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2010 Deer Harvest Thread - Post your Pics and Success Stories!


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Shot this little buck with the bow on Oct 23rd.

Shot a doe opening day of gun season, and let a nice little 6 pt walk by at 20 yards.

I wish I knew what happened to all the really nice bucks that were out of bow range during archery season.... :-X


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Yesterday was a great day!!!!  It all started out when I woke up at 5am with a fever and sore throat.  I called my dad to tell him I wouldn't be out for the morning but would try to make it for the afternoon.  I made to our hunting area at about 1 30pm.  It took all the energy I had just to drive a half hour and get in a stand.  My dad hadn't seen anything all morning but with a little bit of snow he could see some fresh track and had a feeling a few came through at night. I think my dad felt bad for me because I came out still feeling pretty sick.  He decided to put on a slow push of one section of pines mixed with goldenrod.  The area is probably about 50 yards wide and about 250ish yards long with a stand at the end of it.  My dad made it about 50 yards through the area and a buck came running out right in front of me and stopped at about 50 yards out.  I had a decent shot but the goldenrod was so thick it was tough to tell where I was even aiming.  He went about another 10 or 15 yards and stopped again.  I pulled the trigger when he was about 40 yards out.  I knew I hit him but felt like the shot might have been a little to far back.  My dad came out of the area he was pushing and came up to my stand.  We waited about 30 minutes to look for the first blood.  When we came up to it we realized it was a good shot.  The blood trail was about a foot wide.  We followed it for about 30 yards and there lay my very non typical 5 pointer.  Now lets go back to the opening day of bow season where my buddy shot what he thought was a 4 pointer right at last light.  We never found blood that night and went back the next day.  That next morning we found blood that only went about 10 yards and we found the arrow with the broadhead broken off.  The arrow had no blood on it.  We searched everywhere and found no more blood.  We figured it was a shoulder shot and that with any luck the deer didn't die and we would get another crack at him later in the year.  Well sure enough this deer had a rage broadhead right in the front shoulder where we though my buddy had hit him.  Pretty sure it is the same deer because I don't know of anyone around us that bow hunts and my buddy does shoot rage broadheads.  This deer has awesome characteristics with his rack that makes it a cool deer.  But it was also nice to take him out because who knows what would have happened to him this winter.  We lost the whole front right shoulder though.  That thing was nasty and had the worst smell you could ever imagine.  O well though it is still a great deer IMO.  On the shot I blew apart one lung and nicked the other so the shot wasn't to bad after all.  And after all this typing I can't figure out how to load a picture >:( .  Any help would be great LOL.  The picture keeps coming out blank when I load it up. 

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Use the attachments feature below the type box on the reply page. Click on browse which will open up a pop up to slect an image from your computer.

If you need more pictures click on "more attachments" below that.

Or your could use insert photo first on the left above the smiles or  the hyperlink button (globe with a sheet of paper - second from the left above smiles).

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