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  1. My liberal friends think I'm conservative because I'm always countering them. My conservative friends think I'm a liberal because I'm always countering them. In my opinion, only listening to people who agree with you only enhances your belief good or bad. Listening to counter points with an open mind helps you grow. That's why I play the devil's advocate a lot. That's why I mean by I do this with both sides of the fence.
  2. Because the article posted, the person stated that he is basing it purely on the fact that there was a small outbreak in 1917 that they couldn't identify and that the mortality rate is lower in China. The news report was a small outbreak in the US that they couldn't identify and guess what? Which country has a low mortality rate? I'm just saying if one is a theory, why can't the other also be? Assisted living residents don't generally travel around much. PS: The CDC/American Red Cross report by the way, is not a theory.
  3. And not upset at all. Just find it funny that people are always hammering news and articles as being fake new but the moment it fits their narrative then it has to be real. And by the way...I do this to both sides of the fence.
  4. That's based on a small unidentified outbreak a year before the Spanish flu hit and the fact that China had a lower mortality rate when they got hit. And yes, they didn't get hit until the 2nd wave. But in the theory of "if there's smoke, there's fire" then what do you make of this news story? 2 assisted living homes hit with a "strange respiratory illness" that was fatal to the old and physically compromised and within 7km of a US military base? This was in July of 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM-gzm_sOM0&fbclid=IwAR3FyEM0xmGOXhiVDi6sG2j7X0t_nzFGbHItScg8R28rtxtvOEYvaNRrHSc
  5. Patient zero in the US did come back from Wuhan but it was contained. Patient zero in the East Coast came from Europe via Israel and made a pit stop in Miami. That one spread like wildfire.
  6. Wow. SARS originated in Guangdong, China. The 1st wave of the Spanish flu never even reach China. And the black plague? Seriously? I also heard the snake that told Eve to eat the apple also came from Wuhan.
  7. Wife eats a lot more than me as she substitute meat for them. Eggs and avocado makes up most of her protein. She'll have a steak, fish, or chicken maybe twice per week. I, myself average about 10 to a dozen per week.
  8. COVID19 was already in the US well before then. Study of blood donations collected by the American Red Cross during December 2019 and January 2020 already contained COVID19 anti-bodies. Based on time lines that the earliest it takes for someone to contract COVID19, recover, and then develop the anti-bodies means the latest coronavirus could have been in the US was early December 2019. Odds are, it was here earlier than that. Serologic testing of U.S. blood donations to identify SARS-CoV-2-reactive antibodies: December 2019-January 2020 | Clinical Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic (oup.com) This is a summary. Click on the PDF for the actual scientific report.
  9. You should check where H1N1 came from. 2009 H1N1 Pandemic (H1N1pdm09 virus) | Pandemic Influenza (Flu) | CDC
  10. This isn't true. It's not accurate at all. Doctor had to check me several times and still couldn't get a good reading. He is at least helpful though. Even gave me his personal number and home address and told me to go by Friday night for a more thorough testing.
  11. I have the ninja as well.
  12. He's not opting out. That's why the Rockies were willing to send $50 million along with him. Otherwise they could have made life hard for him and let him opt out at the end of the year and just pay the 1 year at $33 (million). If Mookie Betts is only getting $30 per year, Arenado is not going to find anyone willing to spend $33 per year for a 30-31 year old.
  13. I know...after a closer look, turns out not hot at all. News10 Albany by the way.
  14. Yes, with all races. Happens a lot still. A lot less than back in the day for sure but still happens a lot. They also tend to cover it up more because everyone is aware now that it might not be PC. In the beginning when I eventually married out of my own race, even my own mother not very accepting of it and would ask me to reconsider behind closed doors but publicly she embraced her.
  15. Explains why I keep getting lost.
  16. Nomad, I'm not saying you're a racist and having read many of your comments over the years I am pretty sure you're not a racist. I just wanted to point this out to those that might need to hear it. Being associated with does not mean you view other race and ethnicities equally. A. Daughter comes home and says "Dad, this is my best friend, Tyrone." B. Daughter comes home and says "Dad, this is my fiancé, Tyrone." There are some people who would be proud of if their daughters said A and would flip out if their daughters said B.
  17. Those who got in late and didn’t sell off in time before they being locked out are pretty screwed now I guess? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Smidgens. Was up a grand but now at $700. Better than losing.
  19. "Sir someone is manipulating the stocks and stealing everyone's money." Government - "So? That's normal." "And it's the people, not large corporations." Government - "WHAT!?! We need to shut this down!"
  20. I read that they don't want to give your shots to someone else is because they had enough people who turned down the shot only to take it a couple of weeks later. They were hesitant but once they saw their colleagues take it with no major side-effects they felt more comfortable. This ended up causing a shortage of the second dose since they gave the shot to someone not on the list. They thought they could just ask for more for the second dose but found out that there's a shortage and they weren't able to get enough 2nd dose to cover. Now, those who took the 1st dose but didn't get the 2nd dose basically wasted it and has to start over.
  21. Kinessa Johnson: US army veteran hunts poachers in Africa | The Independent | The Independent
  22. $96 to $144 to $61 in 3 hours. Crazy!
  23. I have 3 and I already know what the next 3 is going to look like but don't know if I want to spend the that kind of money right now. Not that I can't afford it but I have other things I want more. Wife just got her first last month. Spend $500+ on a couple of lines the size of a nickel.
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