target Of Opportunity". Anyone else going to take advantage of the mild temps to get some small game in the freezer?
  15. Comfort foods

    Comfort foods... For cold weather...... Homemade mac & cheese, homemade chili with ground beef and spicy Italian sausage, homemade soups, and of course the less popular homemade pot-pie.