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  1. best scene and sound track Bedazzled 2000 - YouTube
  2. What are you talking about? You post on the internet. That automatically makes you an expert.
  3. Even if those vaccinated can pass the virus, it greatly reduces the impact. If you are not vaccinated, get the virus but is asymptomatic, you walk around for 2-3 weeks spreading it. If you have the vaccine, your body fights off the virus after a few days so you're only walking around spreading it during those few days as oppose to several weeks.
  4. You guys think small by picking one spot. I'd probably still have a place in NY but I'd probably be here only 20% of the time. I'd have property in several states and countries. It'll be a game of "Where's Elmo Now"?
  5. You get a lawyer and create a LLC. Have it collect to the LLC.
  6. I have the roomba. Once in a while we'll turn it on when we leave the house. Every once in a while we come back to find it stuck somewhere because I'd leave a USB cable on the floor or something and it gets tangled on the roller.
  7. Back then people thought it was going to spread after Colorado and Cali did it but it didn't. This time it looks like Biden will.
  8. Elmo


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  9. I think you and Bionic would be disappointed to know that the state of Maine cost a lot more than the current Megamillion.
  10. Wife has the option of taking it. She also can pass on it since she works remotely. She has been back and forth about it. We spoke about it on Wednesday as a matter of fact. But after numerous friends of ours, family, and her colleagues have all taken it (including some who has already taken the 2nd dose) without any issues at all, she plans on taking it. Also she asked many of the doctors who she knows and works with there. All are in favor of taking it and have given it to their families as well. They told her that they researched it and found the science to be very sound which is why they are confident in taking it. These are doctors that she's known for up to 17 years. A few were even at our wedding. This isn't based on news or social media which we can all agree isn't 100% truthful. This is based on the media reports and journals within the medical community. We may not trust the news but if you can't trust the medical reports then we might as well not trust anything. There hasn't been a single reported incidence at her hospital so far. She signed off on it yesterday. She's going in next week for testing then her shots.
  11. It would be odd that someone would end up in the ICU only 3 days after infection. COVID usually takes longer. Maybe there was something wrong with those particular vials. I know Pfizer needs to be store in a ridiculously low temperature otherwise it goes bad. That means distribution center, transport, and local on-site storage has to have the equipment to properly store the vaccine. It's why I prefer Moderna's instead.
  12. Oh man. I am truly sorry about your loss. When you first mentioned it, I really hope and thought she was going to make it. We really lost a champion. A warrior. And heaven gained a great one. My condolences to you and your children.
  13. There will probably never going to be any other illegal substance being legalized in our lifetime. Once the cannibus ship sails, it's over. I think anyone you pick will profit. Question is picking the best one.
  14. APHA is on the cusp of a major merger. Once approved, the two companies will form the biggest cannibus company in the world. But they're having trouble with the merger approval. If it fails, the stock can tank some. It's recent climb is in anticipation of this merger.
  15. I was in Nikola then their founder went coo-coo and I sold for a lose. I went back in but wanted to buy into FCEL so I sold Nikola again but this time for a small profit. The very next day, Nikola jumps up 20%. Go figure. FCEL also jumped up so I can't complain but it didn't go up by 20%.
  16. I bet heavily on travel returning and the EV market so I had a good day all around. Also got in on APHA on your recommendation. Late (at $7.90) but better than never so I owe you at least two beers next time you're down here.
  17. Eagles players had to be restrained from confronting Doug Pederson (nypost.com)
  18. Honestly, I rather get the 11th pick then get a chance to get trounced by Tom Brady and get the 19th pick. Nobody in the NFC Least is going to be able to matchup with anyone else in the playoffs. Heck, I was hoping they lose to the Cowboys. But I would never want my team or any other team to roll over and play dead. Even when tanking, you want to put in your youth and want them try their best even if it means losing. What the Eagles did was spineless because you have your QB of the future in Jalen Hurts down by 3 in crunch time. Perfect learning opportunity there and they forgo that just to stick it to the Giants and move up 2 spots in the draft. Even current and former Eagles players denounced the move. I'd love it if the Eagles quit on Pederson next year during a Giants game and Giants whoop them good. For now...I'm hoping for the Giants to draft either Micah Parson, Gregory Rousseou, or Twity Paye at 11th.
  19. Human body can go 3-5 days without water and up to 2 weeks without food but 12 hours without coffee? You better pray for the bears and coyotes I don't turn feral on them.
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