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  1. Looks awesome as usual. Really cool
  2. Yea ratio is major in towing but overall towed alot better. And I've never been in a high country but that 06 king ranch was a cool truck.done up 6.0s are one of my favorites.
  3. Heres a couple of my personal favs that I've owned Currently own a 2021 sierra and a 02 ram with a cummins. We towed the same trailer (24 foot enclosed with 4 sleds) to tug and back with 4 different half tons this past winter. Toyota, ram, my Sierra, and an f150. Honestly the ram towed it the best, followed by the f150. Just my opinion.
  4. I like the red! My brother got me some air prestos for a gift they're really comfortable
  5. Beauty if it was a month ago I'd have bought it! Good luck
  6. Crazy times, my boats still in my garage and I'm considering selling one of my wheelers
  7. Had a feeling you'd know! Thanks
  8. I have extremely limited travel experience but I always love going up to thousand islands region on at lawrence. Been going since i was a little kid!
  9. BigVal

    Dog names

    Heres allie.
  10. Will do when the time comes. But little info, it's a older tyee with a 90hp evinrude, I'll dig up some pics when I can. It's been hunted and fished and is camo lol.
  11. Private sell, won't get close to sticker no matter what.
  12. Nice! Terrova great motor. Also might sell my lund, trying to upgrade next year.
  13. Same here! Lots to do, main project is a 34x64 pole barn and fixing up gravel drive. Already sided my house and put in new windows! Love the early nice weather.
  14. Late to the party but this property is a couple hundred yards as the crow flys from my property. It got hammered this season with deer and duck hunters (which sucks) but it's a nice place to take a walk with the kids or family and kayak too. It also got hammered with early ice fisherman which really sucks. I saw some numbers on the ice that I personally think is absurd for a small body of water but understand is still legal.
  15. Awesome info thanks! I considered selling them but may hang onto them for when I get into plots more. I have a 8n and an international 434 to use right now.
  16. I just pulled these out of the edge of one of my fields this morning, the plow has a strange set up with the levers to control the wheels? Anyone have experience with this?
  17. Beauty! I drove to Jersey to pick up my enclosed a couple years ago!
  18. That's what I was figuring, just hoping for some more opinions! Thanks alot, I can fab something up for sure i guess that's the most likely route
  19. I recently picked up a international harvester 434, I'm having a bit of an issue finding the answer online but am wondering if anyone knows compatible loaders with this model? Just so I can start searching. If not, heres a couple pics anyway
  20. I drive a subaru forester everyday. 34 miles or so one way adds up! Keeps the mileage and wear off my truck too.
  21. I went to cvs yesterday. Drive through and free. Results by noon today supposedly.
  22. I had a big text gooseneck, never had an issue in 4 years of heavy use ! Enjoy the new trailer!
  23. I wanna see, biggins need love too
  24. Seriously impressive quality, my favorite thread on here
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