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The time has come to replace my trusty old  Field and Stream hunting boots. I’ve noticed that the rubber is getting brittle around my ankle, and after patching a few times, more cracks keeps showing up. 
So, what recommendations are there for a reasonably priced set of rubber hunting boots? I don’t do a ton of walking, I just need something that is waterproof, will make my walk to the stand comfortable, and help keep my toes warm with a couple pairs of socks. I’m not looking to break the bank, just something my wife can get me for Christmas that won’t leave her with sticker shock. 

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I picked up two pairs of dryshod boots after some recommendations on here.I went with the southland  for spring turkey and early deer seasons. I also  picked up a pair of NOSHO gusset XT for the late season. I haven't used the gusset's yet so all I can tell you is there built like a tank and a lot bigger/bulker then the southlands.I wore the southlands during the spring turkey season and the bow/muzzleloader I like them a lot.My feet did sweat a bit .but the poly socks worked great.

Hunting Archives - Dryshod Waterproof Boots (dryshodusa.com)

I got them for a good price at boot barn

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Love my lacrosse alpha burlys. I have the 800 and 1600gr. 

I also have the 1600s and they are great. Picked them up at Runnings in Lockport for $160 a few months ago. I like them a lot better than the Arctic Pros, more flexible, more comfortable and much wider shaft. I couldn’t even dream of tucking into the Muck’s, I’m able to tuck heavy bibs into these and cinch them down. With sock liners and wool socks I have had no issues this season yet, I hasn’t been really cold, but there were a few mornings that were in the low 20s in my area and I was toasty.

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Baffin boots are tough to beat for the coin and Made in Canada.  It’s all I wear for 90% of archery hunting.  My feet get cold easy so it doesn’t take much for me to go to pack boots.  AND toe heaters.   :)

This is the model I have had for probably 7-8 years.  I believe I bought those to replace another pair of Baffin.


Plenty more to choose from too.


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HUNTSHIELD Men’s Neoprene would be worth a look.
I’ve had these HUNTSHIELD boots for about two months. Which i got recommended from this source.  I’ve worn them on several deer hunting trips in some pretty rough mountainous county. The boots fit nice and snug, no slipping of my feet in the boot when side-hilling.

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