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Carpet moths


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Over the past year I've noticed these yellow fly like bug around my house/ trophy room. Last week i was moving around some mounts and as i grabbed my fox mount a huge chunk of hair came out/ a few of those flies came out simultaneously. Ive come to find out they're called carpet moths and attack the mount at the root and basically slowly take over full trophy rooms destroying them. 


any one ever have any success eradicating these moths/ how to prevent them from coming back

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Unfortunately I have run into this problem. They destroyed one of my deer mounts. Luckily for me it was my smallest buck that I only mounted because I needed the practice (I've been doing taxidermy for a few years now). This product worked for me. By the time I noticed it the first mount was beyond fixing but I treated all of my other mounts and so far so good. If anything happened to my moose I would have been devastated! That was last summer so I think I'm in the clear. My wife and I took all the mounts outside, sprayed them, wrapped them in garbage bags and left them in for a few hours I think, then unwrapped and left outside for a few more hours to dry. I believe you can do it while keeping them inside but it will take a long time to get the smell of that stuff to dissipate. It's not that bad of a smell but it's not something you want to be breathing in if you can help it. Just follow the directions and you should be good. Hope this helps

Was supposed to rain that day so I set up my canopy

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In the old days, we had fewer things and they were cleaned and stored with mothballs, then brought out in the sun to air out in the spring. Now we just buy too much stuff and shove it in a dark closet. Ground zero for moths.

I had clothes moths in my apt. It was like the death of a thousand cuts. Pick up a sweater and find some holes. Wool carpets had tracks where larvae ate. They ate through my wool base layers that were wrapped in a sealed bag.

Finally, I had enough and called in an exterminator.

Take every item of clothing you have and run it through a dryer for 30 minutes then seal in a contractor bag. Dry clean others stuff and don't bring it back until the chemicals have been sprayed.

Remove everything from your closets and pull furniture to the center of the room.

Exterminators come on for three hours and spray every crevice. (While the eggs and larvae are in the sweet wool or fur, the adults live in tight crevices like baseboards and wall outlets.)

Come back in four hours and wipe down every surface of your house. There's a white powder on everything.

Put clothes back. 



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