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  1. Is what it is. Made some real good friends on this forum and learned to simply ignore the stuff that I don’t like. I blocked the political forum. But folks time, interests, etc change. No hard feelings with anyone and everyone has the right to make their own decision. If there comes a point I am not on here at all, it’s not because of anyone else. It’s just because my circumstances or interests changed. I have learned some good info here and from specific members for sure.
  2. Here is the story. Bought this in 2019 for $700. Started tuning with it and couldn’t quite get it where I wanted with bareshafts at 20yds (yes I am overkill on tuning). Complained to obsession and they said send it in and that they would replace cams with DL specific cams that would address my concern. They sent it back but then life happened and I forgot about it sitting in the box in my basement. I never installed a rest since it was returned to me. It’s all black and new condition. DL is set at 28.25”. Draws nice and holds nice. If you like elite you will like obsession. Very similar in feel. But since I am starting to get rid of extra items pre-move, it has to go. $250bo shipped in NY. Hoping it is a steal for someone here and will get used! Will post pics later. For specs see: https://obsessionbows.com/bows/fxl
  3. Yep - my first trailer had 4 for my atv. Over time I started using 2, then one. Never seem to loosen up and if the trailer flips, 1000 won't help!
  4. They need to figure out a way to make them self charging as you drive. Wait, I think I have a new business!
  5. They sell them with a track to adjust distance from front to back but honestly, you can use only 1 and be fine. Very solid. Won't move with one on and if the trailer flips, 4 won't help any more. My point being if its set up for the sxs you can run a single tire over the same chocks for the ATV and zero turn
  6. I would if cost and range were right. Not there yet.
  7. Most of the items you mention I have, but the big one I am looking at now is skid plates. You are just sticking with the stock plastic covers? Good plates are freaking expensive. Run the ricochet plates on my ATV and they have held up great. But its is hard for me to pay $1500-2000 for plates on the new Talon. I likely will but not thrilled about it.
  8. There is an innocent landowner defense now under CERCLA (before if you owned it you were stuck) but I think you need to prove that after a reasonable inquiry you were not aware of contamination when you bought the parcel.
  9. The only thing I will say about winches is that they are extremely helpful but use a strap. One time I got lazy and wrapped it over the cable. Big kink. Not worth it. Good luck Larry!
  10. Me too. This one was particularly bad because there really aren’t useable instructions but there is a certain sense of satisfaction when it’s done. So …. On to the next project. Can’t be much harder. Lol
  11. Sorry never saw this. It’s killing me but I have not taken her out yet. Soon but I have a crap load on my plate between the house sale and moving. But I do want to get that first day of riding the new talon under my belt.
  12. Oh I threw on new grips too. Now she isn’t so jealous of the Honda talon. Lol
  13. So I decided to install the pro mount Can Am plow on my outlander. When the shop mechanics tell you it’s a PIA, believe them. No real instructions and the 2.5hr job took me all of 8hrs yesterday. Now I did have a few issues like stripped bolt heads on aftermarket A arm guards that had to be removed and while at it, I decided to replace the broken left footwell (quite the puzzle removing and replacing body panels) so I will say the 2.5hr job could be done in 4 if I had to do it again. Thank God I don’t. I like it. Seems solid and is very easy on/off and to operate. Will be perfect for NEXT YEAR! Since I had to remove skid plates, I did my best clean since she was new 4 years ago. I bet I had 25lbs of debris jammed in her. Of course that led to a full clean which then led to cleaning and power washing the garage for the spring / sale of the house. All in all a very productive Sat and Sunday! Also fixed a broken downspout that I hit when moving my old trailer. Don’t get that purple primer on your hands - FYI! Now sitting back, eating a salad and planning the next pre sale house project. Probably paint a few room even though the realtor said it wasn’t needed! Next weekend. I am sore and done for now.
  14. Most realtors who have been around for a while laugh when you express concern that rates are increasing. .5% here or there, but still all time historic lows generally. If I was paying 20% I would live in my truck (parked mostly since gas is so high - lol).
  15. Late 70s mortgage rates hit 14-18%. Money is still very cheap.
  16. Gotta be a VA deal. 20% down or you pay PMI. Rates are around 3.5 for 15 and 4 for 30 with top credit. They were going up and dropped a touch earlier this week.
  17. Not at all. I know it’s a sellers market. I already cleared everything for the new house. If this particular buyer doesn’t put the offer in I want after viewing tomorrow, we will list it in a month or so. Realtor acknowledged it will go quick and for more than I was hoping. Plus I really need 2-3 months to move.
  18. I agree. I am just pointing out that if your house doubles in value due to the market, it doesn't mean your taxes suddenly double in value.
  19. I was told to take the heads down too. lol But I may not need to if I sell before its ever listed. We shall see.
  20. It should be noted that even if houses in a municipality are reassessed to new market values, that doesn't necessarily mean an individual that has that increased assessment will have a similar increase in taxes paid. The tax levy determines that. The levy is the total amount required to be collected by the municipality for cost of municipal services. Its the pie so to speak. The assessments determine how that pie is split up among properties in the municipality. If all houses are reassessed proportionally and the tax levy remains the same, theoretically the taxes paid by each reassessed property would remain the same and the tax rate decreases. Practically, they typically go up because municipalities have increased costs over time and seize the opportunity to increase the levy, but with housing costs are going up much faster than the cost of municipal services, increases in assessed value should not result in a significantly higher taxes due unless your property's value increased at a rate much higher than others. Hope that makes sense.
  21. Building is ridiculous right now. It was being priced like the builder didn't want to actually do the job. Not mention that the assessor goes off the new price paid, vs an older pre-covid assessment. I am very happy with the new place we found and price paid. To build what I am buying including all the exterior stuff (decks, stone work, hardscape, etc) would have been - well I will just say I would not be happy with the cost. Now, if I can just get that price I want on my current house, @TreeGuy may have a new customer!
  22. People say overpaying but honestly I think there is a permanent price adjustment on housing taking place. We will not see prices like we did 3 years ago ever IMO. Market is what it is - nice being the seller now. lol
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