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Otter in my trout stocked pond

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      I woke up this morning to see some disturbance on the surface  of my trout stocked pond. I anticipated that I would see a wood duck while looking through my binoculars. Damn, it was an otter swimming on the surface. I know they can clean out a pond of fish. Has anyone had any experience with getting rid of these pests without using the obvious solution. I have a lot of money invested in my trout pond, fish are not cheap to purchase,    I understand otters are protected animals.


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To the best of my knowledge , otters are not a protected species. You would have to wait until trapping season opens to deal with it. Most likely there will be more than one by then. My suggestion other than the obvious , is to contact the DEC about a nuisance permit. Good luck.

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I kind of have the same problem with Great Blue Herons and Kingfishers in my bass pond.  Do they eat the bluegill fish I have by the hundreds???  Noooooo! 

They like bass

And you're not supposed to harass them I keep telling the dogs.



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Otters are very susceptible to lead poisoning and I hear there's a lot of lead in your area of the state, so maybe it'll die of lead poisoning before it cleans your pond out.

It could happen !


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