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  1. coldwater

    Portland is a Sh*thole

    The pitiful vulnerability and fear hidden behind the racism is unmistakable.
  2. coldwater

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Finally some snow here in 8X, nice stiff W breeze, it all made for very good still hunting conditions. Lots of careful glassing, but in the end a group of 6 does and fawns popped up on a little plateau I was working through. It was one of those "pick the biggest one/wait until they turn sideways/shoot" moment that lasts about a half second. Average size doe, she dropped right there and there doesn't seem to be any damaged meat, besides the heart.
  3. coldwater

    Name that critter!!!

    Looks like a barred owl?
  4. A school that would make Roy Moore proud:
  5. That's right, MASSIVE! It's about f**king time lead is banned in national wildlife refuges.
  6. If you're gonna shoot, aim. From quoted article: a temporary ban on immigrants from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. San Bernardino killer: American, Pakistani parents Orlando: American, Afghan parents Tsarnaev brothers: from Kyrgyzstan Faisal Shazad: Pakistan Richard Reid: UK The dude in Fort Hood: Palestinian parents 9/11: Saudi, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt
  7. Only one day left for all the Chicken Littles to protect their guns from Obama. You can do it!
  8. College union leaders get a whopping...course release. On top of their generous 60k salary. The 1% is a distant mirage.
  9. coldwater

    The Frog Pond by the House

    Great idea! I should do that.
  10. Red-bellied snake. Looks like you guys had fun!
  11. coldwater

    Another raptor ID

    Probably Nanday Parakeet, also called Black-headed parakeet. Pretty neat!
  12. coldwater

    Sap Season

    Third boiling session yesterday, but first syrup draw (1.5 gallons). We're small potatoes, about a 100 taps. Sap at 2.5%.
  13. coldwater

    Apple trees

    Good tips from thphtm. That's right, the small trees won't be empire.
  14. coldwater

    Apple trees

    It should work, if the root system isn't damaged during transfer. Just know that if they are volunteer apple trees, you won't know what you're getting - they don't grow true to seed, and they might not be edible (deer might not care, though). Also, if they are sucker shoots, they will be coming from rootstock wood. Then they would likely be a crab apple variety.
  15. coldwater

    Where are the RUFFED GROUSE!!

    Kinda funny to read this thread right now - at least one of them was in my bedroom. It bombed through the window (double-pane!), sending glass flying 30 feet into the house. Supersonic grouse. It was tasty, at least.