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  1. You have one pair of sneakers and chose the color green?
  2. Prayers for a quick recovery
  3. I wish I could unsee this!
  4. You don't use judo points? Don't you lose arrows on pass throughs? Congrats on the new bow!
  5. No he knew that was something special!
  6. Well house passed inspection with flying colors, in fact complimented by inspector. Good news since I waived inspection contingency. Lol. But older lady who owns it is the type that does all scheduled maintenance and fixes any issue immediately. Anyways that’s a relief! Would have sucked to find a serious issue. Biggest problems were bee hive in attic and pavers in back yard that need to be leveled. I can live with those issues.
  7. Still waiting and ordered before this thread was posted.
  8. It’s kind of the staple to hit Dinosaur if you have never been. It’s the original although they now have restaurants in Rochester, Buffalo and NYC. I would hit M street for a drink. Lots of college bars and waking distance.
  9. Feel bad for you Larry. Hang in there! lol
  10. I have serious problems if I need an addition. Time to sell not buy. lol
  11. And Van Bortels sells a lot of vettes. Good choice by you. I bet is does come sooner rather than later.
  12. lol - I am still trying to figure out how to store an ATV, garden tractor, trailer and sxs in one stall. No freaking room already! Inspection today though.
  13. Beautiful vehicle for sure! My C6 was black with red interior. Loved it. Shouldn't have sold it.
  14. Would you have been willing to potentially just piss off a big grizzly with a poor shot? Not to mention hunting from the ground. lol NOT ME!
  15. Good luck. I hope the stars align for you! Any details on what you ordered? I have owned 3 vettes and loved them all. My wide body vert C6 was my favorite though. I am a bit squashed in the C7s. Never sat in a C8.
  16. Can you follow the build and ship date? Guys on the raptor forum do it all the time. Some are happily surprised and some very frustrated with delays.
  17. My first recurve was a bear kodiak magnum. It’s a short 52” 50lb bow. Only recurve I have used on a spot and stalk on a deer. But Fred has more balls than me. I don’t think I would hunt grizzly with it. Lol.
  18. They are in bankruptcy. I am sure this was needed to confirm a chpt 11 plan to stay open.
  19. Thanks. Now I know how to creep in undetected. That play doh is mine!
  20. OK, angle grinder ... anything else I might need that you can think of? And what might I put on the list to come for? Asking for a friend.
  21. Happy birthday buddy! Have a great day!
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