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  1. Does it come with the play dough?
  2. This is true. But I want to be like Nomad so I say Webster. I guess I have to give up on that dream!
  3. Thanks for the thoughts. I did some research and all together the truck, + trailer + people + cargo cannot exceed the GCWR, which is 14,250 for the raptor Cc. Here, we have 5800 + 2500 (loaded) + 800 + 1200 = 10,300 and that’s an overestimate. Plus the trailer has ebrakes which is the biggest concern with payload. I should be fine for the few times I need both ATVs. But I appreciate your concern.
  4. Maybe I should have gone this route. Pretty creative. Watch out for overpasses.
  5. I am almost glad I don’t have a carry permit. I think handguns would become addictive.
  6. Not my preference Law but if I bought a trailer to fit the sxs and ATV, there is no way I would fit it in a garage. Goal is to make trailer, sxs and ATV fit in one bay and still be able to transport it all at once. I think I can do that with what I bought. But transporting both requires ATV in bed. It will work when needed. I did buy some steel bars that connect the tailgate to the bed to reinforce the weight held by the cables. I will say loading was much easier than expected. I am not worried about running into the window after trying it.
  7. You got that right. I have a whole house, including a bitch of a gym to move. All welcome!
  8. Thanks all. Yes it’s in victor across the street from cobblestone country club. And the sxs is now hone!
  9. You got your own bedroom and bath when you come Dave! And yep I look forward to riding out your way! Thx
  10. Again, thank you all. Property is in Victor so a few miles past Monroe county border. Not enough land to hunt - 1 acre wooded lot. But my hunting landing is less than 30min away. Kids are excited because it has a tether ball court. Lol. And yes the Talon gets its own bay.
  11. And I have the perfect flag for it! Thx
  12. Thanks all. I was planning to build but it priced out crazy high and the taxes were insane. So i released the lot and got a refund on the deposit. Glad I did. This is a better lot and taxes are $9k less per year than what I was quoted for the new build. Plus the house is 400sf bigger with a finished walkout and tons of hard scrape. Built in 97 but everything was updated in the last few years. Looking forward to the new place but not the move!
  13. Picking up the new sxs tomorrow. And to my surprise, I signed a contract on a new home today. Didn’t really think they would accept my offer. Love the house and good deal considering the market. I think I blame @Biz-R-OWorld for this one. Awaiting attorney approval - guess I don’t count. I better get back to a hunting obsession - way cheaper Lol
  14. No kidding. Tacks is the master of the obvious. That said, I almost felt manly after loading my ATV. Almost. The sissy truck rules!
  15. I like both my heated wheel and seats, especially when it’s really cold. They heat up quick.
  16. I think they are storing so many partially completed vehicles that they don’t want to take orders until they get parts to move some. Crazy times.
  17. Continued prayers for Mike and your whole family. I know how difficult this can be but also know where our hope lies Engraver.
  18. https://nhtrailers.com/aluminum-trailers-vs-steel-trailers/ Good read on it. Salt can still can cause corrosion on aluminum but aluminum is much more resistant and the corrosion is not detrimental like rust on steel. They say to rinse your trailer off periodically.
  19. I had one from tractor supply for my ATV - cheap and served its purpose. No complaints - although it looks like hell after 4 years.
  20. Yep - flipped on its head, buyers now negotiate up not down from asking price.
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