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Bob Lonsberry Column Today


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Just curious if anyone saw Bob Lonsberry's column today?  It is no longer available for viewing on his website. 

A couple times a year I look him up and unfortunately today I did.  For probably close to 30 years I've enjoyed his show and used to listen all the time when I was on the road around Buffalo as my Chevy van had great AM radio reception.  A work associate of mine back in the day was his next door neighbor IIRC.  Also, during all my traveling to Ontario County for hunting over the years I'd tune in to WHAM when I knew he'd be on.  He's certainly lead a complicated life and it sounds as though it's taken a dark turn.   I'm going to say a prayer for him.....

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8 minutes ago, johnplav said:

Yea I was surprised to read that yesterday… didn’t realize he had that tough of an upbringing.  I can see how it would lead to mental health issues.  Hope he gets the help he needs. 

Damn, I couldn't find the article when I just checked 20 minutes ago.  Thanks for the link......

I've heard him talk of his mom before and some of his old family memories, very sad.

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He was talking about it on his show on WSYR.  I haven’t read the column yet, but he was a bit vague on some things other than he said it was affecting his personal life and family.  

I enjoy his show somewhat.  There’s times he gets a little preachy for me, but I wish him the best regardless.

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I’ve known Bob, for a 20 years or so.  I’ve been on the show a number of times ,including a 20 some minute interview. I have his cell number , know where his house is and so on . 

The “ king “ is an pussy  that’s for sure,that’s why he didn’t use his real name on Twitter like I do . Bob ,well he lets the little head lead , like most  guys do . Only the rest of you aren’t in the spotlight with many looking to take you down . 

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There's more to the story...  2 recent blogs by this guy paint a less than rosy picture of Lonsberry.
Blog author is opinionated about Rochester media.

Wow! I couldn’t stop reading the “Kings” blog! LOL The dude seems to know the dirt on the media in Rochester! I got a kick out of reading his stuff! Does anyone know who he is?

I’ve heard them mention the “King” on various shows, but never knew who they were referring to.

Thanks for posting the link! I’ll be checking for updates!

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