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  1. Bass Pro is also very reliable and usually good quality. I have ebayed quite a bit of stuff also at quite a savings.
  2. I live in Cleveland, (midway between Camden and Constantia, for you out of towners). I have never seen one..and dont expect to. About 2 years ago, there was a fair bit of local news of a lion sightings in the Camden NY area.They ended apparently that fall. I though it was pretty funny how many people "saw" the lion once the sightings started. My acquantance who saw the liion cross the road swore by what he saw. Mebbe, but I dunno...
  3. I actually talked to an individual who told me he had a 250 lb mtn lion cross the road in front of him with a 35 lb wild turkey in its mouth, seen at 2 a.m. coming home from his favorite watering hole, back 2 years ago when apparently Camden was over run by the critters. (unclear if it was the lions favorite watering hole or the viewer). Which leads to the question, why did the wild turkey cross the road? Didnt have a choice.
  4. After having a seemingly endless run of scopes go bad over the years, (Bushnell, Simmons, Tasco, Cabelas Pineview (may have goofed on that exact name), and even Redfield (original company), I finally invested in a Leupold VX 111 20 years ago. A chunk of change? Yup, about 350. then. But never a problem after, and they also hold for the tightest zeroing groups I have ever managed. I now own three. If you are depending on the scope for the rifle, I figure it is just as important as the gun itself. Even a used Leupold is warranted the same as a new. I paid 1/2 price for my last 1.5x5 variable buying used. When asked if they could inspect it before I mounted it (expecting to pay for it) I was told to send it in, and they would go through it to make sure it was to specs...for free. I have shot with Nikons also, and found them to be very good quality also, and would certainly consider them too.
  5. about 20 years ago a friend and I were walking along the edge of a snow covered field bordering a woods, an area we hunted year round and knew well. A shot rang out, and we both found ourselves buried in the snow, not really knowing what just happened. When we stood up we found a gentleman getting out of a tree less than 30 yards away (no orange). Upon asking if he shot at something, he pointed to a cornfield 50 yards away, angling away from him and us, stating he shot at a doe. We were still baffled, so offered to help him check for blood. When we next turned around, he was running for all he was worth. We then realized he shot at us, and the round went between us. We were dressed hat through bibs in safety orange. I have no faith in it since then. BUT if he was, we probably would have seen him, and helloed him. In the southern tier, I wear orange. In the northern tier, I seldom do. I generally know when and if someone else is in my area due to limited access, and put more faith in my seeing someone else than I do in them seeing me. If hunting with others though, I think it is smart to wear orange.
  6. My first buck I shot with my fathers 1933 Oberndorf Mauser, 8x57 mm. It had a Williams aperture and ramp, and a Herters birdseye maple stock on it, otherwise was stock. I still have it. The 8x57 is a great round, in the same field as the .308 and '06.
  7. I was raised on classic rock (a child of the 70s), so Neil Young, The Stones, The Who, as well as a good chunk of punk light me up. The past 20 years though, I have gotten deep into classic country and rockabilly. Cash, Jennings, H.Williams (Sr.), Charlie Daniels, Creedence, Allman Bros.
  8. Certain areas I think it is OK, (high deer population densities) but where the pop. is traditionaly low, I dont think I am for it. Last year I shot a 3 year old buck that had small forks. big body, no antler. I have seen and shot many bucks in the area similar. The nutrition and genetics dictate other. I have several fine racks, and dont really care anymore. I want my venison, so that is my (and many others) concern. I would rather see a one antlered deer per hunter limit per season. That would spread the take out to more hunters, and as many bucks are taken by the same multi season hunters, would also likely result in more larger heads. Bow and ml hunters can still take a 2nd deer, but not an antlered one.. Perhaps a 2nd buck earn a buck, but tagging a doe...
  9. although I know there were alot of deer in both places I hunt, I only had one shootable deer within range. I took a 3 yr old 4 pt at my camp on the Tug Hill the week after thanksgiving. I was pleased, it was the first deer taken there since I bought it 4 years ago.
  10. [/img]Here is a pic of my bear from Lindsays this year. He wandered in at exactly last legal light (9:33). He wasnt the biggest (or the smallest) bear taken, but he was mine! A beautiful 300+ sow was shot the same evening as mine by a bow hunter.
  11. bear meat is similar to pork, but with alot more flavor. Most people who try it like it. I will post some pics once i have them straitened out.
  12. Hello Mr. Moderator Nice start here. Can you post how to insert pictures? Thankee kindly.
  13. Yeeehaw! I get the first post here! we just got back from New Brunswick last week from a bear hunt with Lindsays Sporting Camps. This is the 2nd year for me there, although my wifes family has been going there for 30 years. This was my third hunt for spring bear. I have found it a great spring tide me over until the fall. It is mainly relaxing or fishing during the day, heading out to the stands around 3. We like the meat, and surprise alot of folks serving it at summer get togethers- everyone looks for more. Last week everyone saw bears with six taken for 7 hunters. I got my best bear so far, a nice 4 -5 year old boar shot the last night out with my single shot Browning 45-70. Due to the early onset of warm weather, the bears were rutting early. Even if you werent seeing bears, you could hear them grunting, snuffling and dominance smacking the brush. I was pleased with my bear this year, but there are alot more bigger and prettier ones out there, so I guess I am going back next year.
  14. I usually butcher one deer a year,and have been cutting up my deer for about 30 years, pretty much self taught, but a chef friend helped me get started. I can get certain cuts that I prefer over the butchers. It isnt difficult, you just need patience and a good place to work. Most important: ensuring the deer is well treated after shooting it. empty the innards, Keep it clean and wash it out well and let it cool. Keep it out of the sun when you hang it. There is no need to age it. There is a science to that, and the deer needs to be kept within a very specific temp.range to effectively age it hangin. Most "gaminess" folks complaiin about is poorly cared for meat. A butcher shop is kept immacculately clean for a reason. Be sure to keep hair and dirt off it skinning. it. when you peel the legs the glands will get covered by the hide, so there is little concern about them- just dont handle them. Make sure you have plenty of clean room to butcher in. We put roll plastic down over everything. As we cut the quarters off, we drop them directly into plastic garbage bags to keep them clean. vacuum seal bags work great, are durable and the meat lasts longer than in paper wrap, in my opinion. Get a book or two, watch a couple videos on it to see different techniques, and then it will take a few critters to get the hang of it. Keep your knives good and sharp, and touch them up frequently.
  15. Cool. What region are you building it in? (not asking for exact). What sort of amenities will you be putting in it?
  16. The best deer season for me is when I am able to hunt all season and shoot fill my tag the afternoon of the last day. The time I spend outdoors hunting is more important than the shooting of a deer (although we do love our venison). I take pride in working up my own loads, specializing my own equipment, the sighting in for my hunting, and the woodsmanship skills I have developed. I even make my own knives...constantly creating the "perfect one" before giving it away so I can make another. Hunting is not supposed to be easy. It would just be called "shooting" if it were. Many states and places, that is all deer hunting is. Point of pride, I will not pay someone else to do what I can do on my own.
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