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It started to sprinkle as I drove from Ontario to Walworth . There was enough moonlight to walk to my spot but every once in a while the clouds would pass and it would get darker . I was settled in my hub blind by 6:15 am . Sat back and relaxed . Saw a fox at 7:55 and after that a few squirrels . Heard a few shotgun blasts towards Webster way in the morning .

It rained off and on and the wind was moving the trees back and forth . I was ready to leave at noon after seeing nothing and the way the weather was acting . It was still windy at 12 but the sun came out . Shortly afterwards the sun went away and it got crappy again . I left at 2 pm .

After checking the weather for today , I decided to wait until tomorrow to hunt . We have Mass at 8:30 and then I will relax and watch the Bills - Jersey Giants Game .

The spot I hunted is the same one where I had gotten pics of several deer . No doubt that they were probably hunkered down due to the wind . The wind was in my favor but didn't help .

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Went back to Walworth today and saw nothing . Spent a while in the blind and there was a Copter flying overhead and hovering . It made a heck of a racket . It moved along and later came back . Finally realized they were checking the poles / insulators , etc . on the power line property .

Walked up to my vehicle and got my harness and spent a couple hours in the treestand . Got down and walked the power line property . Saw where they had mowed and put up snowmobile trail signs . That's probably what all the noise was Saturday .

Between the guys messing up the area and the copter , that area is screwed up for a while . Going to try an area in Mendon with my oldest son tomorrow afternoon .

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Hunted a spot in Mendon this afternoon . I was in a treestand by 2:45 and had 2 scentwicks with plain doe pee on them . I was sitting there for about 5 minutes with my harness on and all of a sudden thought I should attach the belt to the tree . Duh !!! Around 5:30 I had a small doe at about 10 yards and i'm thinking should I , shouldn't I shoot . She had no idea that I was there but was facing my direction . She didn't appear to be a fawn as she wasn't "box shaped" . Anyways , she sauntered off and I didn't draw on her . Later I saw a buck with large spikes about 100 yards out in a field .

My son had hit a doe using his recurve bow . He hit her high and towards the back end . This was around 5:30 . She laid down so he waited . It started to get dark so I went to help him look some more . We gave up around 9 pm . His arrow had blood from tip to nock . The field had high weeds and brush . He is going to check it out again at daylight but I don't think it was a kill shot .

At least I saw a couple deer on the outing . Rain forecasted for tomorrow .

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I was in the blind in Walworth and all set up by 6:15 am . It was raining lightly but came down pretty good for a while . Stayed there until noon . I did see 11 turkeys at almost 8 am . They exited the woods on the trail to the Power Lines .

I had some pics of doe on my Trail Cam after being there Saturday plus the owner , his son and the daughter had walked around back there but deer had come out a couple hours after they left so they must not be bothered by the traffic .

Heading for South Bristol to hunt with 2 of my sons tomorrow .




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Was setup and in a ladderstand in South Bristol by 6:15 this am . My son hadn't replaced the rachet strap and nothing was holding it to the tree at the top . I had extra safety harness belts with me , fastened 2 together and strapped the ladder to the tree . Was there until almost 11:30 and saw nothing . We hadn't scouted there this year and on the way out checked for rubs , scrapes and saw nothing . My 2 sons were on the north side of the gulley and only saw one deer . A fawn had bedded down about 80 yards from Nick .

We left and went to my son's house in Honeoye Falls and I dropped off an extra ladder stand that I had assembled . Then we went to out spot on Rt 251 in Mendon . Sat in the stand from 2 - 6:30 pm . I never saw a thing . Neither did Nick but my oldest son saw 4 -5 deer from his stand . There were chipmonks all over the place and they kept me entertained .

Maybe i'll have to pray a little harder at Mass tomorrow am !

I will have to check out my bow sight tomorrow . Either the fiber optic pin came loose or broke ...........

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Didn't hunt today . I had a dental appointment and then a couple of "honey-do" things to take care of for the wife .

I pulled the housing off my backup bow and put it on my Pearson TX-4 . Then took it out in the back yard and sighted it in . I am good to go now . I will buy a replacement sight for the bow at the end of season unless there is a sale / closeout on them .

Plan to hunt with my youngest son Wednesday but it looks like rain so I am hoping it isn't a downpour .

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Gonna be heading for Mendon in a few minutes . Rain in the forecast and it's raining here in Ontario now . Wednesday is the day my son has off so w are going to give it a try . We will probably get our butts soaked but we can't shoot deer from the living room . Rain and cold ....... dayum !

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I guess I am a Hypocrite .......... I have been passing up spikes , fork horns , 5 points , etc for the past couple of years and have eaten my buck tags . Last year the only deer I shot a nice doe during gun season .

My youngest son and I were sitting out in the rain this am and we were about 150 yards apart . I saw a doe around 7:30 . She came toward the stand that I was in and when she turned broadside I let loose an arrow and shot under her . I had my pin set at 20 yards and she was at least 35 . Dumb ! Dumb ! Dumb !

Around 8 , I had a buck with a broken rack feeding in the field . He was milling around for a while . I was thinking that if he came close , should I , shouldn't I shoot . Well he came in just under 30 yards and I let loose another arrow . I hit him alot farther back than where I had aimed and he ran off with an arrow in his side . My hands were wet . The bow grip was wet but I should have accounted for that . I have hunted enough years to know better . Later , I had a nice 6 point come around and I though , go away , I can't shoot you , i've already wounded a buck . The 6 pt sauntered off and I felt relieved .

At 9:30 I got down , plcked up the arrow from my missed shot and headed toward where I saw the buck run . I walked the edge of the field and it was real mushy walking . I was ankle deep in mud . When I got to the spot where the buck had run , I saw him laying dead about 10 yards from the field . The Rage 2 had done it job .

Now the work starts . I have to skin and cut the deer up but ........... I need to take a nap first . My hunting gear was pretty wet and I have that in the dryer ,




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Got the deer cut up this morning and have some backstraps marinading in the fridge . I vacuum sealed the steaks this am and decided to do the grinding tonight . Ran the heck out of the grinder and then it was time to clean up the kitchen . I was putting the grinder away in the box and thought , oh crap , where is the auger . Had to go out in the garage and dig through the bag that I had tossed out . Dug through the coffee grounds , eggshells , etc but i found it . I won't let that happen again !

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Isn't always the case when you look through the garbage for something, egg shells and coffee grinds. That could be a title to a country song.

"Egg shells and coffee grinds

the only thing that was left

I lost my auger

and she walked out on me."

Burt --- Did you ever notice that if you play a Country Song backwards , the dog come to life , your honey returns , your truck starts and you still have booze !!!

I had emptied the bag from the container under the sink but the auger had sank to the bottom of the bag .

It still wasn't as bad as changing a baby's diaper !

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