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  1. I had a burris fast fire 3 red dot on my turkey gun. Last time I sighted in with 3.5" heavy, the recoil killed the red dot. That gun was kicking! I need to send it in for a new one (lifetime guarantee), but I would be cautious if you have a heavy recoiling shotgun. Matter of fact, if you want to buy mine cheap and send it in for a new one, I will cut you a deal. https://www.burrisoptics.com/sights/fastfire-series/fastfire-3
  2. Well that will get the heart racing!
  3. Very nice. I love the color.
  4. That’s so funny. When my girlfriend showed the photo to her sister of the atlas stones, she said they looked like the cement balls in front of target. Well done Larry. Good news, we just keep chipping away. The whole hunting room was packed today (wow did I acquire way too much) and the gym was mostly disassembled. And only I would understand how much work that is. it’s more than anyone should ever move anywhere.
  5. True. Great selling point for a worlds strongest man competitor. You never know.
  6. I actually borrowed a rotary hammer as option 2.
  7. I still have a safe but that one doesn’t concern me. I was questioning whether I would get that one atlas stone out. Lol
  8. That one ended up so big I could pick it up and put it in my lap but never could shoulder it. Too big around. The other 3 range from 185-285 and I would shoulder those for training. I bought a mold for those and added weight to get them where I wanted total weight wise.
  9. Yep. Piece of cake if they had handles.
  10. Moving these atlas stones (ranging from 185-340lbs each) out of my basement up stairs just topped my list. 185lber wasn’t bad but the 340lber SUCKED! As my brother said, I may not be as good as I once was but am as good as ever once! Where was @blackbeltbillwhen I needed him! I need some Aleve. Glad that’s over. Lol
  11. If you want urea for nitrogen, why not just plant clover with whatever else you have planned. It adds nitrogen back. I never use anything but 15-15-15 (easy to find) if I want to fertilize and always had good crops on both parcels. Never had a soil test but I know my place is quality black muck and Mendon had crap soil. Still grew well. Disclaimer: I claim no expertise, just offer based on limited experience. Lol
  12. Agway on Empire tends to not have much for fertilizer in my experience but worth a try.
  13. Took it around the block in the subdivision but no real ripping. Factory are bolted on and the ricochet uses mostly all factory holes and a few brackets. They have been great on my ATV. Looks like a pretty easy 2hr install job (famous last words!).
  14. Not really. Need to trailer it to my place or Culvers and the weather has sucked. But I did drop some coin on skid plates today. 15% off the ricochet plates for asking. I have some mods to finish up and with the weather changing, I might as well get em done before making a mess of everything. lol
  15. Right rear fender well. Stupid placement IMO. Minimally it’s dusty and dirty and could be subject to a deep water crossing. It will be relocated to above rear fender behind the right rear passenger seat with a prefilter attached. Like this.
  16. The only 3 throngs I knew I needed when I bought the sxs was to relocate the intake higher with a prefilter (I have that now), skid plates and storage. Trying not to move too fast as its real easy to drop a lot of money on upgrades on even a new machine. lol
  17. No kidding. I may get a dumpster at some point.
  18. They are great bows. Owned quite a few. It’s a waste just to be sitting unused. I may sell a couple of recurves for the same reason. Time to cut back on unneeded items before moving.
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