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  1. Happy birthday! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 2004-5 when they signed Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran to join youngsters Jose Reyes and David Wright.
  3. He hit 102 his last start and regularly hits 100. He had the highest average FB last year. Jacob deGrom's velocity increase is unprecedented (mlb.com)
  4. Bingo. Or a centralized site that would search all the locations that offer shots. Sort of the "hotels.com" of vaccine shots.
  5. System is wacky. Like @diplomat019told me. One day I check, no appointments. Next day I check, appointments available. Check again, no more appointments. It's the Wheel of Fortune. Every time you check you're just spinning the wheel again.
  6. Burnjohn flew fpv drones. Don't know if he has a regular drone. WNYBuckhunter also flies a DJI. The video was shot with a FPV drone. They rely on an analog signal. They're also modular so if you crash, it's easier and cheaper to rebuild/replace parts. Regular drones rely on both WiFi and an internal GPS. Flying indoors with a regular drone is really hard because the drone is not as responsive and will most likely crash. I advise not doing it. FPV drones doesn't have the range that regular drones have and without the GPS, doesn't have the return to home feature.
  7. Works off of but not a modified DNA. mRNA is produced by RNA/DNA but isn't a modified DNA.
  8. Just make sure you get compensated and not get ripped off like Lacks.
  9. Pfizer and Moderna does not use DNA's at all. It uses mRNA which is basically a chemical "instruction manual" on how to deal with the virus.
  10. You do get a choice. Based on where you get the appointment at. They tell you what shot is given at a location so if you prefer one brand over the another, then don't make appointments for sites that are giving the shots you don't want.
  11. There is no centralized location to schedule shots which is really messed up. You have the state government site. Then you have the individual pharmacies. You have to contact them separately. I went through Walgreens for my parents. Had to check over 10 Walgreens till I found one for my mother. Then check a few more till I found one for my father. Wegman's I hear is also providing shots. You won't find their availability on the nys.gov site. You have to go to Wegman's site for their status. Same as Walgreens, CVS, or the local hospitals. None of them are working together on this. It's chaotic. Sorry I can't help much because almost all the resources I checked were specific to NYC. I hear the Johnson and Johnson one is only 70% effective in case that changes your mind.
  12. B4UFLY | Kittyhawk FYI: FAA created B4UFly app to show where you can legally fly and how to gain permission to fly in restricted areas. They did a terrible job. So they decided to outsource to a private company called KittyHawk to build a better app and website. Go you the site to see all the restrictions in the area that you want to fly. If you create an account on the app, you can request permission from the app and get authorized within seconds. Sample of KittyHawk's website app:
  13. @Steuben Jerry Congratulations. It's tons of fun and very addicting. Here's are some random stuff. Many you may already know so I apologize if I'm just repeating things. 1. Download UAV Forecast for you phone and check it before flights. I've had calm days and then have gust smack the crap out of my drone forcing me to emergency land. And the mini performs not as well in the wind because of it's small size. 2. The under 250 grams only means you don't have to register it. Still have to follow all the FAA rules. The 107 license is only if you plan to use your drone for commercial use (land/construction surveys, event photography, roof inspections, etc.) As a hobbyist, you don't need a license for any drone regardless of size. 3. I have not met a single drone pilot who has never broken a rule. I'm just saying... 4. I don't know if the mini 2 has downward sensors but if it does, make sure you disable them when flying over water at a low altitude. Reflections confuses the heck out of it and causes the drone to act all crazy. 5. The 400 feet AGL is not a solid limit. If you have a water tower that's 200 feet tall, the 400 feet AGL extends 400 feet out sideway from that tower and 400 feet above it so technically, to clear the water tower, you're legally allowed to fly 600 feet up when you're right over it. This is why you can over ride the 400 feet limit. 6. Never fly until you don't pick up at least 8 satellites. Drone tends to drift and not be as responsive if there's less. 8. If a predatory bird gets close and you can't land in time, fly straight up as fast as you can. This confuses them because no prey in the wild can do that. This will buy you some time to make it back. They may circle back again so you just keep doing it until your safe. I have not had a bird strike but I've had hawks circle my drone several times before. I always get the heck out of dodge when it happens. 9. Not sure about the mini but the signal comes out of the antenna from the flat side so to get the maximum range, you don't actually point the antenna directly at the drone but rather than point the side of it at the drone. Look into how the antenna in the mini is positioned. My controller, the antenna is on the exterior so you can see which direction it's pointing at. Feel free to ask me anymore questions if you want.
  14. Thanks. After several days of looking was able to get them their shots this morning. Just commenting on how disorganized their site is.
  15. I see. Yesterday Potsdam was the only one listed as having availability but today there's a few but none near NYC. Same thing when I signed up my mom. Walgreens site showed 17 available slots when I signed up my mom. By the time I registered my dad and tried to sign him up, it said no more available time slots. I was eventually able to get him one on few blocks west. Both got their this morning. Mom came out like a champ. My old man got the sore arm. Everyone tells me though that if you do get the fever side effect, it is always on the 2nd shot and not the 1st.
  16. They're making it impossible to find the vaccine. My parents thought they could just show up to their doctor and get the shot off of misinformation. I thought they had already been schedule. Turns out they weren't. I spent the last few days trying to get them scheduled. Every state site is fully booked till mid April. Only availability was at Potsdam, NY. Only a 460 mile drive. I tried local hospitals as well. Finally, I was able to get them booked at a Walgreens by not going to any government site but rather Walgreen's own site. Initially I tried Rite Aid but they were all booked within 50 miles also. Was able to schedule them for tomorrow (today) morning but at separate locations due to availability. So I'll drive my mom to mid-town east, get hers done, then haul ass cross town to the west side to get my dad's done an hour later.
  17. Wife got hers on Friday. She went a few times and saw the long lines and turned back around. She was initially lackadaisical about it because he works from home and doesn't see anyone. After a while, work insisted that she got it because they said you never know when they might ask her to do something so she went. Arm is sore and heavy the last two days. No other side effects.
  18. re-usable metal drinking straws?
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