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  2. I miss wooly. Also the guy who use to take a lot of close-ups of birds. Forgot his name. I use to love looking at his pictures (and wooly's too).
  3. Sorry to hear. My condolences.
  4. This is my favorite bird. Especially when they're in a pair. Don't ask me why. Parus major - Birds of the World
  5. My condolences, Cynthia. So sorry to hear.
  6. Glad your daughter is getting better.
  7. Back in the day whenever they ran commercials and say "4 out of 5 dentist recommend..." and always wonder "why is there always this one doctor or dentist and who the heck is he/she?" Well, now with the power of the internet, you can always find that 5th doctor.
  8. This vaccine is not as rushed as some people make it seem to be. It's been in the works for a decade. It simply lost funding and stopped. Now with this massive influx of funding, they didn't have to start from scratch. They simply picked up where they left off and modified it to this new variant. Years of research laid groundwork for speedy COVID-19 vaccines | PBS NewsHour
  9. Sorry to hear. Hope Max gets well soon.
  10. Born in Westchester but moved to the Bronx when her mom split from her dad. She keeps her apartment in the "hood" and tells people she's still stays in the hood but IIRC, she owns a lavish townhouse in DC where she spends 99% of her time.
  11. Don't you know it's only pride when it's Americans waving the American flag? Any other country that displays their flag proudly is call propaganda. How would anyone love the only country they've ever known when they clearly know their country can only be at most 2nd best?
  12. Elmo


    A friend of mine had her cousin go missing for a while too. Turns out she was pregnant and was afraid to tell her parents so she "ran away" for a few days. Never gave me the details of how she was found or if she came back or whatever and I don't care to ask. They were obviously embarrassed about it.
  13. When I talk to sports fans they complain about their teams. They blast the owners, they blast the decisions their teams make, etc. Whenever you ask them "why don't you root for a different team" they will always respond with "Never! I grew up a Bills (or who ever) fan. Been a fan all my life. Will never switch!" Funny because whenever someone criticize the country the first response is always "If you don't like it then just leave." They make it sound they believe allegiance to sports team is greater than allegiance to a country. You can pledge your full allegiance to the US and still criticize it for making bad decisions. To me, a country is almost like family. I bitch constantly at my big bro for being lazy and smoking all the time but it'll be pretty absurd for anyone to tell me to ditch my brother. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Also do a map of where she spends most of her time and where she claims she lives.
  15. That Dodger deal is ridiculous. $40 million in year one, $45 million in year two. Then he's opting out and cashing in again. The 3rd year at $17 is only written in there to bring the average annual salary down because for the luxury tax penalty purposes, they count the average and not individual year. $45 million for one year blows away the next closest guy by $9 million. Crazy.
  16. Yeah, I bought DraftKings at just under $30 back in May and sold them when they hit $40 in June. Unfortunately, months later they made a deal with ESPN and skyrocketed some more.
  17. Cannibus companies is burning up right now. Pun intended.
  18. Elmo


    Hoping for the best.
  19. Woah! That bad boy is twice the width of your head. It's got to be at least 14"!
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