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  1. Slowhand,The east end of the Island has been well known for its potato farms for decades.Farming is still a way of life for many.Over the decades,civilization has crept from west to east.However,the deer population has moved in the opposite direction and they are now showing up in Nassau county.There are several thousand acres of state land managed by the DEC open to hunting,but most is done on private.Hunting pressure is high and yes,the ticks are out of control on the east end.However,pound for pound,LI has produced some of the biggest bucks year after year in NYS.You can hunt deer here for 4 months out of the year,3 for the bow season and 1 for a shotgun season.
  2. the state generates money from hunting.Contraceptive ''pipe dreams'' would cost the state money.Try telling the tax payers,in this economic climate, that were raising taxes to fund a program to solve a problem that here to date was paid for by hunters.The state was estatic last week when I paid them $98 for chance to reduce the deer population.
  3. I think the point erussel was trying to make was that crossbows could become the weapon of choice for poachers.Their quiet and can be shot from inside a vehicle.That doesnt mean that they should be outlawed.
  4. Doc,in 2008 I was by myself when I got a decent size sow.I used the cargo carrier that attaches to the rear bumper.I rolled the bear onto it,After gutting,then tied it down.Grabbed one end and dragged it back to my truck.Not as easy as an atv,but i had to improvise.
  5. That one buck is out of velvet all ready.Gotta be a few rubs around.
  6. I've been to hortonville,I think I'd rather live in Whoville.
  7. Keep us update on your hunts,know im curious how your season will go,Good luck.
  8. I have land in western Sullivan,Im not a local.Most locals are law abiding,But a few do poach.I don't think its serious enough to deter you from hunting that area and there's not enough hunting out of season going on to wipe out the deer herd.Go hunting and enjoy.If you have proof of a poaching incident,Call the DEC.
  9. Alot of ticks and big racks that I would have a hard time finding upstate.
  10. Spent a week on Fire island Long island,No hunting,Coyotes or cars which means deer thriving.Snapped a photo of this one on the other side of the neighbour's fense,She saw me and actually moved closer to see what the heck i was doing.
  11. I dont know what happened to my last post,Anyway,My point was that I support AR,Although I have not seen a huge increase in the amount of and size of bucks on my land.This up coming season will make or break my opinion on AR.
  12. My Father,Whos 75 years old,Keeps a spackle bucket in his favorite spot to sit on during the season.They often will get playful and carry the bucket off.We'll find 60-70 yards away,Chewed up.
  13. Hey Lawdwaz,I set up a camera for the first time back in 2005 on a well used trail buried deep within my 110 acres plot.came back a week later to find the camera missing.I was beyond shocked that some was trespassing so deep on my land ,found the camera and stole it.The next hunting season,my brother in law was stalking quietly near the trail and found the camera,broken in two with teeth marks all over it.I was relieved that the mystery was solved,No one stole it but I was still pissed I lost a $120 camera.yes,Boo Boo will eat them!
  14. We have ferns also,However they usually die off after after the first frost.There not there during hunting season anyway.
  15. There showing up in Manhatten!Which means they had to cross a bridge or tunnel to get there.They will be on Long Island before long. ???
  16. He's easily 40-50 range.Not really red,But he has a silver streak down his back and tail.Made a nice pelt.Its hanging on the wall.
  17. Opening day 2008,This big guy strolls through at first light.No more venison steaks for him.He was a brute.
  18. Zone 3H went from 2300 doe permits to 900.Looks like I have a better chance of seeing God than getting a doe permit this year
  19. In western Sullivan county,We have a sizable Bear population.We're seeing Bears two or three times during the season.This picture is the Bear I took in 2008.One week later I returned to try and fill my deer tag,And here comes another Bear strolling by.This one I photographed with my cell phone camera,it looks a mile away,Buts its only about 30 yards.
  20. hopefully, that big guy takes a stroll across the road my way.
  21. all I had with me was my crappy cell phone camera,Thats why the picture looks like an Andy Warhol original.
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