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  1. Where did you get the 99.9998% from? As far as efficacy, it's 95% from getting serious symptoms but 100% prevention thus far for hospitalizations and deaths.
  2. Emirates is one of my faves. Used them for a round trip to Milan. Cathay Pacific is my other fave.
  3. When two of my son's classmates tested positive, we went to CityMD to get the rapid test for free. Picked them because we found one with the shortest line. Got results an hour later. I also thought the rapid test wasn't accurate. They told me it was the throat swab that wasn't accurate and that the nasal swab was. Either way, we figured 3 of us (wife, son, and I) the odds of it missing the mark 3 times were low.
  4. Baseball focused on cracking down on the sticky stuff this year. Really interesting on what's going to happen now to some of these players. Eyes on Cole and Bauer. It's worth noting that Bauer got rocked his last few spring training outings.
  5. #1. Those at risk and should stay home and let the healthy people go about their business. This is keeps the virus around as it's being passed back and forth like a hot potato. This is how variants mutate. #2. Cases rise despite vaccine roll out. This is because vaccine has been rolled out. Restrictions has been relaxed and people immediately throw caution to the wind like there's no tomorrow.
  6. Company is asking you to do something. You either do it or you find another job. Same. They're not asking you to do something that the government at the moment deems illegal (sexual harassments, felony activity, etc.)
  7. Many years ago, I worked for a company that moved it's operations to Washington DC. I was forced to make a decision. Either I change my life and moved to DC or I leave the company and stay in NY. They forced me to make a decision. I'm suing.
  8. Dude that sucks! Sorry to hear.
  9. Elmo


    Welcome aboard.
  10. Had a little butt pucker of a moment this Saturday. Was flying around, everything is fine and all of a sudden my controller lost connection with the drone, while this has happened to me before when I stretch it to it's limits or fly around where there is interference or obstructions. During those times, it'll re-establish connection very quickly. This time, I had good signal, connection just dropped, and wouldn't not reconnect. It completely dropped the link as if it's a brand new controller or drone that's never been connected before. Fortunately, I had established a home point prior to flying (perfect lesson and reminder here). I had to sit around for 20 minutes or so for the battery to run out. Once the battery went low, the drone returned back to it's home point and landed. I went home, popped in a fresh battery, and it came up connected as if nothing happened. 119 flights under my belt and that was the first time something like that happened. After reading up on it, it has happened to some people. Their advise to to completely power down the controller and power it back up again to re-establish connection which I inadvertently did with I packed up, went home, and checked it at home.
  11. Sounds like the guy was a top notch a hole. Generally I stay away from people too. Whole point of drones is to take pictures/videos from angles your normal camera can't get to. If it's near a person it means you could have gotten there physically yourself. FYI...technically it is illegal to fly a drone directly above a person but they key word is "directly" so that if it falls out of the sky, it doesn't land on anyone's head.
  12. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  13. They had to shut down my kids school 3 separate times this school year due to multiple positive cases. My kids class got shut down once because his teacher had to quarantine due to contact tracing. Now on Thursday, one of the kids in his class tested positive. His class is remote for the next 2 weeks.
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