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  1. A few more details: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/who-can-claim-property-based-adverse-possession-new-york.html
  2. Gotta love that Turnbull bone charcoal finish...
  3. Outdated story - The sponsor of the "purple paint" bill, Senator Seward served from January 2003 - December 2020. The bill, however, is currently sitting in Senate committee. https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2023/A3661
  4. Been a member here since 2011. Post from time to time when I feel like contributing. Joined "the other site" back when it first started - post from time to time there as well. Member of a few other sites related to hunting / fishing / outdoor activities. This thread is the best read I've seen in a while on any of them.
  5. Got this guy this afternoon - Was walking a laneway and he stuck his head up 10 yards away under an apple tree. Walked past and set-up 50 yards away looking over a burrow hole that I've been watching. 10 minutes wait..
  6. Ruger Percision Rimfire in .17 HMR I got last year. Finally got to put some time in this AM. This guy was 145 yards out.
  7. Actually, did something similar several years ago - Local gas station had issues and I ended up with 25 gallons in my truck with water-laden gasoline. The mechanic I took it to drained the tank and didn't want to deal with bad gas, so he filled up my 5-gallon gas cans with it. Brought it home and I would fill a 1-gallon glass pickle jar, let it settle, then pour-off the good gasoline. Took a while, but I was able to recover most of the gasoline. Gave it an extra dose of dry gas and ran it without an issue. All the pouring was done outside away from the pole barn - no friends wanted to partake in my adventure....
  8. Save money - make your own ethanal free gasoline.... Used this method before to 'clean-up' contaminated gas, but never in large quantities...
  9. Took a few years off hunting them to let the population grow back. Currently watching and stalking 5 active dens with a .17 HMR at 175-200 yards for long range practice. These 2 were from a den under a pole barn, so they got the .22 treatment.
  10. Interesting video regarding purchasing non-ethanol fuel in small quantities... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQZK-hcl5M4&ab_channel=Chickanic
  11. I've propagated Black berries by tip layering. Once a shoot has rooted and established, you can dig it up and relocate it. I have a few patches around that yard and garden that I established from wild stock growing in hedgerows this way.
  12. Potential uses: Wood chuck / prairie dog / predator hunting where you carry into a location and then sit (weather dependent) Transporting wares to a range. If no shooting bench or chair to sit on, you've got something. Be "that guy" who's always got goofy-ass toys.
  13. A survivor of that era... Can count at least a handful of deer taken from her.
  14. I can remember when the LGS would always throw in a box of ammo with your gun purchase. I also remember when looking at handguns (or any gun for that matter), the guy behind the counter would give you 3 rounds and point you in the direction of either the indoor range (if available) or the outdoor range.
  15. Does it make me a bad person that I have these bouncing around my collection? (late 80's - early 90's)
  16. About 10 years ago, my wife backed her car into mine while in our driveway. Insurance company charged us the $500 deductible times 2 (Once for each vehicle). I called BS and told them that I would cancel the claim and file a claim through homeowners' insurance instead. (Same company) They said it would be insurance fraud, so no go. Total damage was around $3500 on both vehicles. A few weeks later we had a glass claim, and then a month later a car-deer accident. Insurance provider said we were too high a risk and dropped up. My agent shopped around and got us same coverage for vehicles & homeowners at a lower annual rate. Best part is that it was through the same provider that dropped up due to high risk....
  17. I've been doing a bunch of research on DIY solar set-ups. Thinking I'm going to try that battery (or any one with BMS) with a 5- or 10-watt solar panel to keep it charged. With the solar panel in the mix, a voltage regulator on the output side is needed to keep from frying the camera.
  18. There are other grassroot attempts to separate NYC's power apart from the rest of the state. Here's another website https://www.divideny.org/
  19. Thoughts on this growth? Body lines and coat looks pretty heathy, so not sure if it's slowing him down at all. Sorry for the low-resolution, having issues downloading the high-res photos.
  20. Spypoint cell cams offer 100 free photos per month. Unlimited plan is $10-15 per month depending on if you pay monthly or 1 annual payment. https://www.spypoint.com/en/spypoint-experience/plans
  21. A gun-owning Lawyer breaks down NY's actions and explains why the stragety won't work. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
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