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What's in your smoker tonight?


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Lots of threads on smoked meat.  Let collaborate and share the smoker experience.  Pictures of what your smoking and what your smoker is are welcome.  


I'm in the planning process of building a new smoker out of stainless steel.  Can't wait but till then I still use an old school weber for now.  


Here's what is being prepped tonight for a long smoke tomorrow:


Beef Brisket





Will be back tomorrow with updates!

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Pork shoulder. Lightly rubbed with yellow mustard and then brown sugar , salt , pepper and garlic powder. Going to smoke for 3-4 hours, then long bout of oven at 225 and finally crockpot. Friend suggested this. It falls apart without the intense pulling my pork ( lol ) Smoking on apple chips from my folks tree they had removed over the summer.


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