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Hey guys, I’m brand new to the forum and I like it already. Good to read updates on all the topics! 

I have decided to leave the processor I have worked for in the past years and go on my own. I found out quickly that it takes time to find customers. Well, I’m putting it out there for anyone around the Syracuse area that wants a clean friendly, fast turnaround for deer processing can contact me.

I have a large walk in cooler to store up to 20 deer and new equipment. I make sausage and vacuum seal everything with a commercial unit. Cube steaks year round and anything else custom. Basic cut is $85.

Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully I can get the word out enough to keep me busy. As of now I have one deer to process and it will be done tonight. Your deer will not lay on the floor in a pile!

Thanks guys. Good luck hunting to all!! My email is thanks!!


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Congratulations on your new venture Brad! I ran a deer processing business back in the 80s & 90s here in PA.

My advice, if you are looking for customers, is to place a cheap or free ad wherever you can, such as the Penny-Pincher magazine, or Craigslist. Put flyers up in the local supermarkets, gun clubs, and any gun or sporting good shop, and bump this ad up every so often on this site.

I am sure you will have people beating down the doors in no time, word-of-mouth travels quickly, and if you are reasonably priced and do a good job, you will soon be hiring help and even turning customers away (which happened in my case).

Best of luck!

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I wish you all the best! If I don't cut the deer myself I take them to a friend of mine who is a third generation processor. His kids are now the fourth generation and they're as good as their great-grandfather was. Honesty and integrity where no one cuts corners.

"It's fun to win elections." -- Bill Whittle

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Good luck to you! Your shop looks real nice and clean. I’m not in your area but if I was I’d bring deer to ya. Make sure your advertising on Facebook, nothing gets info around faster these days than FB.

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