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  1. Saw a pile tonight. 20 plus in the last hour. Safety off on a 6 that I've been watching all year but decided to pass. I'd have shot if I didnt get one during bow.
  2. Thanks alot man I appreciate it
  3. Yea i appreciate it, not really worried about any of that. Just the actual law. Talking leaving the platform overnight basically and returning to hunt it the next day.
  4. I've looked online and cant seem to find what I am looking for. What's the law in regards to putting a stand on public? I'm talking a hang on and sticks. Can I leave one up over night? a week? Thanks for any info! Kinda new to public land thing
  5. Yes sir 9h! One of quite a few showing this year. High Hope's for sure
  6. Daytime yesterday. Hope for a repeat one of these evenings. Off til Monday for first time this season.
  7. Thanks for the invite, wont be hunting as much as usual this year so I cant give the people what they want and deserve! Lol good luck everyone, have a great season, with any luck I'll get some sits in here and there.
  8. I was in 2nd grade , still remember it clearly.
  9. Usually I'm itching to get out. I guess a combination of the heat, loads of work at home, ot at work, and somewhat a loss of interest in goose hunting for some reason this year has changed things. A few friends have had good days though.
  10. Awesome move, I love the st. Lawrence, just got back from vacation on Wellesley island. But I'm 4.5 hours away
  11. They did a dye test on my septic system when I bought my house. The guy was showing my wife and I how the system has passed and no dye was present, I was surprised because I had been smelling shit and seeing damp areas for weeks since closing. Luckily my wife took a couple extra laps around the area and stepped in water that turned her sock green. Lol we could have been screwed.
  12. Looks awesome as usual. Really cool
  13. Yea ratio is major in towing but overall towed alot better. And I've never been in a high country but that 06 king ranch was a cool truck.done up 6.0s are one of my favorites.
  14. Heres a couple of my personal favs that I've owned Currently own a 2021 sierra and a 02 ram with a cummins. We towed the same trailer (24 foot enclosed with 4 sleds) to tug and back with 4 different half tons this past winter. Toyota, ram, my Sierra, and an f150. Honestly the ram towed it the best, followed by the f150. Just my opinion.
  15. I like the red! My brother got me some air prestos for a gift they're really comfortable
  16. Beauty if it was a month ago I'd have bought it! Good luck
  17. Crazy times, my boats still in my garage and I'm considering selling one of my wheelers
  18. Had a feeling you'd know! Thanks
  19. I have extremely limited travel experience but I always love going up to thousand islands region on at lawrence. Been going since i was a little kid!
  20. Will do when the time comes. But little info, it's a older tyee with a 90hp evinrude, I'll dig up some pics when I can. It's been hunted and fished and is camo lol.
  21. Private sell, won't get close to sticker no matter what.
  22. Nice! Terrova great motor. Also might sell my lund, trying to upgrade next year.
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