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  1. If they just delivered a new fridge to you , how could the truck be too full to take the old one ?
  2. I only own one old rusty gun that probably doesn't even fire and like 3 rounds of ammo. Nothing To See Here
  3. I have had very good luck with the American Whitetail 139 gr. Both at the range and in the field. I am very impressed with the devastating effect they have on deer .
  4. I hope you have better luck at that Double Tree than we did . Nice place but it was party central at night. We moved rooms at midnight because of a ongoing fight in the next room , only to deal with the same thing at 4AM on another floor. Didn't get much sleep and made for a long ride home.
  5. I was there a few weeks ago . We went to the Southern Tier Brewing Co for dinner and got one of the best meals we have had out in years . Pretty good beer as well
  6. I lost a few guns the same way , coincidentally enough it was right after the Safe Act .
  7. If Momma Cass had shared her sandwich with Karen Carpenter they might both still be alive.
  8. What about recurve crossbows?
  9. My phone will only read cards if every other app is closed. Otherwise it won’t even recognize that the card reader is plugged in.
  10. Here’s my GSD, his name is Bear but he answers to Killer to. He is a 100 lb goof ball now. Such a lovable dog.
  11. I don’t doubt that but the way GM treated me then is the reason they lost my business and will never get it again.
  12. I was one of those GM owners with MANY mechanical issues starting at 30 K that the factory considered maintenance issues. NEVER AGAIN. I have been a Toyota guy since ‘02
  13. You can’t go wrong with Toyota. Just drive them and put on new tires every couple of years.
  14. Thanks to everyone for all the great insight. Do you have any problems with copper fouling ? Do you use anything different for cleaning or different cleaning methods With the copper bullets ?
  15. Thanks , have you used your 708 on elk with the TTSX ?
  16. I am looking to make the switch to lead free next season . I have done a lot or research and am down to these two choices . I would like to hear from any of you with REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE on deer , elk or moose using either bullet . I am looking for recent experiences , in the last 4-5 years , as I know they have come a long ways recently. Thank you for any insight you may have . I plan to use these in both 7mm-08 and 30:06 .
  17. I went to Utah , I shot an elk , I filled a freezer
  18. Village rental in speculator will hook you up.
  19. Checked my cams this morning and had this fisher.
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