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No Bucks on Camera

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Hey All,

I've been hunting in NY state for about seven years now and come from a family of hunters with a ton of hunting experience both in NY state and Canada. As someone that has always enjoyed browsing this website, I decided to join because I'm in need of some advice. Last year I followed my gut and set up a spot in an area that was never really hunted by anyone in my family or people that have access to our land. From the moment I set up cameras (around this time last year) I had 3-4 (1.5-2.5 year old) bucks and one 4 year old that was a big eight. During rifle season my dad took the 4 year and I took a 2.5 year old seven pointer (which we never had on camera) from the same spot. This past summer I really took it upon myself to develop this area by planting two small 1/4 acre food plots in this predominantly wooded area. However, despite my good fortunes last year and the work put in this summer, I have yet to see one buck on camera. I run two cameras and have hundreds of photos of does and several bears, but no bucks. As someone that hunts with a crossbow and rifle, due to school and other commitments, I'm torn between looking for a new spot or remaining faithful to this current set up.


What do you all think: Stick with it or go to another location?

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I wouldnt worry seeing how you have does.

Im not an expert  but is there a chance by trying to help out the area it opened stuff up to much for the bucks and it was a possible buck bedding area seeing how everyone stayed out of that area?

I put in 2 plots 3 yrs ago to try and draw them in more.  They were just in 2 little strips of golden rod maybe 1/8 -1/4 acre in size.  My buck pictures dropped off and didnt see many while hunting.  Let it grow back and bucks came back.  Even noticed last year thats where the bucks actually bedded.

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18 hours ago, moog5050 said:

 Not lots of info. Do you have an idea where the does you have on cam bed?   I prefer hunting downwind of doe bedding vs food in rut.   That is when I would expect new bucks to show.   

I have a general idea of where I think they are bedding. The stand is located between two main food sources. The neighbor directly behind me has two large food plots and in front of me is an active dairy farm. Where I have my stand set up, I catch them leaving my neighbors food plot in the early morning and heading towards the dairy farm. In the afternoon it is the opposite as I catch them coming from the farm.

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