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  1. Geeze Law, you did good with the stick and string. You made it sound like a struggle. Lol. I have owned quite a few but I always revert back to my black widow. I did shoot one with the kodiak mag from the ground and a couple others.
  2. There are some moving boxes in the garage!
  3. Almost 3x the square feet in finished space but less unfinished space. If I am brave enough to shoot in a finished basement then I should be able to get 17-18yds. Had to cut back the gym to fit unfinished space. Oddly even the 3 car garage seems like less space than my former 2.5 car garage (no shed yet hurts). But plenty of room in the lot.
  4. Unlike Biz, I loaded a 30yd dumpster and still ran out of room. There was value there but I am too old and lazy to deal with it. Still needed another 20 contractors bags. Lol
  5. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/62-Peaceful-Harbor-Ln-Webster-NY-14580/63599708_zpid/?view=public Signed the contract today. Market is still very strong. Sold for far more than I expected but had several offers in that range, all cash and no contingencies. Makes me feel a bit better about buying the new place. Now to finish the move and start really unpacking. What a PIA. Eventually I will get back to having time to do something I enjoy!
  6. It was a very profitable venture. Have had artist block since however. Hard to repeat perfection.
  7. Age is all a state of mind - until your knees, shoulders and back go ... then its a state of aches and pains
  8. Birds aren't real - all government drones. I have been convinced.
  9. Nice Biz. Very interesting variety.
  10. The plow works well. But I had to remove center skid. And I still need to modify aluminum A arm guards. On a very very long list. lol
  11. Thanks Bill. I doubt it but good luck. I have a ton going on and Turkey hunting is very low in terms of priorities. But I like to see you and others shoot ‘em in the face.
  12. Maybe I should be content that I have never shot at a bird - keeping my perfect record of no misses alive baby!
  13. I don’t typically jump in on the workout threads, but having lifted weights for football and then powerlifting and now just to maintain strength for 37 years, I have found the conjugate method to give me the best results (but have used many other types of training over time). Constantly changing up exercises and reps/sets makes it harder for the body to adapt to a routine forcing growth. Plus it’s not as boring. It does take planning. But everyone has their own theories and individuals respond differently to training methods. Now if I just added cardio. Lol
  14. I have the sxp waterfowl. It shoots and cycles well. I don't mind the extra barrel length since it mostly sits in my safe. lol
  15. Wow. I am starting to feel lucky. Hang in there gents.
  16. They did a good job Larry. Thanks for the referral.
  17. On the bright side, the lawn is nice. Lol
  18. Berries? I thought all simple and complex carbs are a no no? and congrats!
  19. By the way, moving blows. I will die here and let my kids deal with the next house sale and move!
  20. Got my first cut in at the new place. I learned that it’s not easy to use the rider in the backyard due to some steep slopes. May be easier when it’s a bit drier but off to lowes I went and bought an Ego self propelled for the side and back yards next go around. Now to find someone to dump mulch for me. The yard here is beautiful but nowhere’s near as maintenance free as the last house.
  21. Never have but sounds awesome. I love neck roast. Cook it long enough and its silky, tasty and very tender!
  22. You should have a place for all important documents in that fireproof safe too - wills, healthcare proxy, insurance policies, etc.
  23. You will need a rail installed
  24. pump - winchester sxp (I think)
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