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Cool vid.
Makes me antsy to get out there. Too bad the winds are 40+ tonight.

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 You do and it’ll be the biggest mistake YOU ever made, you Texas brush-popper!--Rooster Cogburn

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I've been waiting for you to start posting your videos this season! Keep 'em coming!

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"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." - Wease

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noob question: What animal is the "squealer" call supposed to represent? mortally wounded bunny? chimp? Nice video. If only it were that easy all the time . . . .

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    • By nybigbuck
      Latest camera pull in my new spot.  Not much showed until now.  Couple of nice bucks to watch. Not sure what the last one is?  Neighbors dog?

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      Selling a used Western Rivers Apache Game Caller. Have had this caller for approximately 4 years. Has been used around 2-3 times a year. Caller is in perfect working order. It is missing the small rubber gasket on the front that covers the ports. I have been covering them with a piece of tape. Besides that its ready to hit the woods. I have no use for the caller anymore so would like to see it go to a good home.

      $100.00 OBO shipped to your door. Paypal payments accepted. Please email me at for fast responses.

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      Jonathan Stabe

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      It has been a tough October for us in terms of pumping out videos.  We are calling in the usual amount of fall season coyotes but they aren’t cooperating once we put the camera lens on them.  Fortunately, this one decided to veer from the norm and do everything he is supposed to do. 
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      Coyote setups - how do they work?  Anybody have little drawings I can use as instructions?
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