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  1. If infact u had to tag a button buck as a buck, The brown its down mentality would severly deminish in my eyes. Imagine if people actually had to think before they shot. But it would never fly.
  2. What if we could eliminate the people shooting button bucks each season? Think about how many more 1.5yr olds we would produce each yr, then how many of those turn into 2.5yr olds? Add that into our current buck population and I think we have a better adult buck herd and more mature bucks!! Here are the DEC Stats, Antlerless Take (fawns and adult does) 5yr avg 113,668 Buck Fawns in Antlerless Take 5yr avg 17.8% Maybe if we start making people tag button bucks with their buck tags those numbers will decrease? Just a though.
  3. Its right down the road from me!! I'll be there!!
  4. Me too, any free shipping specials???? haha
  5. Its fine if u have limited area. Doing nothing gets u nothing. I got a bag of seed from pheasants forevers site. It was a blend of sorghums, sunflowers and corn. After I spread the seed I added triple 15 fertilizer. Then just before or during rainfall I would spread 37-0-0 fertilizer. Its all nitrogen. That worked well. I hunt on my 3acres behind my house. I have 3 different plots. The one I mentioned, clover, chicory & alfalfa, last was brasssica's. All worked well except brassica's. They are all still there. Again anything u do helps.
  6. I agree with growalot. I planted a small area last spring, and just used my roto tiller (dont have a disc) to break up the top soil then ran over it with my tractor to pack it down. you would never know the diffrence on how it was planted.
  7. Maybe ill try and dig a couple up an see if that sparks there intrest?
  8. This my second yr. Similar results last yr. The barassic is really green & tall. Im also in a pretty high deer density area to. I had 13 cruze thru my yard at dusk.
  9. I have a small brassica plot next to a small clover, chicory & alfalfa plot. With all this snow by brassica plot is untouched still. Yet they are digging thru snow to get to the other. I dont get it, brassicas is the cats meow from what I hear and read. Anyone else experience this?
  10. I think the diff between the two is the chinese is more resistent to desease.
  11. After today news in Webster, all the more reason to give thanks to the ones we love!!
  12. Yeah its pretty freakin amazing we have to deal with this crap. Not sure why people with issues tend to invole innocent people with there crap.
  13. I just stumbled on this site a couple months ago and really enjoy it. Its time to throw down some good old whiskey egg nog, tell hunting stories and enjoy the family!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & New Years!! Happy shed huntin!
  14. I have always had good luck with the dec seedling, also your county water & soil dept might have their own seedling sale. Around me monroe & ontario co both have sales.
  15. Im interested in more info for sure, i am planning on attending 1/21.
  16. Thanks, My idea is to have 2-5 acres logged out & convert into a food plot. Its a mix of maple, oak, beech & pine. Property is all timber and so is the next few square miles around us for the most part, I think it would be great for the deer & spring gooblers!!
  17. Looking to clear out just a few acres of timber. Does anyone know if loggers would be interested in that few acres? My guess would be they want the big lots. Amish maybe?
  18. Word would spread about some idiot hunter hunting in a county park. It would give us honest hunters another bad rap & would decrease our odds even further when we knock on the next strangers door asking for permission.. just sayin
  19. I only noticed one of them this morning. Three is hard to do!! That sucks
  20. I did see a fawn last bow seasona round this time. It still had its summer coat and spots. I got video of the farn because id never seen that before.
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