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  1. A second recommendation for Cummins Nursery. In addition to disease-resistant cultivars, pay attention to rootstock. Get on the phone with them and tell them about your soil - they'll have good recommendations. I have moved away from dwarf rootstocks, and now favor standard size ones as they grow out of the reach of deer. It makes my fencing work lighter.
  2. On the ground, Tyvek suit!
  3. Finally some snow here in 8X, nice stiff W breeze, it all made for very good still hunting conditions. Lots of careful glassing, but in the end a group of 6 does and fawns popped up on a little plateau I was working through. It was one of those "pick the biggest one/wait until they turn sideways/shoot" moment that lasts about a half second. Average size doe, she dropped right there and there doesn't seem to be any damaged meat, besides the heart.
  4. Only one day left for all the Chicken Littles to protect their guns from Obama. You can do it!
  5. College union leaders get a whopping...course release. On top of their generous 60k salary. The 1% is a distant mirage.
  6. Probably Nanday Parakeet, also called Black-headed parakeet. Pretty neat!
  7. Third boiling session yesterday, but first syrup draw (1.5 gallons). We're small potatoes, about a 100 taps. Sap at 2.5%.
  8. Good tips from thphtm. That's right, the small trees won't be empire.
  9. It should work, if the root system isn't damaged during transfer. Just know that if they are volunteer apple trees, you won't know what you're getting - they don't grow true to seed, and they might not be edible (deer might not care, though). Also, if they are sucker shoots, they will be coming from rootstock wood. Then they would likely be a crab apple variety.
  10. Kinda funny to read this thread right now - at least one of them was in my bedroom. It bombed through the window (double-pane!), sending glass flying 30 feet into the house. Supersonic grouse. It was tasty, at least.
  11. A few years back I found a relatively fresh carp in the middle of my woods, 6.5 miles from the nearest body of water. I've seen osprey carry a "lunch" when they're migrating (facing forward for aerodynamics!), so I blamed it on them.
  12. One last time: Detection of CWD Prions in Urine and Saliva of Deer by Transgenic Mouse Bioassay"The salient feature of chronic wasting disease is its facile transmission among its host species. Until recently, little was known regarding the mechanisms of this efficient transmissibility, however, we have previously demonstrated infectious prions in the saliva and blood of infected deer [6]. By using intracerebral inoculation of concentrated urine in cervid PrP transgenic mice, we report the presence of infectious prions in urine from CWD-infected cervids, and confirm the phenomenon of prionsialia in these animals. The identification of CWD prions in bodily fluids described in the current report could portend infectivity in secretions and excretions in other prion diseases."