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  1. Nice pics!! That one has some good hooks on him!
  2. TH41


    B-mobil and she mobil here. Not bad ,I just hate luggin anything extra. Brought some nice birds into the gun last year.
  3. More snow!!Puttin a crimp on the strutters style. They were gobblin good friday and saturday morning behind the house.
  4. Nice bird! Those hooks always work!
  5. the rules will be changed to include full inclusion of crossbows soon enough, they will continue working fine for decades to come and i guess you will be seeing yourself as the "LOSER" . :D ;D
  6. No she didn't have a beard. The other's were typical. I took a bearded hen I think a week or so later. It was quite a different fall season. My hen had nubs where it looked like spurs were starting. She was an old hen for sure. I haven't seen them yet this year. But I do know of 3 hens in two areas I hunt that have beards. The longest one is around 7 inches.
  7. Never bothered to have anything scored for the books.I've taken some quality animals,just never bothered. But I do love seeing some of the absolutley awesome animals taken in N.Y. i think the coolest thing I have seen ,besides the bearded hens i've shot. Is my buddies ol boss fall hen with spurs. Very rare. Part of a fall triple. I took one he took two,in a tioga county. These are the longest I have seen on a hen. They are strange. They seem not attached to the leg bone. To the touch, they move very easy. She led the whole flock in. I hit her with kee-kee's and boss hen cutts. When she rounded the bend She perked up and knew somethin wasn't stirrin the Kool aid. Don't wanna take away or hyjack. Get your birds scored if ya wanna. Y never know?
  8. I found a couple pics. There is definitely more some where? First NY state youth hunt, This bird was a very memorable hunt. The Last day may 31st,on state land.Great story behind that hunt.Classic Not positive but I think this tom was shot on connecticut hill,around may 20 th?? One I took I think around May 15th. On state land. Late morning gobblefest,that was. 4 longbeards came lookin for love. 3 left looking for love.LOL!
  9. Depending on where ya wanna go or where ya wanna hunt. I hunt several different public grounds. Here's a few close ones. Don't care who know's about them. Maple hill( chemung county),Catlin ( I think state forest,Chemung county) Connecticut Hill, Danby National forest,(michigan hollow rd). Texas hollow ,in odessa) . Either I have taken ,or buddies have taken nice longbeards off all of them . In 27 seasons they have all had one or two season's where it,pretty much sucked all season. But all are good public ground. Especially late season. See if i can find pics of legitimate public ground birds. Not sure if I have all of them?? From what i have learned from turkey's. Is I can go in one day. Lay the arsenal of calls at them.And not see or shoot squat! You go in the next day,with a hammer and rock, and smoke one. I don't own them. So have at it! I'll get my birds eventually,do the same style every season,I do just fine. And I'm still very much addicted,and love each season. Turkey's are turkey's,no matter where they are. They are all fun too hunt.
  10. Watched it every year,since they put out the cams. It's fun to watch the whitetails,during the november rut. And it's fun too watch um,the guy ,pour the feed into the feeder. Then watch how long it takes wildlife to show up. The gobblers ,gobblin in the spring, right into the camera is very cool!
  11. Always lookin for a call made from a simple manufacturer. The big call makers are really goin down hill in my opinion. I was always a Knight& Hale call user. For over 20 yrs actually. But now there aren't a whole lot of big names who make calls of quality anymore. Send me a pm please. I use mainly mouth calls. But love calls with attention to detail. I occasionally use my old lynch box,I've had for 25 yrs . I love it on windy days. But I have a collection of other's. I love the walnut!
  12. I got one, for 3 to 5 yrs. And it doesn't matter,from the old site to the new. This issue has been beatin into the friggin ground. Seems everytime ya turn around there is somethin about rifles,inline ml,compound bows. Comparisons out the ARS!! "Oh vote on this,vote on that!" Speak your opinion,whatever! They don't give a rat's raw behind. It's obvious! It's been obvious for how long!!??? The early to late 80's when the huntin boom began,there was a voice from the public. Now there are more tree huggers than ever! I'm all for ECO friendly! But now we have a mixed breed of anti loser's. The one's who are against way more than just outdoor sports. the one's who use the back door approach. Have one obvious platform, but there is more included. The state doesn't care what we think! They only know that there are a lot of hunters in N.Y. And a crap ton of non residents. $$$ is all that matter's. The main thing we have is, support hunting and the outdoor sports,in any way you can. I don't live close to Albany ,or NYC and don't give a flyin! I live here, and love my outdoor activities! X-bow's ,compounds,recurves long bow's,inlines,percussion,flint's, shotgun's,rifles,pistols who gives a crap! Stick together! And keep the tighty whitey anti desk jockies at bay! Simple! It's ok to have opinion's on what one believes. But now is not the time to be stickin it to eachother. Do that,I promise you, it will p... on everyones parade! Including your own. And if I'm wrong on my opinion. I will be willing and forthcoming,to say I was wrong! Have no problem if i'm wrong! No EGO's ,just outdoor sports! I wanna enjoy my life as a fanatic outdoorman. The memories and the unbelieveable experiences,I have had so far! I'm not done yet!. My view I love my hunting. And I don't want to give anyone a chance. No matter what side of the fence,they are on. To take away my guns,or my choice to hunt by, whatever means is deemed legal,in my state of NY period!!! Sorry for the rant! But really ,c'mon man!
  13. Not to blow what you have said out of proportion but.....I for one would be more than happy to see the city broken out as a seperate state....I am just fine with our third world country up here. Part of me thinks that it is that attitude that is the main reason for any targeting ;)
  14. Was just gonna post no problems here. Went to reply to this thread and poof! WTH! LOL!
  15. I see what the artist was trying to say! ;D ;D
  16. TH41

    Comic relief

    LOL! I like number 2. Give me another 15 yrs,and I'll be able to relate.
  17. I would have to set up near there and smoke em. Seems like a travel corridor for yote smackin.
  18. I hope you'll post the mount when it's done.
  19. LOL!!! I call em he she's
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