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  1. I'm looking to add another ladder stand to my arsenal. I noticed this brand in the Sportsman's Guide. Their slogan says their the "Lightest tree stands in the industry". They have a unique way of gripping the tree too. https://x-stand.com
  2. Thanks Guys ..... Appreciate all the info.
  3. Phade, What distinguishes the '15 from the '14?
  4. This looks to be a decent deal so I thought I'd put it out there: https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/hunting/cameras/game-and-trail-cameras/browning-strike-force-hd-10mp-trail-camera-with-free-external-battery-pack.html
  5. How do "upgrade the firmware"? Need to call the manufacturer? I've seen that mentioned a few times in different discussions on cameras.
  6. I've had a Generac (propane) for over 10 yrs. I have it serviced professionally every 2 yrs. It's been great. It came with a 12 position transfer switch so we hooked up only the essentials (furnace,water pump,beer frig, TV, etc). They do use a significant amount of propane if runs for an extended amount of time but it sure beats sitting in the dark like the neighbors.
  7. my first bow was a kodiak magnum ...... '74 .... shot "no gloves"
  8. This past season is the first that I have used trail cams to any extent. To say that it has added a new dimension to my hunting routine would be an understatement. I'm curious to know if anyone has a specific method for handling during placement of their cameras. I've noticed that recently deer are taking a lot more interest in the camera itself. I have a significant increase in up close, face right in the lens pics. They don't appear spooked at all but maybe I should wear rubber gloves or spray them after handling. Appreciate any input/thoughts. Also .... when is the best time of the year to get the best deal on cams? I'd like to pick up a few more for next yr.
  9. Ya gotta love a guy that keeps typing even with a bad hand from the ER ........ Hope you heal fast!
  10. Looks like it's a GO for Seneca County: http://www.fingerlakes1.com/addedstories/20150616155620.php
  11. There are some good words out there on Brunton binos ..... Anyone have experience using them?
  12. Great to see the roll they've been on ....... did you see how many Rangers made the All-Star roster? ..... one. Doesn't matter as long as they keep winning
  13. Phade ...... Thanks for the info. Worth 10 demerits to me (HeeHee) I just got the camera last month via overstock.com ...... my assumption is that it's a 2014 but don't see a true indicator on it that confirms it (___14 in the serial#?). I had to chuckle a bit when you mentioned the latches as I have thought the exact same thing.
  14. I just started using trail cams recently and after much deliberation started out with a Browning Range ops for about $60.00. So far it's been good .... some low light pics are dark. I'm going to continue to expand my camera arsenal and as mention here I figured right after the holidays would be the best time to purchase a few more. The coverts sound great and I'm keeping an eye on sales for them. Anyone had experience with the Brownings?
  15. Yea ..... And if these local politicians aren't hunters/outdoorsman ....... ???? From what I've been able to gather for Seneca County there is an effort from the Federation of Sportsmans Clubs towards getting a rifle bill passed, but I haven't seen any politicians names associated to it. Any attempts I've made to try and found out what is happening have so far been ignored
  16. Thanks guys. I looked further at the sportsman federation site. Looks like there is a meeting in February. Maybe they will post some new info then.
  17. Does anyone have any information concerning any efforts toward getting a rifle bill passed in Seneca county? The only thing I've been able to find is on the Seneca County Federation of Sportsmans club website, but it's nearly a year old. http://www.senecacountyfederation.com/minutes/scf_minutes_jan_2014.pdf
  18. To those in this thread that recommended the Havalon piranta ....... Thanks!!!!! It really is a great knife
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