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  1. Or drop tear gas on em. I watched a live stream of the Albany riots and boy do they scatter when the tear gas and rubber bullets start flying. PS, I ain’t stopping to get jacked, I’ll just put the hammer down and keep rolling. Tractor trailers ain’t gonna lose vs a breathing speed bump.
  2. I switched over to a single pin, .10, only one blurry pin instead of five. I love it, I don’t recall what mine is.
  3. Dude tried getting on the dolly which is the part connecting a set of doubles. FedEx Ground 1 rioters 0.
  4. My wife used to pack a veggie burger in my lunch once in a while when I ran kitchens, I threw every one of them out. Some aren’t bad, most are gross.
  5. I shoot a Carlsons WinXR choke and it’s the best I’ve found. They design their chokes around getting the most out of that specific load.
  6. RIP Dunkin, he was a friendly dog and will be missed by all visitors. Sorry for your loss.
  7. Went out with a crowd today, brother, his step daughter, my kid and me. Had birds hammering on the roost and after for a bit. Two long beards and two jakes but no luck. The one saw us from his roost and never gobbled. On the way out we walked past the two jakes that had circled back silent. Kid has to work today and tomorrow so today was a short day and tomorrow is out. Actually did better than I thought as this spot gets pressure.
  8. Dead quiet till @610 and then it was over by 620 lol. My boys first bird finally and a good two year old to boot. 9.5 inch beard, 3/4 inch spurs. @20 yards with the 870 and XR 6’s. We made it out just before the rain.
  9. Because business is slow I managed a day off Friday so I’ll be out.
  10. Here’s my lil buddy, and my other dogs pre haircuts. This fourth dog is mean and slow as hell making retrieves. The Frenchy runs the house.
  11. So get this these guys have a phone number and they answer any questions you have if you call it!!!! So the answer I got was it’s a blanket statement on their web site, their site doesn’t differentiate between ammo and components. Meanwhile it is legal to ship to NY but I didn’t explain that to him. There is no law stopping them from shipping to us, sounds lazy and as belo said a way to avert any issue. Mystery solved!!!
  12. There have been many disruptions to the shipping industry so it was a guess.
  13. Hmmm it sure seems like they won’t ship to areas on shut down from CO19. I’m not smart enough to figure something like that out unfortunately.
  14. This seems like a good time to let you know he calls himself that because he’s left handed not because of politics. Im not reading any of the copy and paste crap you do. You would be a complete bore to talk to in person because you couldn’t copy and paste your way into any semblance of an intelligent conversation.
  15. Me too and I own one lol I must have thousands wrapped up in this hobby and it’s better I don’t know the exact amount. Hell when I was learning from a trainer friend I drove 3 hrs to Canada about every week for a half a summer I can’t imagine the gas cost alone. Then it leads to hunts and more guns, dogs and gear than a sporting goods store haha.
  16. Bird launchers a a great tool, you’d need it more in the second year when working on completing the steadiness sequence. I’d say most guys don’t 100% finish their dogs but this helps a lot for control and replicating a a wild flush. https://www.gundogsupply.com/doqulaq.html
  17. It’s called a under coat on a dog. Some GSP have them some don’t , some from the breeder trying for it with different lines. Definitely not enough for long cold hours in the field but way better for long hot days in the field. My female has a better coat then my male but he’s a better dog overall when it comes all things hunting. She ain’t bad, he’s just better.
  18. May 1st I’ll be using a Peterbilt. May 2nd my A5.
  19. I’d consider it a must have. During a large amount of the training process it saves your back from having to get down to the dogs level. First the dog has to get used to going up on it then once that’s done, by getting the dog up off the ground you take it out of its element so to speak. It will be more willing to listen and learn because you are in complete control of it. It’s used in whoa training, obedience, sit/stay, and the most important phases of force fetch braking. Eventually dogs love the table and get excited to use it.
  20. Here’s an idea of what a table is.
  21. Typically dogs with good coats don’t need a vest but it’s really just a choice. I have a couple Griffs so I have no need for them as seen below. Yes that’s ice on the pond.
  22. Garmin bought tri tronics. I have pre Garmin tri tronics and have never had any issues is 10+ years. I can’t speak to the new versions.
  23. I knew I forgot something, the table!
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