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What do you use for a crossbow broadhead target


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i bought the buck commander target at walmart and it works fine.   There are two sides for broadheads and have used the crossbow on it.  But def dont use the field point sides with any crossbow shots.  Even the field points on crossbow shoot right up to the fletch.  Good thing about crossbow is dont need a lot of practice.  Mine is like an MOA group out to 50 yards! I always carry a arrow with a field point to shoot at target after hunting and havent seen any difference between the two.  Good luck with crossbow!  I have a Parker - made in USA - lifetime warranty - shoots great.  

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Rinehart has always lasted reasonably good for me.  They make a brute crossbow target.  Any foam target will take a beating if you shoot broadheads regularly but just to confirm that POI with BH is same as FP, I would suspect any rinehart will suffice.

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I ended up getting the rinehart 18-1 also. A tough bag target is great for field tips and easy to pull but I think the reinhart is the way to go for Xbow. I have yet to come anywhere close to fletching on any arrow, even hitting with a broadhead in the exact same location, and it's a light target. Pulling broadheads out of it is reasonably easy and although field tips are harder, a bike inner tube or an arrow puller wrapped around the arrow it's no major thing. 

I don't trust layered foam for the KE of a crossbow and softer foam targets cannot be trusted. Reinhart is going to run a hundred bucks maybe a bit more but last for years.

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