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For all you climber stand hunters...Summit add on's....PIC HEAVY!


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Hey all.  So this is more of a "I'm showing off" than anything else.  But I wanted to show everyone my "upgrades" to my Summit Mini Viper SD.  I ditched the big suspension seat for a Hazmore Silent seat(made in the USA) this thing is cool it sheds some weight and slides way back out of the way, so when you stand up you can stay close to the tree.


I added a Third Hand Archery Universal Bow holder, and stabilizer straps(made in the USA).  Next I had a guy at work mill me a bracket for my quiver that mounts to the stand.  This holds my quiver down near my feet on the riser bar.  Quiver just slides in with arrows facing upward, making my arrows accessible and ready to go should I need a second one. 


I also added a MOLLE frame, Shoulder straps, and a Lumbar belt...let me say that this set up makes carrying this thing a breeze, all of the weight is fully distributed across my back and waist.  The stock Summit backpack straps were really lame IMO. 


Finally the Sherpa Game cart(made in the USA) kit that attaches to the stand and turns it into a game cart.










post-415-0-45524800-1443373851_thumb.jpg Lastly I cut and added these furnature feet felt pads to the inside area where the cable meets...it reduced the metal clang that happens when they are snapped in place.


Thanks for looking...I cant wait to get this thing in the woods this year.

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Been thinking about the footrest, just haven't pulled the trigger yet. My wife keeps an eye on my wallet when it comes to this time of year. She's already claiming I don't need anything else....I don't know where she gets these ideas.

I here ya on that one ... That's why I stay single no body to tell me no lol... I've got the open shot and to me the foot rest makes the difference in being able to sit for longer !

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i have a smaller platform Open Shot model.  no accessories on it.  keeping it light.  i've consider the sherpa conversion to turn it into a game cart though.  help for public land hunts.  last buck i took was a few miles in.  four of us pulled on a length of rope along it's length and it still kicked our butt!

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Thanks guys.  TCIII I'm not sure I'll climb with the bow in the holder....I have narrow limbs on my Z7Xtreme the holder holds my bow...but not like demonstrated on their website.  Just not enough surface area across the limbs to hold it super steady while climbing...I already tried.  Other than that, its awesome, while at rest.



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